Review – Falling Under by Lauren Dane

Reviewer: MinnChica

Duke desperately needs his neighbor, Carmella, in the office. She is an amazing office manager, and he needs one on short notice. But in addition to an office manager, Duke also wants Carmella in his life as a romantic partner. She’s sexy and seductive and everything he loves in a woman.

Carmella has always had a crush on her neighbor, Duke. Working for him makes her hesitant to get involved seuxally, but she succumbs to the heat between them and finds that he is just as passionate and intense as she is. Their romance flows from nights to day and back again, and before they know it, they two of them are more entwined than either thought possible.

I really like Dane’s books and enjoyed the first book in this series. However, I struggled to connect with Duke in this book. At times he came across as a huge jerk, and other times I just never really got where he was coming from, what he was thinking, or why he made the decisions he did. I found that I never really grew to like him, and because of it, this is one of my least favorite Dane books.

Carmella was really the saving grace for me in this story. I adored her. The struggle she went through with her mother and family was one that really touched me and made me feel for her. I wanted to comfort and support her. I loved her character and thought she was fun and sexy and the kind of heroine that I could really root for.

However, given my distaste for Duke, I struggled to connect with the romance as well, despite my love for Carmella. Whenever Duke did something I didn’t understand, I also struggled with Carmella’s reaction. There were also so many times that I felt like their sexual attraction was forced. I just really struggled with the romance too. 🙁

All in all, I was a bit disappointed in this book. I wanted to love Duke, but I just couldn’t get there. I also struggled to get into the romance and found myself just reading for the moments when Carmella stole the scenes.
I give Falling Under a C-

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