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We are so lucky and honored to have Nalini Singh with us here today at The Book Pushers to talk about her upcoming release Kiss of Snow. Nalini is a favorite here, for both her Psy/Changeling Series and her Guild Hunter Series, both of which are huge fan favorites.
The Psy/Changeling Series is on it’s 10th book with the release of Kiss of Snow (and they are all absolutely fabulous. You must read them if you haven’t). And her Guild Hunter’s Series was recently extended by another 4 books (we are all VERY excited about that as well).
Thank you so much Nalini for taking time out of your tremendously busy schedule to come talk to us!
Nalini: Thank you for asking me to visit!

Book Pushers: Kiss of Snow is finally coming out, and the hype surrounding Hawke’s story is HUGE. Did you ever imagine that you would have such a huge response from readers for this story?

Nalini: When I began the series, my hope was that readers would enjoy the books enough to want to continue reading the series. The response to this book was not something I could’ve imagined then. I’m humbled and overjoyed that readers are so excited about KISS OF SNOW – because I definitely am!!


Book Pushers: Does this book end the current story arc that you have going on? Have you already started laying the frame work for the next arc? Can you give us any details?

Nalini: Yes, it does end the first story arc – however, some people may disagree with me. It all depends on what your interpretation of that arc is, but regardless of that, there are major developments in this book that quite clearly shift the focus of the plot onto a new playing field.

I don’t want to spoil things for people who haven’t read KISS OF SNOW, so I’ll just say that there is a conversation at the end of the book between Judd and an Arrow that gives you a very good idea of where the next arc will take the series.


Book Pushers: Many fans have expressed a concern about the age difference between Hawke and Sienna. Did you have any concerns or issues come up regarding their age difference?

Nalini: The funny thing is, I never did worry about this – of course, I knew it would need to be addressed in the story, but it was never a dealbreaker for me as an author. These two just clicked from the very first instant they met on the page. The chemistry was so powerful that, no matter the age difference, it would’ve been wrong on every level to try to pair either Hawke or Sienna up with any other character.


Book Pushers: You were recently contracted for more books in the Guild Hunters Series, do you already know which direction the series is going to go? Will there be more Elena and Raphael books, or are you planning on focusing on the other characters?

Nalini: I do have a very good idea of where I’m going, and yes, there will be a fourth book about Elena and Raphael, and possibly more. I’m also considering books for a number of the Seven, though I’m not ready to say who yet. I handed in “Archangel’s Blade” not long ago, so I’m giving myself some time to work out the storylines going forward . I’ll probably share more detailed information later on in the year, once I’ve begun writing the fifth GH book.

Book Pushers: We are so excited about your participation in the Royal House of Shadows Series with Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, and Jessica Andersen. What kind of details can you give us about this project?

Nalini: The books are connected by four siblings – the four lost heirs of the Kingdom of Elden, a land that has been stolen by the Blood Sorcerer. Each sibling was torn from Elden during the fighting and thrown into a different dangerous world. They must return to Elden before time literally runs out and the Blood Sorcerer’s cruel hold on their Kingdom and its people, is complete.

My hero is Micah, the youngest of the four siblings. He is the feared lord of a dark place called the Abyss, and has no memory of his past life as a heir of Elden. My heroine is Liliana, the Blood Sorcerer’s daughter, a woman who knows Micah will hate her once he realizes the blood that runs in her veins…but she must awaken him, must make him remember before all is lost.

I love Micah and Liliana, and the world the four of us came up with.


Book Pushers: Dimitri is next up in the Guild Hunters Series. He’s a very decadent and dangerous character; but if you could bottle up his essence what would it be called?

Nalini: Sin

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