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BookSmugglers Giveaway: Luminous by A.E Ash

Thanks to the fabulous BookSmugglers, we have three digital copies to giveaway of their newest release. Luminous by A.E Ash is a sci-fi romance at 8K words. Marlene and I enjoyed Luminous very much. It’s a short story featuring a heroine in her 60s stranded on an alien planet. It had me at *grabby hands* from the moment I read about the blurb on the BookSmugglers’ website.

Entry number 3333. Vanguard Station Reckoning. All systems stable. Nothing new to report.

book cover featuring a man's face with a field below with a woman and space vehicle It’s been nine years since the war started; nine years since she has received acknowledgement or contact from anyone. Marooned alone on proto-colony planet Hestia, aging xeno-geologist Jyothi Agarwal still continues her routine transmissions in the hopes that someone, somewhere, is listening.

Then one day, out of nowhere, a brilliant light illuminates Hestia and something falls from the sky.

In the west, he wakes up in pain and alone. There is light everywhere. A new sense of weight. A broken body. Words. Knowing. And he realizes that against all odds, he is inexplicably alive.

On a planet far removed from everything, the last human and a fallen star find companionship in each other–and perhaps something more. Something beautiful, shining, lasting. Something luminous.

To enter, just commment below and the following week we’ll announce the three winners.

By Lou

One thing that Lou loves most is her HEA in romances.

6 replies on “BookSmugglers Giveaway: Luminous by A.E Ash”

There is very little written for the elderly so this sounds very intriguing.

This is interesting. I like the concept of an older main character and a fallen star. This is also a new-to-me author, so I’d love to try it!

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