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Joint Review: Ocean’s Light by Nalini Singh

Thoughts on heroine Lou: A new chapter and story arc began in Silver Silence within the Psy-Changeling world. Ocean’s Light brings us further into the new story arc with a step into the BlackSea Changeling world. Kaia is stationed as head chef on one of the underwater levels of Blacksea. After suffering a terrible loss […]

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Joint Book Review: A Touch of Frost by Jo Goodman

Lou: Jo Goodman is an autoread for many of us at The Bookpushers and I was so excited to read A Touch of Frost. While I liked the hero and heroine, sadly I struggled with the rest of the book for a multitude of reasons. I’ll talk about the good first! I adored Phoebe and […]

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Joint Book Review: Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh

Reviewed by: E, Has, Lou, Marlene 1. Thoughts on the Hero E: Valentin, might have become my favorite bear shifter. He is grumpy, possessive, caring, growly, generous, patient, mischievous, protective, and so wonderful to get to know. I really liked how he could be a cub at heart but at the same time keep people […]

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Review: The Thing About Love by Julie James

It’s Julie James release time again. Huzzah! There’s one release each year by James and it always brings excitement for me. The Thing About Love was pretty addictive because Jessica and John have a I-dislike-you-but-I-totally-wanna-fuck-you attraction going on that made this such a fun book. Their initial dislike isn’t really dislike, but wrong timing and […]

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Review: Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

After the deathly events that transpired in Marked in Death, with the Elders mass-murdering so many humans in revenge for the Others deaths caused by the Human First Movement, Etched in Bone brings a slower proceedings to this world. The pacing faltered at times, leaving this book anti-climatic, but still enjoyable to fans of this […]

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Review: Raw Deal by Cherrie Lynn

Raw Deal is an emotional read that tugged so hard on my heartstrings. I’ve enjoyed Cherrie Lynn’s writing in the past (Leave Me Breathless) and was excited to see her back with a new release. The premise delivers what it says and more. The novel starts off with a sad and heartbreaking first chapter: the […]