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Review and Giveaway: Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Ilona Andrews–the husband and wife writing team behind Kate Daniels, and the upcoming On The Edge series. We will be looking at Ilona Andrews first foray to romance from Samhain Publishing. Silent Blade is a short story that is set sometime in the future, where Mafia […]

4 Star Review STAR REVIEWS

Review: Raphael by D.B Reynolds

Raphael is the debut book in the Vampires of America series by D.B Reynolds, which I found to be a enjoyable read. Raphael, the hero, is somewhat of a tough-nut character. He’s a vampire, one of the powerful Lords, and he lives by their brutal codes without apology. He enforces those codes amongst his people […]

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Review: What Happens in London by Julia Quinn

If I could describe this book in four words it would be this: Sweet and utterly charming. These words have been used around blogland to describe this book and I’m so glad that the book measured up. Olivia has been on the ‘market’ so to speak for a long time and she has turned down […]


Review: Storm Glass by Maria V Snyder

This review contains spoilers. I first want to mention, Opal, the heroine, is a character which features in the Study series. It’s based in the same world. So be warned, if you do read Storm Glass without reading the Study series, there are a lot of spoilers relating to the Study books, including Opal. While […]


Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This review contains some spoilers. Think of a world where people are segregated due to a war fought years ago. Where there is a divide between the Capitol, who reins supreme, and the lowly districts. The Capitol forever lets the districts know- they are at their mercy and will. Each year, to show how much […]

4 Star Review STAR REVIEWS Urban Fantasy

Review: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.

The world balances between technology and magic. When magic waves flow in, technology stops working. Just like the ocean waves of this world, the shifts of ebb and flow between the two leave nasty little problems in their wake. This is where the heroine of the story comes in. Meet Kate Daniels, a mercenary who […]