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Hidden Talents Cover
Publisher: Indie
Publish Date: Out Now, available digital format only
How I got this book: From the Author

“Werewolf cop Adam Santini is sworn to protect and serve all the supes in Resurrection, NY—including unsuspecting human Talents who wander in from Outside.

Telekinetic Ari is hot on the trail of a mysterious crime boss who wants to exploit her gift for his own evil ends, a mission that puts her on a collision course with the hottest cop in the RPD. Adam wants Blackwater too, but mostly he wants Ari. She seems to be the mate he’s been yearning for all his life, though getting a former street kid into bed with the Law could be his toughest case to date.” Blub is taken from Emma Holly’s website at

Emma Holly has long been one of the staples of my erotic romance reading experiences.  She is known for writing books that contain not only extremely hot smexy scenes but also contain interesting intriguing stories and characters.  She has a wide range of books that run from ordinary human characters to werewolves, elves, faeries, vampires, demons, and with her latest, Hidden Talents, a wide array of other supernatural beings.

One of the most fascinating things for me about this book besides the story is how Ms Holly did her world building and introduced it to the reader without going into an infodump.  Resurrection, NY happens to exist on earth but is a separate pocket/dimension.  If you don’t have enough magic to enter you won’t ever know that Resurrection is there.

Ari certainly isn’t a sweet innocent girl but one who has learned from her mistakes and is trying to do everything she can to protect her friends from the crime boss.  She thinks Resurrection is just another city so the reader learns along with her.  Her knowledge of the crime boss and his activities outside of Resurrection could be the key to Adam taking down the crime boss, but she isn’t used to anyone helping her so Adam has his work cut out for him.

Adam certainly isn’t a one dimensional character either.  He struggles with his instincts, his police training, and his need to keep Ari wrapped in bubble-wrap while he goes after the crime boss.  While he knows Resurrection, and he spent a some time in the outside world, he isn’t used to dealing with people over a long period of time who aren’t Resurrection citizens.

I enjoyed Ari and Adam’s adventure and the sense of a complete world brought by the supporting characters.  Ms Holly reached a very satisfactory conclusion in this book but there are several people and mysteries of Resurrection which leave me hoping she will continue to write in this world.

I give Hidden Talents a B+

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  1. @Tori Thanks. I have found with some authors I don’t enjoy particular series but I do enjoy their voice in others or even in other genres. Happy reading.

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