Review: What Happens in London by Julia Quinn

If I could describe this book in four words it would be this: Sweet and utterly charming.

These words have been used around blogland to describe this book and I’m so glad that the book measured up.

Olivia has been on the ‘market’ so to speak for a long time and she has turned down numerous proposals from suitors. She’s very beautiful and is aware of that fact, but she’s not vain. She first comes to hear of the Earl of Rudland when she finds out he is her new next door neighbour. Gossip also tells that The Earl of Rudland was rumoured to have killed his fiancé and Olivia’s curiosity is sparked. To satisfy her curiosity and to make sure that a killer wasn’t living right next to her, Olivia does what every young female in her shoes would do: Spy through her window. *grins*

Harry is well aware of what Olivia is doing and he’s very tempted to dance a jig on his table in his study to see what she would do. Harry is a spy for the government, but his work is centred on translating letters. He has still retained his skills from active duty, so it was easy for him to spot Olivia. He’s curious and somewhat irritated by her spying, and one day Harry catches Olivia. That particular scene made me laugh out loud, especially Olivia’s thoughts when she knows he saw her. Safe to say, from that day on, Olivia stops her spying.

Harry and Olivia finally meet face to face at a party, and Olivia is determined not to show him her embarrassment, and she comes off quite cold. Harry automatically thinks that she is a cold fish and takes a dislike to her which is returned by Olivia. Their dislike of each other, of course, hides the spark that runs between them. They are both fascinated by each other and they meet upon other occasions which will make you chuckle. In fact, you will find yourself chuckling through out the book, not only at the hero and heroine, but the other characters that feature. Especially Olivia’s brother and Harry’s cousin, Sebastian, who I hope gets a book of his very own.

When Harry is forced to spy not only on the Russian Prince, but Olivia as well, their attraction to one another comes to the surface. What I loved about this book was that there was no coyness or hiding their attraction from one another. Harry goes about getting Olivia, when he finally realises he wants her, and Olivia doesn’t stop him as she feels the same. There are no obvious obstacles, where the heroine must resist him at all costs and Harry must do the honourable thing. The scene where they come together for the first time was unbelievable sweet and so very straightforward- without any second thoughts afterwards. So, as their attraction grows into something stronger and the villain of the piece shows (I thought this was the weakest point of the entire book), Olivia still doesn’t stray from Harry. The ending of the book wrapped up beautifully. It was sweet, funny and for this book, a perfect ending.

7 thoughts on “Review: What Happens in London by Julia Quinn”

  1. I adored this book!!! Sweet and charming sum it up perfectly. Oh Harry Valentine…the perfect beta hero:)

  2. If I recall correctly, in the PB version of the book, there is an alert that Sebastian will be getting his own book! 🙂

    I laughed out loud many many times during this book. It was an extremely enjoyable read.

  3. Hee. Don't you love the part when Sebastian is reading from the gothic novel and everyone is enraptured? 😀

  4. That's great! I'm so happy that Sebastian is getting his own book.

    I agree, Harry was the perfect beta hero and he had a great sense of humour despite his past family life.

    Heh, I loved that part also. Especially when the servants were hanging onto his every word. 😀

  5. I am glad I picked up this book as my first introduction to Julia Quinn and I agree it was sweet and charming. I will def pick up the sequels.

  6. I agree, Harry was a great beta hero, this was a very good, entertaining story. Loved that part with Seb reading the gothic novel and looking forward to his story.

  7. it was one of my fav books from julia quinns books n i absolutely love the scenes when they talk through the windows n the proposal is awesome!!!!!

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