Review: Make Me Feel (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Make Me Feel is the most intense instalment so far. Jacob and Harper are both incredibly tense for different reasons. Harper is getting swept away by Jacob and she can’t figure out his ‘pissy moods’ and knows it’s down to his demons of his past, and there’s frustration because he won’t reveal them to her.

Jacob on the other hand is burning with frustration because he thinks Harper remembers about her past with Jake, but there’s no connection in her eyes as she sees him as Jacob. I loved this instalment because not only does it crank up the tension between them but the smexing, as always, is so hot and intense. The rope scene was sexy, full of dirty talk, and full of rawr possessiveness. This serial is making me want to reread all the books I have by Kery to date.

And what a reveal at the final end of the instalment! I’m glad it happened because the showdown is gonna happen soon. I give Make Me Feel an A.

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