Giveaway – The Brimstone Deception

Thanks to ACE publishing we have one print copy of The Brimstone Deception to give away US only. To enter leave a comment either on this post or on the review post saying where you think you would be most likely to spot a supernatural creature. Bonus points if you say what kind of creature. Giveaway closes on the 1st with the winner announced on 2 Feb.

Good luck!

By E_booklover

E is addicted to books. She discovered at an early age that not only were they her transport to far off worlds, adventures, and exotic cultures, but that she ran into far fewer objects if she walked while reading then if she wasn't reading. She reads across several genres, such as: romance, western,mystery, SF/F and its derivatives. She isn't too picky except for good characterization, settings she can imagine, and a story that flows logically... umm so ok -- she wants a good story. Have any to recommend?

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I’m convinced I’d see a supernatural creature at the school where I teach. It was built in the 40s and when no one’s there it is creeeeepy.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m convinced that one of these days I will see a ghost materialize out of the fog in a back alley deep in Chinatown or at the waterfront.

I’m convinced I will see a ghoul at the hospital where I work some night when I’m leaving late

I’m also gonna go with San Francisco 🙂 It seems like it would be a magical hotspot 🙂 thanks for sharing!

Northern British Columbia and a Sasquatch. That’s my husband’s vote. I might go with a yeti in the Himalayas.

Full disclosure: Canadian with a US shipping address. i understand if that disqualifies me.

I’m gonna go with: on the street, in your school, at your workplace, in the local coffee shop… I love the stories where inhuman creatures go about their lives, never suspected by those around them. Vampires, werewolves, fae, or totally original creatures. Because everyone expects to find one in the spooky forest. People don’t usually expect one to hand them their morning coffee or give them a bad grade on their essay–and that makes those worlds the most interesting to me.

I have no doubt that there are places in this world where ghosts walk. I have seen some of them. Gettysburg. Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. My great grandparents’ basement in Grand Rapids, MI. But for a truly supernatural creature — Hartwick Pines in northern Michigan MUST have some dryads, possibly some pixies darting among the lush old-growth birches.

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