Review – Hot Holiday Nights by Jaci Burton

Reviewer: MinnChica

I love this series by Burton, but this book didn’t work for me in so many ways,

Victoria is on her annual vacation when she runs into sexy surfer Alex. She’s immediately attracted to him and begins a fun vacation fling with the younger man. But as things start to heat up with Alex, Victoria realizes that Alex’s best friend and manager, Ben, is also a man that gets her engine going. Her vacation turns up the heat as both men turn their attention to her.

While I like Victoria and Alex and Ben as individual characters (that is, as much as we got to know them in such a short story). Their relationship didn’t work for me. I am not a big fan of m/f/m menage, because I really struggle to understand why two men would want to share a woman. If they don’t have any kind of relationship between the two men, it just doesn’t work for me very well.

On top of that, I felt like Victoria had a stronger and deeper connection to Alex, and that her relationship with Ben sometimes felt like an afterthought. I like all my relationship to be on somewhat equal footing, especially once we get to the end, and I never felt that way with these three. In fact, it almost felt as if Victoria was having a relationship with both men separate, and that it was more of an open relationship on her part that any true menage situation.

To top that all off, I also have a difficult time when characters profess their love for each other after such a short amount of time. It just doesn’t feel genuine and real, and I didn’t believe in it with these three.

All in all, I wanted to love this book, because the Play-by-Play series is one of my favorites. However, this book just didn’t work for me.
I give Hot Holiday Nights a D

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