Winner of Skin Game | Poll Results

The winner for Skin Game, chosen by a random number generator list done in time stamp is **drums roll**…


Update: The previous winner already had a copy of Skin Game, and very graciously and cheerfully said to give another person a chance to win. 🙂

So using the random number generator, the new winner is:

***Mel (He Followed Me Home)***

Congratulations. I’ve already emailed you. If you can reply back to contests (at) thebookpushers (dot) com with your address please.

And the winner of the badass poll is…DAEMON from the Black Jewel series by Anne Bishop. He polled with 36.59% of votes.

Thanks to everyone who took part. It was super fun! 😀

1 thought on “Winner of Skin Game | Poll Results”

  1. Wooot on Daemon wining the Bad Ass poll!!! That made me smile and want to re-read the books. LOL

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