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Reviewer: MinnChica

I’m a big fan of Dimon, and her latest series is sexy and fun and full of suspense and awesomesauce!

Natalie gave up her job at the CIA for her team, and although she knows it was the best choice, she hates the new life she has been forced into because of it. Spending time with the sexy Gabe is the only thing that makes up for it, except for the fact that Gabe drives her crazy as much as he drives up her libido.

Gabe is attracted to Natalie in ways he’s never experienced before. He wants her something fierce, but she is also a job, and Gabe has never crossed that line before. But Natalie brings out all the protective instincts in him, and before he knows it he is caring for her in ways he never imagined.

I really liked this book. The romance between Gabe and Natalie was so well done, so sexy, and yet super romantic and sweet. I thought the protective instincts that Gabe fought from the first page were super hot, and I loved the way he approached his job of protecting her with a single-minded determination. He was definitely a bit of an alpha-hole at times, especially when Natalie was so resistant to his help, but I kinda loved that about him!

Although Natalie was desperate to go it alone, when she did finally relent and let Gabe help her, she was committed to her protection. I loved that Natalie was just as badass as she was smart. She knew her future was contingent on a lot of things, and she was determined to be a key factor in providing for her own safety.

These two definitely had some super sexy moments, but I really liked the quieter moments better. I loved the “getting to know you” stage that these two went through. I thought it was such a sweet journey of building a foundation together.

There was one aspect of this book that I found a tad bit bothersome, and that was the relationship that Gabe had with his brother. Talk about a piece of work… I didn’t like the contention between them and what it brought to the story. It just felt a little out of place with the rest of the series.

All in all, I really loved Gabe and Natalie’s story. I can’t wait to read more about them in future books, and see what other stories Dimon has to tell from this world. Contemporary romance fans who like a little steam and suspense definitely need to check out these books!
I give Mine a B

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  1. Sounds really good. I read book 2 and the novella with Eli last week and I didn’t know if I wanted to read book 3. Now I;m really intrigued.
    Is the brother thing resolved in this book or do you think it will appear in the next books?

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