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E Note: One of the things I love about the book community and twitter is obviously talking about books – sharing ones I have enjoyed reading and finding out about books I want to give a try. Every time I see someone has enjoyed an author or a book that I recommend or love I just get the best feeling. So I decided I am going to try to extend it to the blog and either talk about an author I have discovered or do some quickie reviews for stories I have enjoyed reading for pleasure – not for the purpose of a review. In some cases I might pair them up with a giveaway **grin**.

Welcome to my first Author Discovery Holley Trent.

I was in a mood a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find anything on my massive TBR list that was calling to me. I really wanted to find something to do with shapeshifters so that was my focus. I also remembered I had promised myself I would spend some quality time browsing the WOC in Romance website to see what was out there. While browsing I came across a story called Scout by Holley Trent. The blurb looked intriguing so I did some more investigating and learned that Scout was Book 7 of The Norseton Wolves, a shifter series. I decided to buy and read book 1 Beast because I couldn’t resist mail-order shifter marriages. Beast started my Trent reading glom.

Out of the five different series I have purchased and consumed over the past week or so three of them are interconnected in one world and two are interconnected in another. Each world was refreshingly different from the other. I found her worlds and characters both interesting and intriguing. I enjoyed the mix of different myths, legends, magic, Gods, and Goddesses from multiple cultures and eras. I will say that some of her stories could have used one more read through because the editing isn’t always perfect but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

If you decide to give her a try I recommend you follow her suggested reading order so the timelines match. While I started each series with the first book, I didn’t know about the world reading order and I might have picked up on a few details if I had started at the beginning of the timeline. Some of her stories are available via Kindle Unlimited (KU) but not all.

Demon's Undone cover imageIf you want Modern Vikings, magic, werewolves, and Fae then start with:
The Viking Queen’s Men Afotama Legacy #1
The Chieftain’s Daughter The Afotama Legacy #2
The Noreston Wolves Series you can start here or anytime later
Prince in Leather Hearth Motel #1
Unwrapping Mr. Roth Hearth Motel holiday standalone
Viking’s Pride The Afotama Legacy #2.5
Viking Flame The Afotama Legacy #3
Knight in Leather Hearth Motel #2

If you want Angels, Demons, Fallen Angels, Cougar, Coyote, or Wolf shifters, and Witches start with:
Sons of Gulielmus series
Desert Guards series

She has what looks like another paranormal series, Shrew & Company, and will add a SFR series soon while she continues to work on her current series. If you are interested in Trent’s contemporary writing you can find more information on her website.

I am willing to give away a digital copy of The Viking’s Queen or a copy of Demons Undone (Box set of Sons of Gulielmus provided it remains on sale) from Amz or BN. To enter just leave a comment letting me know what you think about my new effort to provide visibility to some of my other reading. Winner will be announced next Monday.

Good luck!

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  1. Yes! I would love for had what else you’ve been finding and enjoying! Our tastes overlap quite a bit, so I’m always psyched by a rec from you. Gonna go check Holley Trent our eighth now, actually ?

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