Book Covers That Got Me Into Trouble

The other day while I was chatting with Lou, we were talking about book tropes and how they developed over the years. We then found ourselves chatting about covers. ESPECIALLY romance covers!!

I fell in love with romance after reading a Mills and Boons historical set in 1500s Spain. From that moment on, I voraciously read their series of historical romances and then moved onto the big guns – with heroes who had bigger guns and long swords! Authors such as: Jude Deveraux, Laurie Mcbain, Judith McNaugh, Shirlee Busbee and Johanna Lindsey were like total crack for me. But, there were repercussions to this new found addiction – especially as a 13 year old.

Dun, Dun, DUN: The Covers!!!!

Now you think the recent covers would be more explicit than the older books in the 70s and 80s. Not so! And due to the explict nature of the sexy contornotionist yoga positions in these covers, it was definitely implied that these books was not suitable reading material for a 13 year old, who should have been reading Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew books. But I was bitten by the love bug. So, I thought I would list the covers I could find that got me into trouble with my parents (they didnt approve of my reading choices), and Teachers (who thought I should read better quality material). The Tiger Lily was one of the first historical romances that I loved, but also one of the first big meaty books after reading the Mills and Boons one. I love the epicness and the setting, and its not until recently that I find that historical romances are turning back to that. However this wasnt the cover that got me into trouble but it was another Shirlee Busbee that got me into trouble was The Spanish Rose but I cant find the cover. Caught by mum who felt heaving bosokm heroine and half naked hero may not be suitable reading material despite the fact I argued that it was about pirates and the Spanish colonisation of the Americas and its pretty useful to know that! The next cover or should I say covers that got me into trouble were the Johanna Lindsey books- now you think Fabio would be to blame nope! It is this guy – Do you notice the common denominator here? Yup – Forget the mantitty!

He haz no pants! These were the ones that got me into trouble, big time especially Tender is the Storm by my mum again who thought the pantless hero was definitely doing rude things to heroine’s bosom. These were also the books I smuggled on holiday to Morocco one summer. I so didn’t want to get caught by customs checks, because one, I could imagine my mum’s horrified expression and two, how much would I need to bribe the customs agent not confiscate these books especially since they were the library’s!

But my innocent expression must have worked because we didnt get stopped and lets say I had a delightful summer reading these books other than the time I got caught reading Tender is the Storm! And because I am chatting about Johanna Lindsey and there is no Fabio- I will post one of my favourite book of hers and it haz Fabio! I wonder if Fabio had a Pants clause in his contract? I think that is a good thing because as a 13 year old it was safer to my delicate sensibilities. But that is not to say I didn’t get into trouble later on, and you can see there is again a common theme. But in this case it was more eyebrow raising than a stern lecture about naked men on covers.

However, despite the fact that I got into trouble several times, I have come to enjoy these covers because they can be campy, hot, sexy and unlike other books in different genres, I mostly haven’t been bored by one. So even though I may get pointed remarks about these books by my family, friends and even strangers, I know I will be engrossed in a fun story whether its erotica, historical or paranormal romance. And the people who disapprove of this are the ones who are missing out! I mean who doesn’t want to read about sexy pirates, knights and cowboys!

So, does anyone else remember about the covers that got them into trouble or remember their first sexy one?

9 thoughts on “Book Covers That Got Me Into Trouble”

  1. I've never been in trouble with book covers, and to be honest, I can't recall my first sexy cover.

    I've said numerous time, the day I lose my innocence in romanceland has gone all blurry. 😉

    But, holy freaking moly!

    That bush sticking up in Mr Tender is the Storm model's bum can't be very comfortable.

  2. Tender is the Storm is OMFG! My mom would have arrested me for like forever. But now I find they look kind of cool.
    Oh and I like the new template fr the blog. Thumbs up Girl!

  3. I discovered yesterday that the first letter of each word from Tender is the Storm- is Tits 😀
    I think the cover illustrator had a wicked sense of humour 😀

  4. Really enjoyed this post! And Lou's comment about the bush was too funny!

    I don't remember a particular cover getting me in trouble, but I started my romance book journey with Harlequins. Can't remember which series, but they were the tame ones, so assume the covers were tame as well.

    Fun post, and great comments as well! 🙂

  5. LOL, wow. I can see how parents might object. LOL

    I never got in trouble for book covers, just for "pleasure reading" and I never did see why it was a problem. My grades were usually pretty good.


  6. Those are some great old skool covers! I used to love the covers for Susan Andersen's books. And the covers for Loretta Chase's books were great!

  7. What a post…had a good laugh in recognition and the cover of TENDER IS THE STORM…we did not have the same cover in the Netherlands…I can tell you that 😀 I still remember my first cover that made me go all week in the knees. It was a Heather Graham novel in the Dutch pub.line; CANDLElIGHT. I think the title in english is King Of The Wolves. All hard muscles, abs and pectorals. and thighs oh my…

    A wonderful post Has!

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