Review – Heat Exchange by Shannon Stacey

Reviewer: MinnChica

Lydia is from a firefighter family, and after a disastrous marriage to a firefighter, she is determined to find a life outside of the firehouse. When her sister calls her home to help out at the family owned bar, Lydia is thrown back into the middle of a her old life, and faced with the sexiest firefighter she’s ever met.

Aiden has always had a thing for Lydia, but as her brother’s best friend, he knows she’s off limits. But as Lydia flirts with him their attraction heats up to levels neither can control and the two cross a line that they can’t come back from. But Lydia is scared of committing to a firefighter again. Will Aiden be able to convince her to take a chance on him.

I adore firefighter books, and I loved this one. Stacey is such an incredible writer, and I don’t think I’ve read a book from her yet that I didn’t absolutely adore.

I’m also a big fan of the brother’s best friend trope, and Stacey did it so well. I loved that when Lydia’s family finally found out about her and Aiden, things got rocky. Because her family was also so close with Aiden, it created some friction that Lydia wasn’t excited to deal with.

I thought Lydia was an interesting heroine. She so desperately wanted to get away from her past that she ran to another city. But when she goes home, she realizes how right it feels. However, sometimes she let her own stubborn nature get in her way, and struggled to see what was right in front of her. I wanted Lydia to open her eyes to life a little sooner, but enjoyed watching her struggle with finding peace in her life.

I also loved the secondary characters of Lydia’s sister and brother-in-law. I thought it was such a wonderful subplot to have her sister struggling with romance at the same time, and the two of them helping each other best they could. It was sweet and showed the bonds of sisterhood that I love reading.

All in all, Stacey had a wonderful fire book in her Boston Fire series. I’m excited to see what she comes with next, and can’t wait to follow these sexy firefighters. 🙂 I adored Lydia and Aiden and hope we get to see more of them in the future.
I give Heat Exchange a B

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