Wheeeeeeeeee Bookpushers had a meetup with Nalini Singh!!!!

Ying and I had a fantastic day today which we partly spent with Nalini Singh who is currently in the UK. We also met up with a few twitter friends for the first time, Liz and Karen (Karen will have a YA book out sometime in 2011 called The Iron Witch) and we also met up with a few more others which was fantastic!

There is also a few tidbits which we managed to get from Nalini about the Angel series – there will be further two more books after Archangel’s Kiss and which the third is looking like it will focus on Raphael and Elena.
Archangel’s Kiss will also be partly set in the Forbidden City in China – which sounds awesome!

We all ended up chatting for hours about books and having a great time and it was really nice to meet up with people we have befriended online along with meeting Nalini- and here are some pics from today!

Nalini and me.

Ying, Karen and me

6 thoughts on “Wheeeeeeeeee Bookpushers had a meetup with Nalini Singh!!!!”

  1. What an awesome day!!! Good going with the tidbits too 😉

    I'm kind of surprised the third with focus on Raphael and Elena again…

  2. yay! It sounds like you had fun =)
    I would be ecstatic if i got to meet Nalini Singh *grins*

  3. You guys look so happy in these pictures. Sounds like a good time! Has – you have awesome long hair.

  4. I had no idea your hair had gotten so long!

    I'm glad you had fun and I look forward to teh next Archangel book.

  5. I think I am going to cut it – because its gotten that long LOL 😀

    My sister is telling me not to but I am tempted to do so.

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