Review: Dirty Money (Roughneck Billionaires) by Jessica Clare

Jessica Clare once again shows how addictive her stories can be in this dirty and humorous romance. Dirty Money has hot smexing (yay), dirty talk (yay), with a bearded hero (yay) who has no filter whatsoever. Boone is impulsive and bossy and doesn’t take no for answer—and he wants Ivy Smithfield, who he believes will bring that touch of class into his life.

Ivy is hard-working and does all the graft work, only to have her arsehole bosses steal and take credit. Ivy is in serious card-debt and still lives in a trailer with her sister. So with with a teenage sister to support, Ivy is in desperate need of money and things are looking grim for them. But giving up isn’t in her vocabulary and she has worked her socks off all her life since her parents bailed on them. Then the answer to Ivy’s dreams walks in, billionaire Boone, who tells Ivy he wants her and he wants her to help find him a big house. Despite Boone’s initial creepiness, Ivy is charmed by his rough and forthright ways, but Boone believes Ivy is living in class and luxury. Ivy is determined to keep her past and real-life circumstances hidden from Boone because she believes he may not want her once he finds out the truth.

Boone is abrasive and simply doesn’t give any fucks, but he’s also funny and he can be very sweet at times. He’s proud of his redneck roots and has a huge chip on his shoulder (the size of a mountain) about others looking down on him and treating him disrespectfully because he doesn’t wear suits and hasn’t changed his redneck ways. Boone was a little contradictory. He hated others for judging him and his working-class background, and yet he wanted to find a classy woman so he could show her off like a trophy. True to his give-no-fucks character, Boone sees Ivy in an advertisement and decides she’s the one.

Boone really doesn’t take no for an answer and Ivy soon falls for his charm. At first I struggled because the only thing that kept Boone and Ivy together was Boone’s sheer stubbornness. One of the problems I had with this book was Boone and Ivy’s reasons for being together, apart from the hot sex. If Boone wasn’t a billionaire, I’m still unsure whether Ivy would have given him the time of day. And Boone’s insistence on finding a classy lady was dickish. And that kinda sucks some of the belief out of the story for me.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the story and what worked incredibly well for me was their dirty sex and their funny banter. Boone is so not like your typical billionaire hero and I love that Clare always changes things up with her characters.

All in all this is a fun, dirty romance and while it’s not one of my favourites from Clare, I can’t wait to read more in the series.

I give Dirty Money a B-

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