General Update

Hallo lovely readers of our blog. I’m posting a little update as things have been quiet around here.

For indefinite, I’m taking a break from reviewing due to ill health.

Has and MinnChica will will be holding down the helm whilst I’m on my break, so if you have any review requests, interview requests or anything that’s book related, please send the relevant information to those fabulous ladies.  Their emails and the contact form is available on the contact page.

We want to thank the awesome Julie who has been our guest reviewer for the past year. Julie has now joined Wicked Lil Pixie’s review site, and we wanted to give her our huge thanks for her contribution to The Book Pushers. xx

Our E_bookpusher came home for a visit, and it was wonderful catching up with our dear friend again. We’re sending our love to her, and we’re counting down the days until she arrives home.  Smooches!

In June/July the whole layout of The Book Pushers will have a drastic change. We have a custom made illustrated logo created for us by a very talented book illustrator, and we’ll be having a new design overall. It’s a long running joke here at The Book Pushers that I’m forever tinkering about with the site and forever changing the layout. Well, I did it to the extent where I’m all tinkered out. So we’re super excited to have a brand new spanky look at summertime.

That’s it for now I guess. Once I start reading and reviewing again, I’ll have a big-ass list of books to get through which I’m mucho looking forward to reading.


7 thoughts on “General Update”

  1. Sorry to hear about your health problems Lou. I hope everything works out for you during your hiatus and you’ll be back and refreshed and well soon.

  2. (((hugs))) on the illness! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for a full, easy recovery.

  3. I really hope you’re doing better soon. Thank you for a wonderful year and for all the support you’ve given me. *hugs*

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