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E’s Year End Post – Goodbye 2017

Over the past several years I have done “Best Of 20xx” lists with a variety of themes. I started this year intending to do the same and keep track of my “Best Of 20x” reads in a spreadsheet. Then something happened, something called 2017. I found myself dealing with unanticipated challenges, some could be met head on, others required head down slogging through, and they all took up a lot more than their allotted spoons. I also got some highly anticipated reads which were worth every second of my wait and a few others sitting at the top of my TBR. 2017 ended up being a rollercoaster because in addition to the challenges, some great things happened which also took spoons. I only have a finite number of spoons so I couldn’t do everything and things required for maintaining equilibrium took precedent. I am feeling more energized so I plan to get back on track with reviews and book chatter in 2018. I also have a lovely spreadsheet with some anticipated 2018 reads just waiting for their publication dates.

The book community has my deepest thanks for continuing to bring hope, trust in good winning vs evil, Happy Ever Afters & Happy For Nows into our lives. Below are some of the authors, books, and series I visited, some on multiple occasions that kept me going this year. My list is broken into single titles (some of which are part of series) and series with some new authors on both lists.

Single Titles:


Here’s looking forward to a new year. Happy reading!

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