Review: Make Me Tremble (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Lou: Make Me Tremble, part two of the Make Me serial, follows on directly from Harper’s and Jacob’s sudden but intense masturbation scene. I loved this instalment because it showcases what I think has become a trademark of Kery’s, with a dominant hero who makes his intentions known to his heroine in a way that exudes a dominant nature without the asshole gene. Jacob and Harper’s past is revealed and I love Jacob all the more for his reason on why he rescues so many dogs. But he’s still quite the enigma and I can’t quite figure him out yet. Harper is still surprised and taken aback with Jacob’s interest in her, but as she throws caution to the wind (and her panties heh) in Make Me Tremble, Jacob retreats abruptly. I can’t wait to read part three after the angsty ending to part two.

I feel like a broken record but Kery writes amazing love scenes and part two was no exception. *fans face*

I give Make Me Tremble an A.

Has: I loved this instalment just like what Lou said about the plot slowly unveiling Harper and Jacob’s past, but also the love scene at the end really helped to ratchet up the tension and cement the beginning of the romance between the two of them. But I really loved the revelations about Jacob and how the mystery of Harper’s past ties up with him despite her lack of recognition. Beth Kery slowly lays a foundation that highlights different facets to his character and how he has turned into the man that he is today. I also loved how it illustrated the depth of his feelings towards Harper, because this is a man who is truly and deeply into Harper and the love scene at the end really simmered with his need for her.

Overall, I was intrigued with growing mystery about Harper and Jake’s past, which promises to be full of intrigue and emotions, but I really loved how the romance is starting to evolve.

I give Make Me Tremble a B+

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