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We want to welcome one of our favourite fantasy romance authors to the blog. Welcome, Elizabeth Vaughan. Elizabeth is the author of the oh so fantastic series, Chronicles of the Warlands. Chronicles of the Warlands consists of: Warprize, Warsworn, and Warlord.

And not only that, but Elizabeth is returning to this wonderful series with the upcoming release, Warcry. And big thanks to Elizabeth for allowing us to have the exclusive for the cover of Warcry which is show below in the interview.

Book Pushers: Elizabeth, welcome to The Book Pushers, and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Could you tell us what your plans are for your next book, and can you confirm that Atira and Heath will be the hero and heroine?

Thank you so much for asking!  Yes, I can confirm that WarCry will be released in May, 2011, and yes, Heath and Atira take center stage.  About time, don’t you think?

But even better, here is a peek at the new cover.  Isn’t it gorgous?

Book Pushers: In Destiny Star, you have ventured back to the world of the Firelanders. Will your next book and new trilogy combine both series together?

I was as surprised as anyone when the two storylines came together, trust me.  I am not going to give anything away, but I can tell you that one never knows about these things.

Book Pushers: Are there any plans of bringing back Lara and Kier as protagonists in future books? (We *heart* them so :D)

Lara and Keir will always be involved in the Chronicles of the Warlands.  But other characters are demanding their own tales as well, and its only fair that they get the attention they deserve.

Book Pushers: Do you have any plans to write about the Elf King and how he met his human wife from Red Gloves/Dagger-Star. (Has: They made such an impression on me!)

Verice and Warna are fascinating, aren’t they?  I have to admit that they have been talking to me recently about their story.  I’ve started making some notes, but since they met prior to the events in Dagger-Star, it may be a while before they get their own book.

Book Pushers: Are there any particular avenues (new worlds, new races, magical beings) in the Fantasy Romance genre that you will like to explore?

Well, I have to point out that my world went through an enormous change at the end of Destiny’s Star.  Bethral and Ezren’s sacrifice have set off a chain of events that will have far reaching ramifications for everyone.  Happily, that will allow me to continue to expand and complicate my characters lives for some time to come.  But more then that, I can not say. <g> I am a terrible tease.

Book Pushers: Have you ever thought of writing in a different genre, or explore a different world from the one set in your previous trilogies?

As a matter of fact, I have a murder mystery series that I have about half finished.  And I am starting to plot a contemporary paranormal romance that has been a real change of pace for me.  Suddenly, I have to think about things like cell phones and computers!

Book Pushers: Do you plan out your stories in stages, or is it ‘edge of your seat’ writing?

I use an outline.  My outline for a book runs about 30 pages, single-spaced.  I am usually planning two books out as I work on the current book, so that I can really interweave the story lines.

Book Pushers: What do you love most about the Fantasy Romance genre?

Wow, that is a tough one.  I write the kinds of stories that I want to read . . . and there is just something about a man and a sword that makes my imagination take flight.

Book Pushers: Do you have any favourite characters you’ve written to date in both trilogies?

Well, Lara and Keir will always have a special place in my heart.  I must admit that I adore Marcus – and I am not going to make his life easy in the future, that’s for sure.  But oddly enough, I have grown quite fond of Wild Winds.  Remember him from Warlord and Destiny’s Star?  He’s playing a much large role then I ever imagined, and given Keir’s hatred of the warrior-priests . . . but that would give too much away, wouldn’t it? <g>

Book Pushers: And finally, could you give us any information on what you have planned for future books after this new trilogy is done?

Well this is where the reality of publishing and the economy come into play.  At the present, I don’t know if I will have a book out in 2012.  But as soon as I do know, I will release the information through my newsletter.  You can sign up for it at

For now, I am plotting out two more books in the Chronicles, working on that contemporary, and planning ways to torture . . .er . . .entertain my readers.

I want to thank Bookpushers for your support.  Its such a joy to know that people enjoy my stories!

Note: The Warprize trilogy will be reissued in 2011, by Berkely Sensation books with new covers. Warprize the first book is slated for release in April.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Elizabeth Vaughan”

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  2. Greta interview, and I am loving that new cover. I really want to read that old series, and book 3.

    Oh and I second the elf king finding his wife book!

  3. Hi 🙂
    Thank you for the interview with Elizabeth Vaughan and thank you to Elizabeth for sharing. It was great to learn about a new (to me) author.
    All the best,

  4. I have read all of E. Vaughan’s books and i loved them all. I can’t wait to read WarCry!!!! Keep on writing!!!

  5. @blodeudd
    I really really hope we get the elf King and his wife’s story. The few scenes with them were hilarious in Dagger-star!

    @RK Charron –
    I highly recommend the Warprize trilogy – its one of my all time favourite fantasy romances. LOVE!

    I can’t wait for Warcry! 😀 It would be great to see what happens next post Warlord and Destiny’s Star

  6. I just read this interview, because I was looking in for more information about the next release of Mrs Vaughan.
    I love her books, the chronicles of the warlands are my big crush, as Lara and Keir are.
    This must be the 6th times since the last release of Warcry that I read the chronicles since the beginning. And I have so many questions about the last installement.
    But my main one is will there be more books of Lara and Keir. Because we are in february 2015, and I do not see nor read any news on a new release or sequel after Warcry.
    The website of Mrs Vaughan is deleted also. Which bring me a strong worry to see this serie dead.
    Warcry was bringing so many questions and possibilities. And Im being sadden to have no news of a next sequel. I don’t really know where to write because I do not have Mrs Vaughan email.
    But please if anyone have heard or know something would it be possible to inform me?
    Thank you

  7. Hi Audrey! I can confirm that Elizabeth is working on more sequels to the Warprize series! I emailed her and she replied back saying she is in the midst of Simus’s book which will be called WarDance. I don’t know the publishing date but I’ll be tweeting out any more news if I hear back with updates. So its definitely not the end.

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