Sweep of the Heart (Innkeeper Chronicles #5)

E’s 2022 Reading Commentary

E’s 2022 End of Year Spotlight

Years ago I discovered that I can’t quite do a Top 10. At first, I attempted all sorts of logic games to come up with some sort of structure to fit within a Top 10. Lately however I decided that was too limiting and instead I wanted to spotlight stories/authors who got me through the year. Some years have been comfort reread heavy and others have been more balanced. I did deliberately try more new-to-me authors, some of whom made this list while others taught me more about what I like and don’t like. The growing resurgence of epic Science Fiction Romance (SFR) and Space Opera (SO) not centered around alien abduction is quite exciting. I am reminded of my early years of reading adult books and I can’t wait for more!

I did do some rereads and re-listens this year, some series multiple times. Other rereads were picking and choosing within a series or an author’s backlist. One of my multiple re-listens this year was the full-cast version of Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Series. I used this version to introduce my eldest nibling to this series and he is completely hooked.



  • Sword and Shadow (The Wolves of Elantra #2)Sword and Shadow (The Wolves of Elantra #2) by Michelle Sagara

    Beyond the Emperor’s law

    In exchange for information about his past, Severn Handred joins a Barrani lord on a mission to the West March—an enclave well outside the boundaries of the Empire. Granted a leave of absence from the Wolves, Severn is in danger the moment he steps outside the reach of Imperial law. But the instincts that led him to the Wolves and the sense of duty that keeps him there can’t be discarded as easily as the tabard he wears.

    In the heart of the West March, enmeshed in a tangled web of secrets that have been kept for centuries, Severn’s belief in justice is going to be tested. There are murders to solve, people to protect, and truths to uncover. It’s one mortal man and his single Barrani friend against a community of immortals who will die and kill to keep their secrets. But they’re up against the Wolves now.

Fantasy Romance


  • Legends and LattesLegends & Lattes by Travis Baldree (New to Me)

    After a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword for the last time.

    The battle-weary orc aims to start fresh, opening the first ever coffee shop in the city of Thune. But old and new rivals stand in the way of success — not to mention the fact that no one has the faintest idea what coffee actually is.

    If Viv wants to put the blade behind her and make her plans a reality, she won’t be able to go it alone.

    But the true rewards of the uncharted path are the travelers you meet along the way. And whether drawn together by ancient magic, flaky pastry, or a freshly brewed cup, they may become partners, family, and something deeper than she ever could have dreamed.

  • Good Neighbors Full CollectionGood Neighbors by Stephanie Burgis (New to Me)

    Mia Brandt knows better than to ever again allow her true powers to be discovered. Ever since her last neighbors burned down her workshop in a night of terror and flame, she’s been determined to stay solitary, safe, and – to all outside appearances – perfectly respectable…

    But Leander Fabian, whose sinister castle looms over her cozy new cottage, has far more dangerous ideas in mind. When he persuades Mia into a reluctant alliance, she finds herself swept into an exhilarating world of midnight balls, interfering countesses, illicit opera house expeditions, necromantic duels, and a whole unnatural community of fellow magic-workers and outcasts, all of whom are facing a terrifying threat.

    Luckily, Mia has unnatural powers of her own – but even her unique skills may not be enough to protect her new found family and help her resist the wickedly provoking neighbor who’s seen through all of her shields from the beginning.

  • The Storm's Whisper (Broken Lands #5)The Storm’s Whisper (Broken Lands #5) by T.A. White

    The path to peace is never easy.

    As the first Caller in living memory, Eva struggles to find her footing as the bridge between her chosen people and the mythological race known as the Kyren.

    When unexpected arrivals threaten to test the newly formed alliance, Eva and her protector, Caden, fight to hold together the fast-fraying bonds before peace unravels and war once again returns. Should she fail, bloodshed the likes the Broken Lands haven’t seen since the cataclysm will stain the ground red.

    The mysterious abilities that lie at the heart of Eva’s power will be her salvation or lead to her becoming an evil far worse than anything seen before. Will this land fall or be reborn into a new age?



  • The Red PalaceThe Red Palace by June Hur (New to Me)

    Joseon (Korea), 1758. There are few options available to illegitimate daughters in the capital city, but through hard work and study, eighteen-year-old Hyeon has earned a position as a palace nurse. All she wants is to keep her head down, do a good job, and perhaps finally win her estranged father’s approval.

    But Hyeon is suddenly thrust into the dark and dangerous world of court politics when someone murders four women in a single night, and the prime suspect is Hyeon’s closest friend and mentor. Determined to prove her beloved teacher’s innocence, Hyeon launches her own secret investigation.

    In her hunt for the truth, she encounters Eojin, a young police inspector also searching for the killer. When evidence begins to point to the Crown Prince himself as the murderer, Hyeon and Eojin must work together to search the darkest corners of the palace to uncover the deadly secrets behind the bloodshed.

  • Steeped to Death (Witch's Brew #1)Steeped to Death (Witch’s Brew #1) by Gretchen Rue (New to Me by this name)

    Phoebe Winchester’s beloved aunt Eudora has a taste for adventure—and a knack for making magical tea. It’s even rumored that she just might be a witch. So when Eudora passes away and leaves everything to her niece—her Victorian mansion, her bookshop/tea store, The Earl’s Study, and one very chubby orange cat named Bob—Phoebe gets more than she bargained for. And she knows she’s in deep when a dead man is found on the shop’s back step, apparently killed while trying to break in.

    Two suspects immediately emerge among the townspeople of Raven Creek, Washington. There’s village busybody Dierdre Miller, who seems desperate to buy Eudora’s house, and handsome PI Rich, one of Phoebe’s childhood friends—but how well does she really know him after all these years apart?

    Phoebe knows she should leave it to the professionals, but as she starts to dig into the underbelly of Raven Creek, she begins to uncover the truth about Eudora. What’s more, her aunt might not have been the only witch in the family, as Phoebe soon discovers she has unique and unexpected gifts of her own.

    Now, it’s just a matter of putting her newfound power to the test and cast a spell that could catch a killer.

  • Alibies in Alpha Sector (Lady Elizabeth Cozy in Space #1)Alibis in Alpha Sector (Lady Elizabeth Cozy in Space #1) by Diana Xarissa (New to Me)

    When I lost my low paying, dead-end job, a friend offered me a one-way ticket to Val Segas. I didn’t want to take advantage of his generosity, but we both knew that that ticket was probably the only way I’d ever get off Cenclare.

    He surprised me with a ticket on the Lady Elizabeth, InmonCorp’s newest luxury spacecraft. Even the cheapest, smallest cabins were supposed to be loaded with luxuries. When my elevator made an unscheduled stop on an unfinished deck before I’d even made it to my cabin, things got complicated fast.

    After finding a dying man in what was meant to be an empty corridor, I found myself being bribed with a long list of upgrades, clearly designed to get me to keep quiet about what I’d seen. The bribes might have worked, too, if it wasn’t for the man I’d been sharing the elevator with when it made its unscheduled stop.

    Colonel Jonathan Brazee is determined to conduct his own investigation into what he is convinced was murder, and he seems equally insistent on dragging me along for the ride. All I know is that I’ll be a lot happier if I don’t have to spend the next twenty-six sectors traveling with a killer.



  • Ruby Fever (Hidden Legacy #6)Ruby Fever (Hidden Legacy #6) by Ilona Andrews

    An escaped spider, the unexpected arrival of an Imperial Russian Prince, the senseless assassination of a powerful figure, a shocking attack on the supposedly invincible Warden of Texas, Catalina’s boss… And it’s only Monday.

    Within hours, the fate of Houston—not to mention the House of Baylor—now rests on Catalina, who will have to harness her powers as never before. But even with her fellow Prime and fiancé Alessandro Sagredo by her side, she may not be able to expose who’s responsible before all hell really breaks loose.

  • The Hare and the Oak (Mysterious Powers #5)The Hare and the Oak (Mysterious Powers #5) by Celia Lake

    Mabyn keeps her commitments.

    The land magic in Suffolk has been failing for years. When the current Lord asks the Council for help, Mabyn knows it’s her obligation to see it through. Even if that means immersing herself in a role she failed at in her younger and more optimistic days decades ago. Back when she was married.

    Cyrus likes a challenge.

    He doesn’t know Mabyn well, but Cyrus does have a gift for ritual, and a broad experience of the world. A widower with a grown daughter, he’s up for tracking down a lost heir and seeing if they can learn to take up the land magics.

    When they arrive at Baddock Hall, it’s clear there’s more going on than the current Lord’s troubles. The land is boggy, the gardens are failing, the bees have fled, and there’s no obvious cause. Together, Mabyn and Cyrus must face their own pasts while getting to the root of the problem and making space for the future.

  • Best Foot Forward (Land Mysteries #1)Best Foot Forward (Land Mysteries #1) by Celia Lake

    The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

    Lord Geoffrey Carillon wants to do the impossible.

    He needs to get an imprisoned alchemist doing key research out of Germany before the world gets even worse. Carillon’s cover as a slightly daffy aristocrat will get him where he needs to be, but he can’t do this mission alone. He has many magical skills, but not the ones he needs to free his friend.

    Alexander is a stranger in his own land.

    A skilled and powerful member of the Council, Alexander is responsible for tending the land magic of Albion. However, the Council uses him as their enforcer, adeptly doing terrible and necessary work from the shadows. When Carillon proposes the expedition into Austria and Germany, can Alexander carry off the subterfuge and still keep his hands clean and his inner self barricaded in enemy territory?

    Any two professionals can tolerate each other in service of a goal.

    That’s true even if Carillon has excellent reason to distrust the Council, and Alexander has just as much reason to keep everyone at arm’s length. When matters move from possible blackmail into a sought after invitation to a remote schloss, Carillon and Alexander find their lives entangled in ways neither of them had ever dreamed of.

    Best Foot Forward takes place in 1935 in the magical communities of Great Britain, Vienna, and Berlin. It is an enemies to “it’s complicated” M/M romance full of espionage, magic, extreme competence under pressure, music, and healing from the traumas of the Great War. It also contains an epilogue novella, Intimacies of the Seasons, following Alexander and Carillon through the next year of their lives.

  • Storm Echo (Psy-Changeling Trinity #6)Storm Echo (Psy-Changeling Trinity #6) by Nalini Singh

    Silence has fallen. The Psy are free to feel emotion. Free to love. But Silence was never a prison for Ivan Mercant. The biggest threat to his future lies dormant in his brain—a psychic monster that wants only to feed. And now, the brutal leash he’s kept on that monster is slipping. He prepared for this day, for the end of Ivan Mercant . . . but that was before he met Lei.

    As primal as she is human, this wild changeling brings color into his life, laughter to his soul. Then the dream shatters in a rain of blood, in silent bodies in the snow. Lei is gone. Vanished without a trace . . . until he meets strangely familiar eyes across a busy San Francisco street.

    Soleil Bijoux Garcia is a healer who has lost everything. She exists in a world of desolate aloneness . . . till the day she finds herself face-to-face with a lethal stranger. The animal who is her other half knows this man, but her memories are tattered fragments. Sorrow and a need for vengeance are all that drive her. Her mission? To kill the alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack.

    But fate has other plans. Soon, a deadly soldier who believes himself a monster and a broken healer might be all that stand between life and death for the entire Psy race.

  • Lucky in Leather (Hearth Motel #4)Lucky in Leather (Hearth Motel #4) by Holley Trent

    Few fairies can rival Matthew Gilisson’s magic despite him being only a quarter fae. Strong, smart, and fearless, he’s the perfect agent for his cousin Heath to deploy against his mother. As Queen Rhiannon’s realm continues to collapse, her plans pivot to survival at all costs, but Matt has too much at stake to let her find a foothold in the human world. She’s already spent a thousand years torturing her subjects.

    Like his partner Perry.

    A fairy like Perry Geer would normally be an unlikely recruit in the leather-and-chaos world of Prince Heath. He’s a thinker, not a warrior, so it made perfect sense that Prince Heath paired newcomer Matt with him. Conveniently, the two can combine their magic in useful, and unusual, ways and cooperatively neutralize the queen’s efforts to sabotage her defector son’s powerful crew.

    But Perry wonders just how useful he really is when it becomes evident that Matt’s meant to be much more than his mission partner.

    How could a quiet mage like him be the fated partner of a fairy royal? And how long will Perry be able to keep the match a secret from the man he wants so much more for?

  • Wish Out of Water (Hooked #1)Wish Out of Water (Hooked #1) by Holley Trent

    Brook Williams was raised to avoid drawing attention at all costs. At twenty-eight, she wonders if her mermaid mother’s paranoia isolated Brook and her siblings from society to a harmful extreme. When Brook intervenes to save a stranger from a careening truck, however, she quickly learns her mother’s obsessive concerns were entirely justified.

    There’s just something about Brook that Cooper Koning can’t get off his mind. At first, he thinks his infatuation is due to the concussion sustained when she shoved him out of traffic. Then he realizes that she’s simply perfect…perfect to free him from a looming future being the king of Souersland. His candid Hail Mary proposal comes with few strings attached: Brook marries him, he’s tossed from the line of succession, she gets a wad of cash for her struggling swim school, and they go their separate ways.

    Of course, Cooper soon realizes that he’d be foolish to let her go.

    Now that she’s left her little world, though, the mermaid skeletons in Brook’s closet can no longer stay hidden. Her mother left the sea to escape a burdensome duty, and now that duty is Brook’s. And in a strange twist of fate, that mantle may mean that it isn’t even Cooper’s human family who should rule Souersland, but Brook’s magical one.

    Can a relationship built on fables endure? Or will the star-crossed spouses quickly decide their differences are too tremendous to overcome?

Science Fiction Romance (SFR)


  • Only Bad Options (Galactic Bonds #1)Only Bad Options (Galactic Bonds #1) by Jennifer Estep


    Few people know the name Vesper Quill. To most folks, I’m just a lowly lab rat who designs brewmakers and other household appliances in the research and development lab at the powerful Kent Corp. But when I point out a design flaw and a safety hazard in the new line of Kent Corp starcruisers, everyone knows who I am—and wants to eliminate me.

    I might be a seer with a photographic memory, but I don’t see the trouble headed my way until it’s too late. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by enemies and fighting for my life.

    I don’t think things can get any worse until I meet Kyrion Coldren, an arrogant Regal lord who insists that we have a connection, one that could be the death of us both.


    The name Kyrion Coldren strikes fear in the hearts of people across the Archipelago Galaxy. As the leader of the Arrows, the Imperium’s elite fighting force, I’m used to being a villain, as well as the personal assassin of Lord Callus Holloway. Even the wealthy Regals who live on the planet of Corion are afraid of me.

    But everything changes when I meet Vesper Quill. I might be a powerful psion with telepathic, telekinetic, and other abilities, but Vesper sees far too many of my secrets.

    Thanks to an arcane, unwanted quirk of psionic magic, the two of us are forced to work together to unravel a dangerous conspiracy and outwit the dangerous enemies who want to bend us to their will.

  • Hunt the Stars (Starlight's Shadow #1)Hunt the Stars (Starlight’s Shadow #1) by Jessie Mihalik

    Octavia Zarola would do anything to keep her tiny, close-knit bounty hunting crew together—even if it means accepting a job from Torran Fletcher, a ruthless former general and her sworn enemy. When Torran offers her enough credits to not only keep her crew afloat but also hire someone to fix her ship, Tavi knows that she can’t refuse—no matter how much she’d like to.

    With so much money on the line, Torran and his crew insist on joining the hunt. Tavi reluctantly agrees because while the handsome, stoic leader pushes all of her buttons—for both anger and desire—she’s endured worse, and the massive bonus payment he’s promised for a completed job is reason enough to shut up and deal.

    But when they uncover a deeper plot that threatens the delicate peace between humans and Valoffs, Tavi suspects that Torran has been using her as the impetus for a new war. With the fate of her crew balanced on a knife’s edge, Tavi must decide where her loyalties lie—with the quiet Valoff who’s been lying to her, or with the human leaders who left her squad to die on the battlefield. And this time, she’s put her heart on the line.

  • Eclipse the Moon (Starlight's Shadow #2)Eclipse the Moon (Starlight’s Shadow #2) by Jessie Mihalik

    Kee Ildez has been many things: hacker, soldier, bounty hunter. She never expected to be a hero, but when a shadowy group of traitors starts trying to goad the galaxy’s two superpowers into instigating an interstellar war, Kee throws herself into the search to find out who is responsible—and stop them.

    Digging up hidden information is her job, so hunting traitors should be a piece of cake, but the primary suspect spent years in the military, and someone powerful is still covering his tracks. Disrupting their plans will require the help of her entire team, including Varro Runkow, a Valovian weapons expert who makes her pulse race.

    Quiet, grumpy, and incredibly handsome, Varro watches her with hot eyes but ignores all of her flirting, so Kee silently vows to keep her feelings strictly platonic. But that vow will be put to the test when she and Varro are forced to leave the safety of their ship and venture into enemy territory alone.

    Cut off from the rest of their team, they must figure out how to work together—and fast—because a single misstep will cost thousands of lives.

  • Extent (Jekh Saga #7)Extent (Jekh Saga #7) by H.E. Trent

    Eileen Conroy has always embraced the concepts of DIY and self-help. As an acclaimed member of the Jekhan Service Corps, she’s well-known for her get-it-done demeanor and no-nonsense communication style. There isn’t a challenge she isn’t willing to take on, except one.
    Edgar Salehi.
    If Edgar knows how to do one thing at all after so many years on Jekh, though, it’s get to the bottom of a mystery. Eileen quitting him didn’t make sense. However, a chance run-in more than a year after their breakup reveals Eileen’s on the delivery end of a pregnancy. And he thinks he knows exactly who the father is. The evidence is written right on his daughter’s face.
    His only shot at winning Eileen back is starting from scratch and trying friendship again, but he has to be careful. If Eileen discovers he’s been keeping secrets the same way she has, she’ll cut him off for good, and this time, he has far more at stake than the last.
    While the Corps’ most infamous couple grapples with their intense collision of pride and passion, brazen brothel owner Zilkat wrestles with a status change of his own. He’s caught the eye of a sophisticated and bookish Terran who, strangely, wants his companionship above all else. But men like Stefan aren’t supposed to fall in love with men like Zilkat. If Zilkat finally lets down his guard and allows his long-repressed emotions to expand, he may land himself a romance. Or…he’ll get punished for wishing for more than he believes he deserves.

  • Facets of Revolution (Firebird Chronicles #4)Facets of Revolution (Firebird Chronicles #4) by T.A. White

    The line between loyalty and betrayal has never been so fine.

    Chasing the trail of the woman who was once considered her best friend, Kira Forrest returns to the planet of her birth. When a near deadly incident jeopardizes her arrival, Kira will find the secrets she’s worked so hard to hide bubbling to the surface one by one.

    Her only hope to control her destiny and protect the ones she loves is to embark on a dangerous rite of passage that may require far more of her than she’s willing to pay. For a hidden menace stalks her from the shadows—it’s target those closest to her.

    With the help of her lover and the allies she’s made, Kira will have to fight for her future—and her past.

    A reckoning is coming. The Phoenix will have to rise from her ashes to decide once and for all where she belongs.



  • Killers of a Certain AgeKillers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn (New to Me)

    Older women often feel invisible, but sometimes that’s their secret weapon.

    They’ve spent their lives as the deadliest assassins in a clandestine international organization, but now that they’re sixty years old, four women friends can’t just retire – it’s kill or be killed in this action-packed thriller.

    Billie, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie have worked for the Museum, an elite network of assassins, for forty years. Now their talents are considered old-school and no one appreciates what they have to offer in an age that relies more on technology than people skills.

    When the foursome is sent on an all-expenses paid vacation to mark their retirement, they are targeted by one of their own. Only the Board, the top-level members of the Museum, can order the termination of field agents, and the women realize they’ve been marked for death.

    Now to get out alive they have to turn against their own organization, relying on experience and each other to get the job done, knowing that working together is the secret to their survival. They’re about to teach the Board what it really means to be a woman–and a killer–of a certain age.

Urban Fantasy


  • Sophie and the Odd Ones (Sophie Feegle #1)Sophie and the Odd Ones (Sophie Feegle #1) by Gwen DeMarco (New to Me)

    Sophie Feegle needs a break. Rent is due on her crappy apartment and she’s halfway through her last loaf of bread.

    Sophie doesn’t have big ambitions. She only wants a job that will keep her landlord off her back, enough extra cash for whiskey at the neighborhood bar and a bit of free time to hang out with the naughty old lady next door.

    When a chance encounter with a quiet stranger leads to a job offer at the San Francisco City Morgue, Sophie jumps at the opportunity. She never expected to find her calling on the graveyard shift surrounded by dead bodies and the strange characters that make up the morgue’s staff; but she quickly realizes that these are her people, and she has finally found her perfect gig.

    And then things get… odd.

    Unusual murders keep ending up on Sophie’s autopsy table, hinting at strange powers working within the city. Something nefarious is building in San Francisco, and it is up to Sophie and her friends to thwart the evil powers on the rise.

  • Portents and Oddities (Sophie Feegle #2)Portents and Oddities (Sophie Feegle #2) by Gwen DeMarco

    After defeating a Fae fanatic set on closing the portal between earth and the magic realm, things are looking up for Sophie Feegle. She can finally relax, drink whiskey at her favorite ogre pub, and get back to the autopsy assistant job she loves. Maybe she’ll even go on a romantic date with a certain sexy fox shifter.

    Yeah, right. Things never seem to work out quite the way Sophie wants.

    When Sophie recognizes the body on her autopsy table from a dream, her world is shaken again. As more bodies end up in the morgue, Sophie realizes a serial killer is hunting San Francisco’s Mythicals. But why? And why does Sophie see the victims in her dreams?

    Hot on the trail of the killer, Sophie and her crew encounter Mythicals with strange powers. But as they wade through these dangerous waters, the question becomes: are Sophie and her friends the hunters, or are they the ones being hunted?

    Welcome back to Sophie’s San Francisco, where being in a serial killer’s sights may be new but being odd is still the norm.

  • Odd Times for Sophie Feegle (Sophie Feegle #3)Odd Times for Sophie Feegle (Sophie Feegle #3) by Gwen DeMarco

    Welcome to the Mythical town of Murias – a quaint little town in Cascadia where fairytale creatures quietly live among humans. When a series of unsolved and bizarre murders occurs, it threatens to expose the Mythicals in town. And the timing couldn’t be worse: Murias’s Hunter’s Moon Festival – Cascadia’s largest Mythical event – is less than a week away.

    Sophie’s unique powers are called into action once more. Marcella, head of the Fae Conclave, has a vested interest in ensuring Murias’s is a success and sends Sophie and Mac to find the murderer. This has the added benefit of getting Sophie out of San Francisco, where a local wolf shifter pack has her in their sights after the death of their alpha.

    Much to Sophie’s chagrin, the Conclave also wants her to work closely with her newly discovered twin sister Ruby. While Ruby has her own unique supernatural abilities, she is everything that Sophie is not: bubbly, cheerful, and a “reformed” serial killer.

    At least Sophie gets to bring her fox shifter boyfriend Mac on the trip, meet Mac’s family, and, if all goes well, maybe even experience the Hunter’s Moon Festival. But as always with Sophie, things start to get odd in the town of Murias.

  • Sweep of the Heart (Innkeeper Chronicles #5)Sweep of the Heart (Innkeeper Chronicles #5) by Ilona Andrews

    Welcome to Gertrude Hunt!

    We are so happy to see you once again. Your innkeepers, Dina Demille and Sean Evans, will see to your every need. No matter what accommodations you require, the inn will oblige. Physics are not an issue for us. Our Red Cleaver Chef is delighted to impress you with his culinary mastery. Rest assured that your safety is our first priority.

    Enjoy yourselves, relax, and above all, remember the one rule all visitors must abide by: the humans must never know.

    Life is busier than ever for Innkeeper, Dina DeMille and Sean Evans. But it’s about to get even more chaotic when Sean’s werewolf mentor is kidnapped. To find him, they must host an intergalactic spouse-search for one of the most powerful rulers in the Galaxy. Dina is never one to back down from a challenge. That is, if she can manage her temperamental Red Cleaver chef; the consequences of her favorite Galactic ex-tyrant’s dark history; the tangled politics of an interstellar nation, and oh, yes, keep the wedding candidates from a dozen alien species from killing each other. Not to mention the Costco lady.

    They say love is a battlefield; but Dina and Sean are determined to limit the casualties!

  • Fated- Magiford Supernatural City (Pack of Dawn and Destiny #3)Fated: Magiford Supernatural City (Pack of Dawn and Destiny #3) by K.M. Shea

    I thought I hated not fitting in. Turns out I hate having a target on my back even more.

    Someone wants me taken out. To accomplish that, they leaked the secret of my magic to all the Packs in the Midwest. Now, almost every Alpha in the region has traveled to my hometown in hopes of convincing me to join their Pack.

    And some of them don’t seem to think I should have a choice.

    Greyson won’t stand for that—something he makes deadly clear to the other Alphas. What they don’t know is that I’m his long missing mate. But wolves and hunters are enemies, and my hunter magic blocks me from accepting the bond…even though I’m starting to wish I could.

    Our incomplete mate bond is a constant drain on Greyson. Its existence puts him in danger—something he stubbornly ignores.

    But as risky as our bond is, I have to stay focused on the biggest threat at the moment.

    Whoever shared the secret of my powers wants to destroy our Pack. And we’re about to find out how far they’ll go to make that happen.

As mentioned earlier, I had re-reads and re-listens. These names tend to show up on my lists year after year sometimes as new releases and others as I reach for whatever suits my mood. Sometimes I just want to read happy endings so I end read *grin*. Other times I want the entire rise and fall so I go for the entire story or series. And yet other times I want a particular character or set of characters. As a result, I am extremely grateful for all the authors and their support staff who continue to put stories out in into the world.



  • Audrey Faye
  • Auryn Hadley
  • Celia Lake
  • G.A. Aiken
  • H.E. Trent
  • Holley Trent
  • Ilona Andrews
  • Jayne Castle
  • K.B. Wagers
  • Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
  • Lauren Dane
  • Michelle Sagara
  • Nalini Singh
  • R.J. Blain
  • Robin D. Owens
  • Shelly Laurenston
  • T.A. White

I am looking forward to a great year of reading and New to Me discoveries in 2023.
Happy reading!

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