Interview with Linda Poitevin and giveaway

Today we have Linda Poitevin’s whose debut book, Sins of the Angels marks the start of a brand new Urban Fantasy series. Sins of the Angels was released from Ace books on September 27th as had received some great reviews.

The Grigori Legacy series is all about angels and nephilim who are on the hunt for a fallen angel. The second book in The Grigori Legacy series, Sins of the Son releases in March of next year.

Welcome to The Book Pushers Linda!
Linda: Thank you—and thank you, too, for having me to visit! I’ve been looking forward to my stop here for weeks! 🙂

The Book Pushers: Tell us a little about Sins of the Angels

Linda: Sins of the Angels is a dark urban fantasy about a fallen angel turned serial killer, the angel sent to stop him, and a homicide detective who finds herself in the middle of a plot to trigger the Apocalypse. The book actually crosses a number of genres: police procedural, mystery, thriller, paranormal…one reviewer has even suggested that it will appeal to horror fans, though I still can’t see that, lol!

The Book Pushers: What made you decide to write about angels and what is their appeal?

Linda: It wasn’t a conscious decision, actually. I just found myself with a story taking shape in my head that involved angels. They definitely appeal, however…partly because I am thoroughly enjoying exploring their darker side and blurring that line between good and evil.

The Book Pushers: The hierarchy of heaven/theangels and hell and how that relates to the humans is interesting, will you explore more of this in future books?

Linda: Absolutely. Sins of the Angels is only the beginning and I will be delving much deeper into the mythos, particularly where Lucifer and the whole Heaven/Hell agreement are concerned. Suffice it to say that Alex—and all of humanity, for that matter—is in for a bumpy ride. 😉

The Book Pushers: What type of research did you do to prepare for the police/detective parts of the book?

Linda: I have coffee with my husband. (Bet you weren’t expecting that answer, were you? lol) Pat is a 30-year veteran of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and thoroughly vets all my stories for correct procedure. He and I are having lunch today, as a matter of fact, to go over some technical points with regard to Sins of the Son, which is in its copyedit stage. I go to him with all my questions and ideas, and if he’s not certain about something, he always knows someone he can ask. And he vacuums, too! 🙂

The Book Pushers: How many books do you have planned for The Grigori Legacy Series?

Linda: There are a total of four planned for the series at the moment…so far, that’s where the story arc I have in mind ends.

The Book Pushers:  The second book in the series, Sins of the Son, comes out in March of next year, can you give us an overview of what’s to come, especially with that killer ending in the first book?

Linda: Sins of the Son will focus on the role Seth plays in this series. He has a huge impact on the struggle between Heaven and Hell. Alex will be back, of course, as will Aramael—with both of them facing some very difficult choices and decisions. Oh, and readers will get to meet Lucifer, along with some fabulous new characters.

The Book Pushers: What about writing in the Urban Fantasy genre do you like the most?

Linda: I love, love, love imagining what our real world would look like with a supernatural element introduced. How would someone react to actually seeing an angel? How do you wrap your head around fantasy not being so fantastical after all? For me, it’s all about taking the paranormal element and making it as real as I possibly can through my character’s reactions and viewpoints. Did I mention I love doing that? 😉

The Book Pushers: Who are some of your favorite authors? Favorite book?

Linda: I don’t think I have any one favorite book, but favorite authors include Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, Bill Bryson…as you can see, I have very eclectic tastes in reading!

The Book Pushers: Who is your all-time favourite angel (from any book/movie/myth/legend) and why? And what bonding activity would you like them to do with Aramael. It can be anything from playing Connect 4, Monopoly, Poker or any other board game angel style.

Linda: The Archangel Michael because of the absolute power he wields in mythology. I think the world can use a hero like him (and may, in fact, get to meet him in Sins of the Son). As for an activity? Chess. Aramael is so volatile and reactionary, it would do him a world of good to learn a little patience and strategy…and I think it would be highly entertaining to watch Michael try to teach him. 🙂

The Book Pushers: And finally, if there was an epic battle with Demons and Angels, who would be the general for each army (it can be any figure/character from any book/movie/myth/legend) and what kind of weapons would they use?

Linda: If you don’t mind, I’m going to refrain from answering that on the grounds that it might give away too much of a future book in the series…sorry! 🙂

Thanks so much to Linda for being here! She has graciously put together some awesome giveaways for her huge blog tour. Today, there are TWO copies of Sins of the Angels up for grabs (US/Canada for print, International for ebook, via NetGalley). This contest ends November 7th. Good Luck!

For the international readers who want to win a print copy, please make sure to say so in your comments! Linda will be collecting your names from every tour stop and will draw three lucky winners for a special International Readers ONLY drawing.  Those names will be chosen on November 14th by Linda. Good luck to you!

20 thoughts on “Interview with Linda Poitevin and giveaway”

  1. I just picked this up at B&N this weekend and i’m soooo bumping it to the top of my pile! I love angel stories and this sounds great.

    Great interview 😉

  2. This looks like a great read. I already like urban fantasy and a dark makes it more interesting for me. Though I need to read more angels books and this story has one 🙂

  3. I find myself reading much more Urban Fantasy these days and your book looks to be just the style I like. Thank you for the chance to win I am in the UK so it’s the ebook.

  4. I’ve been reading some really great reviews for this book.I am looking forward to reading it.
    Great interview and thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  5. Sins of the Angels is right up my alley. Angels and Lucifer… I have always been interested in the religious concept of good vs evil. The story has a new spin-off of a fallen angel being a serial killer. I can’t wait to read the book.

  6. Everything I’ve heard about Sins of the Angels makes me very eager to read this book. It sounds fantastic.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  7. Thanks so much for coming by to read and comment, everyone. Glad you liked the interview, and thrilled that you’re hearing such good things about SINS OF THE ANGELS!

  8. I would love to have a copy of Sins of the Angels. All the reviews have been fantastic, and I adore Urban Fantasy. Terrific giveaway. I hope I get a copy so I can review it myself at Escape Reality, Read Fiction!


  9. SINS OF THE ANGELS looks wonderful I can’t wait to read it.



  10. Sins of the Angels sounds really good, and I love the cover, it sort of reminds me of Fringe because of the Olivia Dunnam-eque person on the front and unusual things going on in the background. I’m international and would love to enter the international print giveaway!


  11. Very much looking forward to reading this book, and even better if I get to win it!

    budceltic @ gmail .com

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