Review: Make Me Forget (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Lou: Beth Kery has become one of my favourite erotic romance authors for possessive and sultry romances. Kery also creates polished and enigmatic heroes and heroines. Make Me Forget introduces Harper and Jacob, two individuals that bump into one another in a very sexy and cute-meet with Jacob’s doggie being the instigator. I really liked the beginning of part one where the glamorous and flashy setting is created, with Jacob’s uber super mansion and more importantly (to me at least. heh), his doggie home. The dude has a house for his 16 rescued dogs

Jacob and Harper do share an intense attraction but it seems a little rushed and abrupt and I wasn’t entirely feeling their sexual connection, but it’s still early days. As an investigate journalist I hope Harper does decide to dig into Jacob! The two of them are connected from something that happened in their childhood so I can’t wait to find out more, especially as Jacob seems to be holding lots of secrets. Quelle surprise!

So far an enjoyable start to the serial. I give Make Me Forget a B-

Has: I definitely agree with you about Beth Kery and her erotic romances. Kery I regard as one of the best authors in this genre. She conveys erotically charged romances and likable and well developed characters in a way that’s always entertaining and sucks me into the story. I also loved the beginning with the encounter between Jacob and Harper on the beach and the rambunctious dog, which sets the tone of the serial. Jacob is enigmatic and mysterious and Harper is appealing with hints of an interesting past that may be linked with Jacob.

I do agree with you about the rushed element about their sexual connection, and I would have liked more of a buildup because it felt abrupt to me. But overall I thought this was a great set up to the serial that establishes an intriguing mystery and sizzling romance.

I give Make Forget a B.

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