Southern Arcana Read Along: Deadlock Chat and Giveaway

Welcome to the Deadlock Chat! We are getting ready to dive back into the Southern Arcana world with a look at the third book in the series. Pull up a chair and let’s talk about Alec and Carmen.

*Since this is the third book in the series, there may be spoilers to those of you who have yet to read the first two books.*


Alec Jacobson is the unofficial Alpha of New Orleans. He’s possessive of his town and the people he considers his. He’s known for taking newly made werewolves under his wings and teaching them how to handle their new life. Although Alec tries to avoid any and all wolf politics, he has no qualms about becoming a thorn in the wolf council’s side when it comes to issues he is passionate about. Oh, he’s also sexy and broody.

Carmen Mendoza is new to the New Orleans area and working as a doctor at Franklin’s clinic. She’s a half werwolf that is unable to shift, but her empath skills bring her into contact with the supernatural world. As the only niece of her uncle Cesar – a councilor on the wolf southeast council – she has a very rocky relationship with her family. While her uncle and father want to use Carmen as a bargaining chip, she just wants to live her life in peace.

The Drama:
To date, this has been the most action packed Southern Arcana book. There is kidnapping, intense magical manipulations, a bombing, three challenges to the death and of course some steamy hot romance. The story was divided into two parts. The first being Carmen’s kidnapping and Alec’s investigation into how to resolve the magic churning inside her. The second was the ongoing problems with the wolf council’s inability to change, and Alec’s plan to help move the wolf council forward.

Wow… so much happens in this book. The plot is constantly moving and the action never stops. Plus, we dive even deeper into the political turmoil that follows the wolf council, and just how many injustices there really are. While I can occasionally be bored with too much political BS, I thought Deadlock had a good mix of just enough politics mixed in with sexy time and adventure. Plus, getting to see Alec in action is always a plus!

The romance between Alec and Carmen seemed to move a little slower than the last two books, and they go through some incredible ups and downs in their mating. Like the other Southern Arcana books, there is also a lot of focus on the secondary characters. Andrew and Carmen’s brothers Julio and Miguel play a large part, as do Kat, Jackson and Franklin.

Favorite Quotes:
“The hard part is explaining to the hotel manager why you slammed the lid of a baby grand on his guest’s head.”
“I did the piano thing once Holt, let it go.” -oh Alec. I <3 you

Discussion Questions: These are just some general questions to get the chatter started. Feel free to talk about anything else in the book you liked or didn’t like.

1. The romance between Carmen and Alec was filled with lust while the magic was unsettled in her. Once it was worked out, they had a much stronger emotional connection. Which did you like more?

2. The wolf politics take a leading role in Deadlock. You’re thoughts on the crazy old-school wolf ways?

3. More secondary characters were introduced: Julio, Miguel, Sera, Lily, Franklin, the mysterious Wesley Dade. Who are you most looking forward to learning more about?

4. Did you think it took Alec too long or not long enough to make his decision to challenge for the wolf council seat?

5. We finally get the entire story about Alec’s history and why he is estranged from his family. Did the brutality of it all surprise you? Why or why not?

6. Carmen seemed to take everything in stride. The abduction by her own family, the carelessness on her life by her father, her uncle’s ultimate fate. Do you think she was TOO even keeled for everything she had to go through?

7. Alec loves to talk dirty between the sheets, up against the wall, and while Carmen’s in the cage. Thoughts?

Everyone who participates in the discussion today will be entered to win a refurbished Kindle! The contest is open to everyone and will end on September 7th. Good luck!

53 thoughts on “Southern Arcana Read Along: Deadlock Chat and Giveaway”

  1. 1. I much prefer the emotional connection without the magic. Lust is good, but for the long haul, I want emotions involved in the romance (along with lots of lust).

    2. I really hate politics, but thought the politics in Deadlock, and the series, are necessary and appropriate. But, the Conclave is way overdue for a makeover!

    3 Since he had such a big part in Deadlock, I’d like to learn more about Julio. Then, Wesley Dade because he’s the money man, followed by Franklin and Lily, then Miguel and Sera.

    4. No, I don’t think Alec took too long to make his decision. There was a lot to consider and it demonstrated his strong leadership abilities. He took the time to obtain input and cement loyalties.

    5. No, the brutality didn’t surprise or bother me. It is part of belonging to a wolf pack and completely expected. Anything else, IMO, would have shown weakness.

    6. Yes, I do think she was a bit too even keeled. I thought she was far too accepting of the situation and I would have would have had a knock down fight someplace along the way. Maybe the way she was raised helped her. Maybe having to deal with physicians and playing politics in the medical world helped her to know when to pick her battles. Maybe Alec’s strength helped her deal with it all. I don’t know, but I sure did yell a time or two for her!

    7. Absolutely love the dirty talk – wherever and whenever it takes place. These two belong together and are definitely HOT! Some excellent, ‘I need a fan’, scenes.

    Enjoying the series tremendously! Purchased Cipher today and ready to start the next adventure.

  2. doooooh! I feel like such a slacker! I won Crux from this wonderful blog series and I haven’t had the time to read it yet! Between work and storm damage clean up, no time 🙁 But It’s first on my TBR pile! Thanks again!


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