Review: Make Me Desperate (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Lou: We continue our reviewathon for the Make Me serial and this week it’s part four. Oh boy was part four unbelievably sexy with some beautiful scenery that really set the tone. Jacob ups the sex factor and surprises Harper with a surprise visit at her place of work. Harper knows she’s dancing dangerously, but she finds herself unable to say no to Jacob and what follows is a rough and crude and sexy scene in a toilet cubicle. But Harper is still unsure of what her and Jacob are doing. She wants to get closer but she can’t get Jacob to bring down his guard.

Jacob is still guarded, but he’s starting to be more open about who sees him and Harper and his home. There’s a memorable and sexy scene where they’re paddling out in the water and there is a glimpse of the fun and carefree Jacob. Harper is growing closer to him, but she knows it’s very tenuous on his side.

I loved that Harper is trusting Jacob with the kinkier side. The erotic romance is driving these two closer together. We only saw a brief glimpse of the storyline back when they were children and I can tell it’s building up to the moment soon where shit gets real bad for them. And there was a small hint that maybe Harper hasn’t forgotten that time when Jacob was Jake, so maybe she doesn’t’ recognise him as an adult?

Again this was a super enjoyable installment, with some lovely sexy scenes, including a chair that was mighty, um, interesting *grins*

I give Make Me Desperate an A

Has: Oh yes! This installment definitely has notched up the sex factor a few degrees hotter and that scene with the chair was definitely scorching hot. I definitely agree with you about the setting, which truly comes alive with vivid descriptions of Lake Tahoe. I felt like I was transported there, especially with the scenes with Jacob and Harper on the lake and on the beach and it definitely sets the tone and atmosphere of the series. I also loved the scene which showed a playful side to Harper and was a fun prelude to the very sizzling scene that followed it.

The main plot with the mystery of Harper and Jacob’s past develops further and I get the sense that there will be several twists coming up, but I also liked that things are definitely coming to a head. I also felt there was several plot threads with a growing tension, with people surrounding Harper and Jacob, which will introduce more complicated issues and obstacles with their relationship. But I am loving how Kery introduced these story threads and interweaving Jacob and Harper’s past, which slowly ratchets up the tension–not just with the suspense but also with their relationship.

Overall, this was a fantastic installment that slowly notches up the suspense and the sexual tension between Harper and Jacob.

I also give Make Me Forget an A!

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