Ding Dong Merrily Along!

I thought I would do a discussion post about the penis in romance. I am pretty sure its not the first time it will be discussed in romanceland or the last. Its a very popular subject that creates huge column inches. And will continue to grow I bet!

The penis, however, wasn’t always desired to be big. In Ancient Greece, the aesthetic then for the higher classes ( art/erotic drawings/sculpture) was actually the small Mr Johns aka small willies. (Check out Michelangelo David’s dong which is based on classical Greek art)


However, the bigger dongs were popular with other social classes and cultures, and will always illustrate that a huge dong is a metaphor for fertility and masculinity. For example: The Cerne Abbus Giant and his merry dong – which is regarded to be a figure of fertility. Heck, even Homer Simpson joined in the act – although sadly he wore his Y-fronts. Its good to see he had a shout out for the feminine symbolics with the circular donut.


But the Ding Dong in romance is an important motif as its more than a physical extension of the hero – it’s also a metaphor of how male and virile he is. The bigger the better!

And it got me thinking: In recent years, the penis has definitely evolved in romance – especially in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, and more specifically in Erotica. We are seeing new different types of extensions – check out Lora Leigh’s Breed series. That was definitely an eye opener, as well as other things for her heroines. And it was the first time I came across something like this. And there are two for one deals: Elizabeth Amber’s Satyr series where the heroes don’t have one dong, but two!!

I do have to admit, my favourite hero with a huge ding dong is from the book, Passion. The book itself received a mixed reaction because of certain love scenes, but I really felt that Lisa Valdez wrote a good romance – and although the heroine in Passion had a magic vaj that was totally like the Tardis – I thought the love scenes did add and bring the story forward. And I hear that the delayed sequel is out later this year, and that will also feature a hero with a huge dong.

So what is the book that impressed you or didn’t with the dong? Let’s add to the column inches!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Ding Dong Merrily Along!”

  1. I have to admit I was not really in love with Lora Leigh’s Breed series. But that had nothing to do with the strange weenies or so I think. Okay it was a bit disturbing but perhaps I should give that one another try.

    Impressing dongs in books? Oh my, you can ask questions! I have to think about that one a bit. *wink*
    Will be back!

  2. That’s fine! We need to fill up this column up 😀
    My first Lora Leigh book was Elizabeth’s Wolf and I reached the part of the smex it made my jaw drop but I do find her books crackilicious!

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  4. I think Lora Leigh was like the 3rd romance book I read and perhaps it was a bit too much at that time. I will search for the book and read it again!

    And I thought about something: Does anyone else find it strange that in m/f/m books they always compare the weenies with the mention of them both being great in their own way? You can say that you like one more than the other? Or not?

  5. You are right- some books def emphasize that but I suppose it would be awkward and shades of favouritism if the female preffered one member than the other one. Although I suppose its realistic – the ones that gives me the heebie jeebies is the twincest (yes there is mfm with twins) or brothers at the same time.

  6. I think one of the best (1st time) love scenes is in Promises Linger….when Asa has to tell her that she is still a virgin….and she didn’t know it!! What a Great Book and I love the humor too…besides the fact that he’s a BIG man and her a small (spitfire) of a lady.

    Lora’s Breed Series is one of my favs…I love the whole large animalistic connection thingy…Hehehe.

    Robin Schone’s book (Gabriel’s Woman) involves a very Large man…and how he deals with it. Another great read and Love all Robin’s books too, btw.

  7. Great post and the next release of Lisa Valdez is later this year *swoon* I loved the dong, the romance and overall story of Passion 😀

    One dong comes to mind is the one of Dageus MacKeltar, I believe he was wrist thick and had quite a lot of inches too. And what about a dong’s stamina…3/4 times in a row sometimes isn’t unusual 😉

  8. I loved Promises Linger its one of my fav Sarah McCarty’s books and that scene was great.
    Oh I totally forgot about Dageus 😀

  9. Well, there’s the obligatory mention of LKH’s penises, a series where the author is convinced that if bigger is better, twice as big must be ten times as good. In real life, hitting the cervix is painful. Very painful. And it’s a good thing there’s magic in the Anitaverse because that’s the only way she’s getting a “two liter pop bottle” up in there. It gets so bad that Jean-Claude’s six inches becomes “small”.

    In general, most of my romance novels aren’t overly concerned with the gent’s size, but with how he uses it. Some of MaryJanice Davidson’s works describe how the gent has to go slowly and ease his way in or he’ll hurt her. One vamp in a short story has to always open with some rigorous foreplay or he’ll hurt his ladyfriend. I believe Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Sharing Knife series addressed this in part, but IIRC it was more caused by the heroine’s virginity, and not mentioned later in the series after they’ve been having sex for a while.

    The Psy-Changeling series has some frank discussion of penises. Slave to Sensation has the heroine wondering why jacking ~him~ off was giving ~her~ pleasure, and I think it’s Hostage to Pleasure where the hero jacks himself off while the heroine enjoys the show. But every single one of the Psy-Changeling series is explicit in the hero’s love of licking his woman’s vaj.

  10. Can I add the ding dong of Vane of NIGHT PLAY to the gallery of ding dong’s? He swelled after he gave his protein shake to Bride and he used magic so she wouldn’t notice he stayed inside her for like 10 minutes or so 0-0

  11. I think the Changelings series is really sensual – and those scenes was hot.
    I have to agree about LKH- I was told that in the latest Merry book there was hentai/tentacle like smex :S 😀

    I forgot to mention in my original blog entry that Sarah McCarty’s first paranormal – also had a similar scene about hitting the cervix but instead it went through :S Apparently the hero who was a vamp had a special ability to do that and do some DIY there and the main reason was to acutally fill the uterus (and I mean fill the uterus) with sperm 😀
    I didnt think it was her best book but and she is a good author but it was definitely one of the most out there books I’ve read.

    Another similar one that is like Vane and Lora Leigh’s breed series is Kate Steele’s werewolf books she writes M/M as well as het romances. And again its linked with procreation the hero stays in for a long time too.

  12. You know, Joey W.Hill’s 3rd book in her Vampire Mistress series, A Vampire’s Claim, the MC male, Devin is hung like a sperm whale… and whoa is the book hot. LOL.

    Oddly all our guys are pretty hung, wishful thinking I guess, though one of them is described as having an “88 magnum in his pants”

    Luckily though, neither gets gross or painful for the girlie… LOL

  13. O yeah! Mark from Lisa Valdez’s made a BIG impression on me!! I loved that book and I am so glad Lisa Valdez confirmed that Patience will be released in april 2010! My first Lora Leigh book was Tempting the Beast and that barb got to me LOL…

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