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Review – Changing Tides (New Reality #14) by Simone Anderson

Reviewed by: E Trigger Warning – references to male sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, and torture Brett DeMarco is a First Lieutenant in Aelland’s Security Forces and hopes to become the head of intelligence someday. After the death of his fiancé, Brett threw himself into his work, dodging his father’s attempts to get him to […]

C REVIEWS C+ Review Dystopia m/m

Review: Tinman by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau

Tinman was an enjoyable novella set in dystopian world with two characters on opposite sides of the law. Tophet is a society that has its strict moral laws forever encroaching into people’s basic human rights in all aspects. So called criminals known as “Crims” are now being eradicated by a unit called the ATU. Ace […]