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Ms Aguirre is currently unable to do any promotion for AFTERMATH which releases today due to the fact that her husband is in the hospital as of yesterday. We don’t know the details, all we know is that she needs to focus on her family at this time. Any of you who have had the pleasure of interacting with Ms Aguirre at an event or over the internet know that she is always gracious, kind and does a lot more then just promo when she interacts with readers, bloggers, other authors and fans alike.

We have a review of AFTERMATH scheduled for Monday the 12th of September but since here at the Book Pushers we are huge fans of Jax, and well Ms Aguirre’s writing in general, we wanted to show our appreciation during her time of need by helping out with her promo.

If any of you are willing to help out as well with a giveaway or to just talk her books out we appreciate it. If you want to be added to the giveaways on this STICKY post please e-mail me at: e (DOT) bookpushers (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I will add it to this post.

GIVEAWAYS – Winners will be announced Monday Sept 5th. Leave a comment and tell us you favorite Sci-Fi Romance book, or favorite Ann Aguirre book to be entered to win!

E_ is willing to donate 2 copies of AFTERMATH . One for the US and one any place else that Book Depository ships.

Has is willing to donate 1 copy of AFTERMATH or any of the other books in the GRIMSPACE series to any place that Book Depository ships.

22 thoughts on “Aftermath by Ann Aguirre – Contest Closed”

  1. I’d have to pick the Sirantha Jax series as my favorite SciFi romance books, but Linnea Sinclair’s books are also great favorites of mine. I’m am so looking forward to Aftermath, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Jax next.
    I wish Ann’s husband a complete and speedy recovery, and I think it’s great that you’re doing what you can to help her promotion right now.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  2. So sorry to hear about Ann’s husband.I hope that he gets better and makes a full recovery. I am new to her books, so I haven’t read anything of hers yet. I also don’t read much Sci-Fi romance, but i’d like to. Perhaps i’ll win this book and get started!
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  3. My favorite sci fi romance is Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy. I know it super romantic, but it’s really funny and to me, laughter is romantic.

    Poisnivyred AT

  4. My favorite SF romance is Local Custom by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; fab book, if you haven’t read it you really ought to! 🙂 Their whole Liaden series is good stuff! I also love Bujold’s first two Vorkosigan books (Shards of Honor and Barrayar), quite a few of the Catherine Asaro Skolia books and most Linnea Sinclair titles, especially Hope’s Folly.

  5. So great of you to do this! I felt so bad for Ann when I saw on Twitter that her husband was in the hospital. Last I saw he was out of ICU, but still in the hospital and still looking for answers as to what is going on with his health. I’m sure she really appreciates the support from all of her fans.

    As for my favorite, I’m not sure if I like Grimspace or Wanderlust best. I love the style of Grimspace, but the character development in Wanderlust is great. I like the way that Jax grows up and matures, even if I didn’t like the excuses used to keep her and March apart. But mostly I like any story with Vel in it, he’s my favorite 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win a book and for supporting Ann. greytfriend216 at gmail dot com

  6. I have had ENCLAVE on my reading list for ages. My apologies to Ann Aguirre, I must move it up the list.

    I hope all goes well.


  7. First of all i wish a full recovery to ann ‘s husband and a lot of courage to her because it must be very stressfull for her.

    I don’t know her work but i would like to discoverer it. So thanks you a lot for the opportunity

    I guess my favorite book would be Dragonflight from Ann Mc Caffrey…i love the way F’lar discover Lessa and try to woo her. i’ve read it something like 10years ago but i still remember it fondly.


  8. I’ve read all of Linnea Sinclair’s books and hope she continues writing SciFi romance. Catherine Asaro is very good also, and there is romantic elements in several of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series…Miles always tugs at my heart strings, especially in Miles in Love (a two story volume).
    Best wishes to Ms. Aguirre and her husband–been there and support is so important.
    I will be looking for her books.

  9. I loved Wanderlust, and other favorite sci-fi romance series is Zorn Warriors by Laurann Dohner and Biana D’Arc’s Resonance Mates.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. You guys are great for helping out with promo during this hard time. Best wishes to Ann Aguirre and her family.

    I really like Angela Knights’ sci-fi romance series; the characters are always outfitted with the most interesting enhancements!

  11. Hope Ann’s husband recovers soon…

    I love Kim Knox’s sci-fi and also Ella Drake’s sci-fi stories!

    Ann is a new author to me. Thanks for doing such a fab giveaway on her behalf.

    Do count me in. judimello AT gmail DOT Com

  12. My favorite book by her would have to be Enclave. That made me read her other works. Thanks for the giveaway and get well wishes to her husband.


  13. Sorry to hear about Ann Aguirre’s problems. Hope her husband will get well soon. Ann is a new author to me so I can’t say I have a favourite book of hers. But I love Eve Langlais’s Alien Mate. Good read. Also Angela Knight’s books. Thanks for the giveaway.


  14. So sad to hear about Ann’s husband. I hope he recovers soon.

    I’ve only read Enclave by Ann Aguirre, but it was amazing. It’s definitely one of my favorite books!


  15. My best wishes to Ann and her husband!

    I will second GrowlyCub in that I love Bujold’s first two Vorkosigan books. I also really loved Warrior’s Apprentice. I am working my way through the rest of the series and am enjoying it. I have yet to read anything by Bujold that I haven’t enjoyed!

    ssosborn at gmail dotcom

  16. I don’t read SciFi much at all. But from countless revviews I’ve read about this series, I know a lot of them like this without being an avid SciFi fan. Im hoping to read this series very very soon.

    I havent read Ann’s work as Aguirre, but I have read her other series as Ava Gray. Which I absolutely love.

    Best wishes to Ann.

  17. I love Ann’s writing as Ellen Connor Nightfall book. Good stuff!

    I’m sorry to hear about Ann’s husband, Ann is so generous, I hope he is feeling better soon. I will help promote her where i can this week.

    Lisa B

  18. Love and prayers to Ann and her family.

    I am not a big sci-fi reader but I definitely will be starting the Sirantha Jax series! My favorite series of Ann’s has been her Skin series written as Ava Gray which i would consider paranormal romantic suspense.

  19. Prayers for a complete recovery to Ann’s husband. You guys ROCK for your unselfish helping of Ann at this time. I have not read any of Ann’s books. Maybe I’ll win and get a chance to. My favorites Sci-fi series has to be Kaitlyn O’Connor’s Cyborgs. They are so definitely alpha and clueless at the same time that they are endearing, engaging, sexy and fun to read.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

    Renee Be

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  20. Sending good thoughts out to Ann and her family.

    I haven’t read a lot of Sci-fi Romance books but i really liked Gini Koch’s Touched by an Alien. Thank you for the international giveaway as I don’t live in the US.


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