Review – Frozen (Northern Waste #1.5) by Eve Silver

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Raina and Wizard are back, racing across the Northern Waste to outrun ice pirates as they follow a distress call to an isolated community that just might hold the answers to the mystery of Wizard’s missing-and-presumed-dead, now-possibly-alive sister, Tatiana. But instead of answers, all they find are buried secrets and a truckload of trouble.

For those of you who’ve been missing the Northern Waste, FROZEN is a brand new novella that takes place between the events of DRIVEN and HIDDEN. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Warning: FROZEN includes non-stop action, Reavers, snowscooters, plasguns, frigid temperatures, rebels, a heroine who’s a blond tsunami with a backbone of pure steel, and a smart, hot hero who has a little difficulty with emotion.
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Long ago, in a galaxy…umm well back when Dochester was still around they had a line called Shomi. Shomi specialized in SFR and I LOVED it. Working my way through their titles, I discovered Eve Silver, writing as Eve Kenin, and the Northern Waste series. I devoured Book 1, Driven, waited eagerly for Book 2, Hidden, and had my reading hopes crushed when Dorchester cut the Shomi line and then later went completely out of business. (So many authors I read published with Dorchester so I know the impact was much larger then my reading interruption.) Since then I have periodically pestered Silver about going back and finishing out this series and entertained hopes she would continue to expand in this world. She recently released a novella which fits between Driven and Hidden featuring Raina and Wizard as they adjust to life together and find a clue to Wizard’s missing sister.

I really enjoyed diving back into the Northern Waste world, its technology, dangers, lawlessness, and genetic engineering in the name of “science.” I also enjoyed seeing how Raina and Wizard dealt with their partnership and their unfamiliar feelings for each other. I enjoyed the way the emotional struggle and relationship give and take was on both sides. While Raina grew up with the complex cocktail that is emotion and Wizard didn’t they both had to work on communicating their feelings and tempering their immediate physical reaction/response.

Raina was used to only depending on herself and as such cultivated a dangerous reputation which kept her out of a lot of violent situations. After gaining a physical and emotional partner she was trying to juggle her reputed skills, concern/protectiveness over another, and his need for involvement. Wizard only cared for two other people before in his life but it was more of a comrade in arms type of care even if they were related by blood. Now he, who never felt emotionally attached, struggled with a need to protect Raina, a deep-seated fear of losing her to death, and the possibility of driving her away with his over protectiveness. I thought the symmetry Silver included between Frozen’s opening and closing brought things together in a nice neat circle and showcased how both protagonists were changing and growing.

This was a nice trip back to the Northern Waste and this novella fits in neatly and leads smoothly into the events in Hidden. Although I was able to pick up the story because the focus is on Raina and Wizard’s relationship, I thought already knowing the world and circumstances added to my enjoyment. So I do recommend if you are curious about the Northern Waste that you pick up Driven, it is also a really good SFR **grin**. In case you were wondering I have my hopes back up that soon I will see Silver mentioning her positive progress on the third novel.

I give Frozen a B

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