Review & Giveaway – Copper King (Takhini Shifters #1) by Vivian Arend

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Publisher: Self
Publish Date: Originally Mar 2014 as part of ALPHAS AFTER DARK; Released as a single title May 2014
Reviewed by: E
How I got this book: Purchased

Originally published in the ALPHAS AFTER DARK box set.

Three things make billionaire Jim Halcyon’s to-do list: women, work…and more women. It’s a perfect agenda for a rich shifter who has no problem letting his inner grizzly out to play. From the bright lights of Vegas, to the sophisticated action of New York—he’s got the money and the power to do anything he wants.

Anything, except resist the lure of Lady Luck, an ancient copper coin he gambles yearly to possess. Jim is determined to regain control of the pretty penny, and damn if he’ll let any bit of eye candy distract him from his goal. Not even the mesmerizing woman in the middle of the casino floor with the shimmering hair and enormous green eyes.

With a life-changing move ahead of her, Lillie’s finagled a temporary layover en route to her future. She’s got five days to soak in new experiences, and while Vegas is too big and shiny and loud for her shy bear self, she’s eager to do this up right. It’s the last chance she’s got to let her hair down.

Until his challenge begins, Jim is more than willing to oblige Lillie’s wish for a final fling. Only Lady Luck has some twists of fate planned for them both…
This blurb came from Goodreads.

When Lillie and Jim were first introduced in 2013 as side characters in Diamond Dust, I had to admit I was curious about them. Bears are a bit different from most of the other shifter breeds so I wanted more than a glimpse. I might also have a soft spot for grumpy bears **grin**. I really enjoyed reading about Lillie and Jim and I will also admit I might have pestered Arend a time or five for Damon’s (Jim’s best friend) story since he had something hidden under his mischievous fun-loving appearance. So when Arend announced the second Takhini Shifters story, Laird Wolf, featuring Damon was scheduled for release at the end of July, I had to join the Two Weeks of Wolfies Blog Tour.

Jim was a grumpy bear. He was a bit different from other grumpy bears but grumpy nonetheless. He lived for his businesses, enjoyed women (actually adored women), had a wolf for his best friend, and looked forward to his yearly crazy competition with his best friend trying to win an ancient copper coin. Yet with enough money to do whatever he wanted, deep inside he was lonely. When he found out he had a week before the competition day he needed a distraction. Spotting a woman with hair the same color as the ancient coin he decided she had potential to be a distraction. And he was correct.

Lillie wasn’t a grumpy bear but an extremely shy bear with a penchant for mischief. She had five days of glorious freedom and she intended to make the most of them. But, her bear almost sabotaged her plans at the very beginning. She spotted Jim on the hunt and while attempting to hide from him managed to garner the attention of just about everyone in the casino. On the brink of a panic attack, which would have been really bad when her bear tried to escape, Jim came to the rescue and she gained a partner in crime who encouraged and supported her “Bucket List”.

I really enjoyed watching the contrast and interaction between Lillie and Jim as well as the subtle prodding from Damon and Addie, Lillie’s best friend. It was very easy to see how and why they were friends. I thought the way Jim appeared much more open on the surface while Lillie kept the most secrets was a lot of fun because it was opposite of what I expected. As close as the two of them became they knew their time was limited so personal disclosure was kept to a minimum which led to a lot of fun later in the story.

In Copper King, Arend delivered a fun romance, which made me giggle a few times even as I reread it for this review. I was reminded of how much fun her Shifters are and how varied their characters. Lillie and Jim’s ending was really touching as it showed just how far each had come during their relationship while showcasing Lillie’s streak of mischief. I was also able to indulge my curiosity about Bear culture and really love the twist Arend has applied to them. I can’t wait to see what happens in Damon’s story Laird Wolf.

I give Copper King a B+

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Laird Wolf, Takhini Shifters #2
By Vivian Arend

Laird Wolf cover image

He’s a wolf in a kilt. That pretty much says it all…

Pulling off a rescue mission at a remote castle in Scotland should be an easy task for lone wolf Damon Black. He’ll flash some muscle, show a little Alpha power, and do whatever it takes to ease Addie MacShay’s fears. But the woman who throws herself into his arms and cries boyfriend is more intriguing than anticipated. The sexy she-wolf’s got more curves, more tantalizing scent, more of everything he desires.

Addie’s job cataloguing an estate at the Sterling-Wylde Manor is complicated by the ongoing discovery of new wills and the two creepy heirs who won’t leave her alone. But her fake boyfriend turns out to be a far greater threat—not only is he fun and flirtatious, he looks delicious in a kilt. She craves his touch, but with her empathic skills on overdrive, touch is the last thing she needs.

Damon’s fighting his unruly inner beast. Addie’s fighting their incredible sexual pull. They’ll both have to lower their guard to make this more than a Highland fling.

Links to purchase:

About the Author:
Vivian Arend in one word: Adventurous. In a sentence: Willing to try just about anything once. That wide-eyed attitude has taken her around North America, through parts of Europe, and into Central and South America, often with no running water.

Her optimistic outlook also meant that when challenged to write a book, she gave it a shot, and discovered creating worlds to play in was nearly as addictive as traveling the real one. Now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of both contemporary and paranormal stories, Vivian continues to explore, write and otherwise keep herself well entertained.


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  1. (Please do not include me in the draw for Copper King, I already have it–both in print and digital 😀 )

    I really like this book, it’s a fun, light read. Like you, I find it refreshing to have a different kind of shifter, and I like that those differences are more than cosmetic–the entire clan/family structure of bear shifters is different from those of wolves, etc.

    Plus, lovely and well written sex is a hallmark of Ms Arend.

  2. I caught up on this series and now she has new one. Sounds like a great read. don’t enter me in the draw for the copper king I already have it.

  3. i also just picked up a copy of Copper King and I’m very excited to get caught up 🙂 thanks so much for the fun post and giveaway!

  4. Shifters books are my favourites! but i must admit that i’m still new to Vivian books so i still have a lot to discover

    thank you a lot for teh generous giveaway as well

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