And Future Books Part 3

Here are some more books we want very badly. What can I say, we are book pushers and we need our fix!

The Cold Kiss Of Death by Suzanne Mcleod. Second book in the Spellcrackers series. Released 16th July, 09. (A mention, I’ve read the first book: The Sweet Scent of Blood, which is awesome by the way, but E_booklovers is very much wanting it.)

Being haunted by a ghost is the least of Genny’s problems: she’s also trying to deal with the witch neighbour who wants her evicted. Finn, her sort-of-Ex – and now her new boss – can’t quite decide whether he wants their relationship to be business or pleasure. And then there’s the queue of vamps inviting her to paint the town red; how long before they stop taking no for an answer? Just when it seems things can’t get any worse a human friend is murdered using sidhe magic. Determined to hunt down the killer and needing help, she turns to one of London’s most capricious wylde fae and the seductive vampire Malik al-Khan. But all too soon she realises she doesn’t know who she can trust- and now Genny’s the one being hunted, not just by the police, but by some of London’s most powerful and dangeous supernaturals. ~ Blurb taken from Author’s official website.

Don’t Tempt Me by Loretta Chase. Released July, 09

Spunky English girl overcomes impossible odds and outsmarts heathen villains. That’s the headline when Zoe Lexham returns to England. After twelve years in the exotic east, she’s shockingly adept in the sensual arts. She knows everything a young lady shouldn’t and nothing she ought to know. She’s a walking scandal, with no hope of a future . . . unless someone can civilize her.

Lucien de Grey, the Duke of Marchmont, is no knight in shining armor. He’s cynical, easily bored, and dangerous to women. He charms, seduces, and leaves them–with parting gifts of expensive jewelry to dry their tears. But good looks, combined with money and rank, makes him welcome everywhere. The most popular bachelor in the Beau Monde can easily save Zoe’s risque reputation . . . if the wayward beauty doesn’t lead him into temptation, and a passion that could ruin them both. ~ Blurb taken from Book Depository.

Spider-Touch by Jory Strong. Released 4th August, 09.

The author of “Ghostland” continues her tale of a postapocalyptic world where supernatural beings have emerged from hiding. Held prisoner by humans, his angelic memory and power lost because of the sigil-inscribed collar around his neck, Tir dreams of freedom and hungers for vengeance. Heas sworn heall never lie with a mortal, but when AraAa removes his shackles and helps him escape his captivity, she melts his icy control and leaves him burning with desire. Sheas a temptation he canat resistaan unknowing enemy who might well enslave him more thoroughly than the chains heas worn for centuries. Powerful forces have brought them together to serve a greater purpose, but learning the truth of what they are will destroy themaunless their love is strong enough to overcome the dark legacy of a battle that began with the birth of mankind. ~ Blurb taken from Book Depository.

Scorched: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood. Released December, 09.

Ex-detective Macmillan always had a taste for bad girls, but his last lover really took the cake—and his humanity. Now half-demon, Mac’s lost his friends, his family and his job.

But Constance, a strangely innocent vampire trapped in the supernatural Castle prison, needs his help. Her son has been kidnapped, so suddenly Mac has a case to work—one that embroils him with a mad sorcerer, an even madder city council, and a winged love god. The trail leads deep into the supernatural prison, and Mac soon learns that cracking the case will cost him his last scrap of his humanity.

Fiery, vulnerable Constance will do anything for those she loves, including Mac. He’ll be damned if he turns his back on her… and a demon forever if he doesn’t. ~Blurb taken from Author’s official website.

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