E’s Top Comfort Re(Reads) of 2011 Part 1

As I am sure you have noticed the end of the year tends to bring a bunch of lists. Usually these lists involve the Top 10 or so of something. Well I decided I was going to join in that trend but I am doing it with a twist. I have had a rather interesting year, I spent the first half deployed overseas and the second half getting used to normal life again. As a result I spent a lot of time with what I call my comfort reads, some are authors I have been reading since I was a young girl and others I just discovered this year. I decided that I wanted to share them with you so welcome to my top comfort re(reads). The list below is organized alphabetically by author in an attempt to keep this post manageable. I umm also decided to split this up into two posts so swing by tomorrow see Part 2 :).

Magic Bites
Ilona Andrews – Well whatever they write I re-read, frequently lol. Their novels hit every button and transport me to different worlds. I get laughter, tears, anticipation, hope, mythology, characters that I have seen what inspired them, romance, vivid landscapes, you name it. I just have to want to read something I know will be good.
Reviews: Silent Blade Silver Shark Magic Bites Magic Graves On The Edge Fate’s Edge

Daughter of the BloodAnne Bishop – Another author who spotlights up the darker side of human nature and shows that society evolved manners as a way to allow that side to openly exist while providing guidelines so they don’t take over society yet provide an essential element. These could also serve as a Do Not Disturb sign.



Moon Called
Patricia Briggs – When I want a reminder that the heroines don’t have to be the strongest, fastest, have the ability to kick butt and take names while wearing spike heels. I love how they hold their own against the alpha males without trying to be more of an alpha then the guys.
Review: Seeing Eye


Immortal DangerCynthia Eden – Her paranormal world-building and how several different stories/series all end up touching. Plus she has dragons!
Reviews: Bound by Blood Angel of Darkness




Black Sun RisingC. S. Friedman – How far will your morals stretch to defeat the worst evil known to your world? How seductive is an evil that fights with you against a common enemy? Will good or evil prove the strongest influence? What happens when your dreams, nightmares, thoughts can become reality and if enough people believe will that reality affect those who didn’t?


The BrideJulie Garwood – My introduction to adult romance, historical romance at that. She is an author that continues to transport me fully into her worlds regardless of how many times I read her work.
Review: The Ideal Man



Hard MagicLaura Anne Gilman – New York as I have never seen it before. I also get to see strong understated heroines who care about their world and make a difference.




Dragon BoundThea Harrison – I discovered her this year. I think I will let our reviews of her releases do the talking for me.
Reviews: Dragon Bound Storm’s Heart Serpent’s Kiss True Colors



Valor's Choice Tanya Huff – We were lucky to have Ms Huff join us earlier this year. I turn to Ms Huff for a couple of different reasons. One is when I need to remember what makes a family especially when I am far away from mine, Enchantment Emporium. I also re-read her Valor series when I need a reminder of succeeding against the odds and how much a leader cares for their people.
Reviews: The Enchantment Emporium The Wild Ways


Ride the River Louis L’Amour – Discovering and taming the country. Exploring. Surviving the odds, You are only as good as your character, your word. Feuds. Families that never forget if you mess with one you mess with them all. Strong men and women set in a world with familiar names, sites, and landscapes. Hours of discussion with the adults who introduced these books to me. And they include a thread of romance.


Beast Behaving BadlyShelly Laurenston/G. A. Aiken – I know that if I need a laugh I can always turn to Ms Laurenston/Ms Aiken. If I am reading them at work I always have to stifle bursts of laughter. Regardless of the species, dragon, wolf, big cat, bear, hybrid, human her characters are full of life and have their own particular world-view, which doesn’t always interact smoothly with the expected world order and therefore provide me a lot of amusement.


Don’t forget 12-22 are going up tomorrow.

Happy reading!

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