Review: Sidebarred by Emma Chase

Lou:I was so excited when I saw the surprise announcement that Chase was returning to Jake and Chelsea’s world with the kids. Sustained was such a fun and sexy and enjoyable read for me and I do love it when a strong heroine brings an arrogant hero down to his knees! Sidebarred returns to Jake and Chelsea after two years of married life. Jake and Chelsea are still head-over-in-love with each other and the heat these two ignite is smoking hot. And Jake’s narration is just darn perfect. The voice draws you in and fails to let you go. And I stayed happily captured in his story. Chelsea and Jake get pregnant! Despite having a football team for a family, who are still as adorable and crazy as ever, Jake and Chelsea want a baby. It was so sweet and sexy, and each kid’s response was hilarious, and very touching, especially Raymond’s reaction . Seeing the kids grow and seeing how Jake loves them so much still (perhaps even more so?) was *happy sigh* It was perfect and I glommed Sidebarred so fast. There is a little bit of tension with a side-story of Chelsea’s boss and Jake is still learning how not to be too much of an arrogant ass.

This was a perfect read and a heartwarming return to Jake and Chelsea. The epilogue also melted my heart and I was sad to say goodbye to this couple and the family.

I give Sidebarred an A+

Has: I adored Sustained, which I think is my favourite Emma Chase’s novel yet, although Tangled does come a very close second! But I was also overjoyed to hear that there would be another story featuring Jake, Chelsea, and their brood of six kids. Sidebarred definitely capped their journey in a wonderfully and sexy way. Once again, Jake Becker’s narration was just fantastic and filled with witty and snarky commentary, as well as a touch of poignancy, especially when dealing with his feelings for his father figure and Raymond’s fears for Chelsea.

I really loved how the children reacted to the news of the new addition to the family, which had me laughing out loud and was a standout scene in the novella. But it was also great to see updates for the other couples who have decided to have their own babies. Sidebarred was the perfect ending for a fantastic couple, who have become one of my favourite romances because it is not only about the love story between Jake and Chelsea but one about him falling for a family.

I give Sidebarred a wonderful A+

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