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Review – All I Want by Jill Shalvis

Reviewer: MinnChica

Zoe loves being a pilot, but now that her brother and sister have moved out of the family home, things are quieter in her life than she is used to. The moment Parker shows up on her doorstep, that all changes.

Parker is in town on vacation, but the last thing he wants is to stop working. Hot on the trail of his latest case, Parker can’t let go. With Zoe available to fly him around the area, Parker is able to continue working, and spending time with the woman who is beyond captivating to him.

I loved the romance in this book. It was so sweet and sexy and a little understated. Zoe and Parker have off-the-charts chemistry, but Parker is determined to keep Zoe in the “good friend’s sister” category, while Zoe is being hooked up on blind dates left and right. Although much of this book focuses on their budding friendship before slipping into a romantic relationship, I loved the buildup of their romance.

Zoe was such a wonderful heroine. She was idealistic about fixing up her house, she was determined to do it on her own, despite the fact that she was horrible at it, and she had such a great sense of humor about everything that was happening in her life. I loved the banter between her and Parker every time he fixed something that was wrong at the house. It was adorable and so fun.

I also really loved Parker. He was driven and dedicated to his work, although sometimes he was a bit of a workaholic who just couldn’t let go. But I loved all the little things he did for Zoe, and the way he saw her. He saw her as this strong, capable, amazing woman, and he treated her in such a way that I just wanted to steal him for myself. 🙂

I sincerely hope that Shalvis continues to write in this series, because I just adore these books. Between the fun small town antics to the hilarious hijinks that the animals get up to, this series is a favorite of mine.

All in all, I loved Parker and Zoe and their romance was absolutely perfect! The twist that Shalvis put on the brother’s best friend trope was unique and too cute. Zoe was crazy and adorable, and Parker was the perfect opposites-attract hero for her!
I give All I Want a B+

By MinnChica

MinnChica can usually be found with her nose in a book (or nook), and can ALWAYS find a few minutes to read: stuck at a red light, sitting in the doctors office, on her lunch break. She's so addicted to reading that her family frequently threatens to host an intervention. Currently MinnChica is devouring every romance book she can get her hands on, especially ones that feature 'friends to lovers' stories. Some of her favorite authors currently are Ilona Andrews, Jill Myles, Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh and Susan Mallery.

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