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BP Note: You might have noticed we are huge Nalini Singh fans here so in honor of the first book in the Psy-Changing Trinity we agreed to take part in a blog tour celebrating the release of Silver Silence As part of this tour we decided to ask some other fans to take a look back at the original Psy-Changeling story arc and share some of their thoughts and feelings. Berkley Romance is kindly providing a copy of Slave to Sensation, Visions of Heat, and Caressed by Ice, the first three books, to a new US reader interested in seeing what all the buzz is about. We are sponsoring the same three books to a non-US reader anywhere Book Depository can ship. There might also be a little something for current Psy-Changeling fans too. Instructions for entering the giveaway are at the end of the post.

We do want to warn you that this will contain spoilers for the first arc but we will try to put major ones behind spoiler tags.

Our review will go up next Monday. Enjoy!

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BP: Who or what made you decide to start reading the Psy-Changeling Series?

Tam: My sister, who is a book pusher recommended I start reading the series. We were on a cross-country road trip and I had just broken up with my boyfriend. I believe she thought I needed a little distraction…genius idea!!

Ninja_Mom: E_bookpushers

Robin: Ericka, my older sister, gave me the first book, I think while at Vanderbilt. After reading that book, I subsequently went and bought all the rest up to Mercy’s story as that was all that was published at the time.

Jodie Griffin: I was shamed into it by @e_bookpushers. She was appalled I hadn’t read any yet and insisted I try because I’d love them. She wasn’t wrong! 🙂

Carrie Ann Ryan: I started reading her because of an Amazon rec of all things. I was on a shifter kick and hadn’t found Twitter yet. It was an also buy of MY book and I figured I should try it. Mind. Blown. Bonds of Justice was just about to release at the time and I’d glommed the prior books in a week so I could get Bonds of Justice on release day.

BP: What kept you reading?

Tam: The books have become an addiction of mine. I’ve fallen in love with the characters, laughed, cried, swooned, you name it right along with them. The stories hook you and I’d stay up all night reading because I couldn’t get enough, then would impatiently bug my book pusher sister for when the next was to come out. I even used all methods of bribing to get a peak of a manuscript…all of which failed much to my misery lol! I just loooooooooove them and hope the series never ends!

Ninja_Mom: The world & the characters.

Robin: Great story line that is more then just the bedroom activity stuff. While it’s nice that couples are getting together, I read books for the story itself, and not the intimate scenes. Also, I was very intrigued about the “Ghost” character and was curious to learn who he was. I assumed that we had already met whomever was the Ghost, so the guessing with each successive book was very entertaining.

Jodie Griffin: The incredible world building! It’s easy to see.

Carrie Ann Ryan: I fell in love with Lucas and Sasha. They pulled me in with their bond on page one and I wanted to see what happened with the rest of the sentinels. It wasn’t until I read the series for a second time since I’d read it for the first some so quickly, that I saw the depth of the world as what it was and needed to know every mystery. We’re how many books in and I still reread before each book (I don’t have time to do this with ANY other author but Nalini is worth it).

BP: Do you have a favorite character or a favorite book? And if so why?

Tam: [spoiler]I’d have to say the dark, stormy, sexy Kaleb. I didn’t even have to ponder that one. He is so powerful, dark, and what many thought was unfeeling, but the depth of his emotion, his romance, thoughtfulness, and gentleness with his soul mate just hooked my heart and soul. Kaleb is so dynamic and incredible. Love love love!![/spoiler]

Ninja_Mom: Sasha Duncan – her strength and empathy.

Robin: No, I don’t have a favorite character or book. There are definitely some that I like more than others. However, I do have to say that I really liked Sienna’s character and just the name in general. We named our 3rd born (a daughter) Sienna.

Jodie Griffin: [spoiler]Just one?? I honestly can’t pick. I love all of the Arrows — their stories made me cry. And Kaleb? Good lord.[/spoiler]

Carrie Ann Ryan:
I think my favorite book is Mercy and Riley’s book. Their sacrifice for each other is beautiful and the way the Packs begin to meld is wonderful. Favorite character though? Totally Hawke. Always.

BP: Whose story were you most anticipating?

Tam: Hahahahha um right now it’s Silver’s. I most anticipate the story I haven’t read that is forthcoming hahah. I must feed my need!! Lol.

[spoiler]Oh wait this has not come up yet, buuut Nikita and Anthony. I’d loooooove to see a book on them and how they come together. Ok that’s my final vote. I’m leaving in my first answer for an amusing stream on consciousness that highlights my excitement.[/spoiler]

Ninja_Mom: Whatever Nalini wants.

Robin: I don’t know that there was one story that I anticipated most. I was excited to learn about each one. While some were not to my liking persay – meaning that I don’t often choose to re-read that particular story – I have always been excited to get a new one. [spoiler]I was really hoping that the stories wouldn’t end when the PsyNet fell with Kaleb’s story and it has been a delight to know that this has not happened. [/spoiler]

Jodie Griffin: [spoiler]Hawk and Sienna! I mean, COME ON. Weren’t you?[/spoiler]

Carrie Ann Ryan: [spoiler]At first it was Hawke. But now? Nikita. I don’t care if her and Anthony only get a novella or if it’s a side plot in a larger book, the more I reread the series, the more I fall in love with the depth and breadth of the character that is Nikita. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, reread these books like I did with the frontal thoughts of looking for her threads. There is so much to her we miss with each page until later on in the series and everything starts to make sense.

Or at least what Nalini wants us to think makes sense.[/spoiler]

BP: While the Trinity series will focus on newer characters, is there one from the first series you would like to see spotlighted?

Tam: [spoiler]Kaleb (which in turn will lead to the net minds, I really want them to be in equilibrium…breaks my heart) !!! Ooo and Hawk and Sienna kicking some Ming tuchus once and for all! I know that was not one and I cheated with the first. Kinda feel like I need to be sneaky with this question. All the characters are soooooo amazing![/spoiler]

Ninja_Mom: No.

Robin: [spoiler]I definitely want Ming to get what’s coming to him…not that I have any idea what that might be/should be. But he is not a nice person. I am most curious to learn more about Lucas and Sascha’s daughter Naya as well as the learn about Mercy and Riley’s pupcubs. Integrating both of types of pupcubs into both packs will be fascinating to read about. A novella or short story on the youngsters would be fun to read and likely to leave one with happy vibes. I really, really want to learn more about Nikita and Anthony. That could be a neat novella too.[/spoiler]

Jodie Griffin: Dev Santos…I want to see how the Forgotten fit into this new world order.

Carrie Ann Ryan: I’d love Jamie to find a mate. As well as Bo. And Nikita. And Kit. swoons I could go on LOL.

BP: Which plot thread’s conclusion surprised you the most?

Tam: [spoiler]Ok this thread has not concluded…but the Nikita and Anthony piece…whaaaa so did not see that coming, but it works and I want a whole book on them, if I can be greedy. FYI, it was this question that sparked the second part of question 4.[/spoiler]

Ninja_Mom: Kiss of Snow

Robin: [spoiler]Definitely didn’t anticipate Kaleb being capable of having positive feelings for another being. That was probably the most surprising.[/spoiler] Sienna’s Psy power was really awesome and I am so glad that she didn’t end up dying. That ending was a great surprise and not at all anticipated.

Jodie Griffin [spoiler]Kit leaving, if you can believe it. Sort of a minor thread, but I hope we do get to see him again. [/spoiler]

Carrie Ann Ryan: [spoiler]Other than Nikita?[/spoiler] Haha! So many things surprised me that I can barely keep up. That’s what makes me happy.

BP: Any other thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

Tam: I think there should be a fantasy league of which characters are likely going to end up together. Hahah! Or something. Bottom line I love these books and can’t wait for tons more to come.

Ninja_Mom: Look forward to more.

Robin: I have nothing else to share. I appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Jodie Griffin: If you haven’t read them yet, DO. Not sure why I waited. And you have a nice, long stretch of them to glom at once. 🙂 Go for it!

Carrie Ann Ryan: If you’re new or familiar with the series, keep reading. Go back and reread. Do audio like I do now for rereads to listen to each of the hidden things I catch each time. The beauty of her worlds know no bounds. When people ask me who my favorite author is, I say her quickly. The others are in a list of course, but she is my number one.


Nalini Author ImageBP Note: We would like to thank our victims I mean friendly volunteers who graciously provided their thoughts. We are also thanking Berkley for asking us to participate in this blog tour and sponsoring the US giveaway. To enter the contest please leave a comment saying why you would like to give the Psy-Changeling Series a try and also include in your comment if you have a US mailing address or an international one so we can make sure to pick a winner form each category. If you are already a Psy-Changeling fan please leave a comment saying why you would encourage new readers to give the Psy-Changeling Series a try, we will pick a few of those comments to receive a gift card from a book retailer. Contests close 19 June with winners announced 20 June. Happy reading and good luck!

11 thoughts on “Silver Silence Blog Tour & Giveaway”

  1. library addict

    I came late to the series, so I know the series is binge-worthy. I read all of the books and novellas through Tangle of Need in the 10 days leading up to the release of Heart of Obsidian.

    I would also say that even if an individual romance doesn’t wow you, there are subplots in each book and the overall story arc that will make you want to keep reading. And the series is fun to reread as you catch something new each time. Plus as Carrie Ann said above about one of the characters, it’s fascinating to reread having more knowledge of certain motivations, etc. Things you take one way the first time around have a different meaning when you know more. And this applies to more than just that one character.

    Overall it’s just a fun, multi-layered story about characters you will love and want to know more about.

  2. I started reading the Psy-Changeling Series during the RT Convention in Atlanta last month. I met lots of people who were super excited about the release of Silver Silence.

    I wanted to be like the cool kids so I downloaded the Slave to Sensation (#1) audiobook during one of the convention workshop breaks. [I like to start at the beginning so I can get a feel for people, events, etc.] It did not disappoint!

    Based on what I have read of the series so far, I would say it let’s you have your cake and eat it too. You get books with well-written romance and fantasy lines. Quality is not sacrificed on either side. Though I must say, the series is worth the read for the world building alone!

    I have a US mailing address.

  3. I first read Nalini Singh book the psy-changeling series Mine to Posses accidentally when I was browsing thru a bookstore locally. I was like mesmerized on that spot when I read each chapter and re-read it again once I’m finished. From then I searched for all the series that’s already out and I’m hooked since that time and I’ve already have all her ebooks and currently collecting the paperback. I also encouraged my friends who loves to read to take up Nalini Singh books too ?. Thanks, Hanny. International Address

  4. Heard great things, but must shamefully admit I have not begun the series yet. Loved reading the above comments. Enough to make me push the series to the top of my wish list.


  5. I’ve read these from the gitgo and this is not the same ole same ole and she can write. Love all of her series

  6. I haven’t read this series yet :D, but I heard and read fantastic things about Psy-Changeling Series 🙂
    Paranormal Romance is one of my favorite genres and definitely plan to read this series, sounds really interesting 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic book gift! 🙂


  7. I’ve wanted to try this series, but my TBR mountain is pretty big, so I hadn’t wanted to jump into yet another long series. I’ve since read Nalini’s Rock Kiss series and loved it, so now I really want to give the Psy-Changeling series a try. As a bonus, I love shapeshifters. Really, I don’t know why I didn’t just break down and start it sooner LOL.

  8. I would encourage readers to give this series a try because of the great world building, characters, humor, action, and romance.

  9. I have been following this series. Love the characters development and where the story is going. Each story is unique and doesn’t repeat itself.

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