Guest Post & Giveaway with Nico Rosso

We are lucky enough to have Nico Rosso back again with us here at The Book Pushers to talk about his newest release, a post-apocalyptic romance called THE LAST NIGHT. Welcome back to The Book Pushers Nico!

Leather jacket.  Those two simple words mean a lot of things.  Rugged.  Independent.  Armored.

It makes sense to put Jake, the hero of my post-apocalyptic romance THE LAST NIGHT, in a leather jacket as he rides across the wasteland on his motorcycle.  He needs to be protected by the ever changing terrain that is torn apart by earthquakes.  And that’s not the least of his worries.  Ancient viruses have been released from deep in the soil, transforming many of the surviving humans into stone-skinned mutants known as ashers.  A leather jacket is his armor as he battles his way through these beasts to find a better life with the heroine, Erica.

 But what I didn’t do was describe Jake’s jacket.  I’m a writer who loves specifics, but in this case, I wanted to leave it open to the reader’s imagination.  Each person has an ideal picture for a tough guy’s leather jacket and that’s how Jake should be dressed.  He’s wearing the leather jacket that you think is the most badass and most sexy.

There are different jackets for different kinds of heroes.  Start with the classic motorcycle jacket, as seen on Brando from The Wild One.  The ultimate rebel.  Add the element of reckless speed and you get the modernized moto jacket Hugh Jackman is filling out as Wolverine.  If you want to imagine a man who stands up for his beliefs, you dress him in a bomber jacket like Harrison Ford wears as Indiana Jones.  And if the hero is stylish and still tough, you get a vintage leather coat like Richard Roundtree is sporting as Shaft.

So my question to you is: When your hero rides out of the wastelands on his motorcycle toward you, what kind of leather jacket is he wearing?

I’ll pick one commenter to win a PDF of THE LAST NIGHT. Contest open internationally and ends February 20th.


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21 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Nico Rosso”

  1. I’m definitely more into the Wolverine, modern motorcycle jacket look. Fitted and sexy with the short, stand-up collar.

  2. I like my men to go for simplicity. Worn leather, not too many belts or buckles, more of a focus on what’s going on underneath–and preferably paired with jeans.

    Congrats on the release!

  3. The biker jacket of course. Also, when he is off the bike, must have the long leather duster (like Clint Eastwood) oh yes note thats a bad ass and sexy.

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  5. My hero is definitely wearing a bomber jacket like Indiana Jones.

    The Last Night sounds like another awesome story, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  6. It’s hard to decide between the classic leather jacket and the modern leather jacket. I love to watch guys riding motorcycles in a classic jacket but the modern jackets are easier to get into or, preferably, out of!

  7. Thanks for your answers! So far it sounds like you dig your guys in well weathered leather.

    Liz and Tamara are both going for the clean look while Susan W. might be leaning that way, depending on who she’s taking it off of. Kai’s going old school for the bad boy, so I think she’ll like Jake. He has an edge to him.

    Julie’s hero has two jackets to cover all occasions. So you know he’ll be ready for anything and looking good when he does it.

    I like Barbara’s conviction, no doubt what her hero is wearing when he shows up. I hope you enjoy Jake as the hero in this one, Barbara.

    Na, Victoria, Carla, and bn100 are keeping it simple with a straight up leather jacket that is all business.

    If you get a chance to read The Last Night, I’d be curious to know how you all picture Jake’s jacket in the story.

  8. I def picture a bomber jacket like Ford wears, beat up and comfy but badass to wear and still offers protection! I checked the book out on amazon, it’s in my wish list and I will def be checking it out soon. It sounds really good, thanks!

  9. Two more votes for the basic bomber jacket.

    I like your reasoning Anne, once the apocalypse hits, we can’t put ourselves in undue danger.

    I agree about the beat up jacket, Joani. Lets you know the person’s lived. Thanks for checking out the book. Hope you enjoy it.

  10. I think I prefer a leather long rider coat, you know the kind that hits about mid calf and splits up the back to the waist. Imagine someone wearing that and walking or riding out of the fog.

  11. Totally bad ass, Wolverine. 😀 Don’t enter me in the giveaway, I picked up the book yesterday and read it today. Loved the world building and really hope we see more of these Burning World stories from you. I’d love to see what happens with Jake and Erica but even different characters would be interesting to see how they survive in this changed world.

  12. That’s a very cool image, Debbie. I don’t have any fog in the story, but there’s plenty of smoke for Jake to ride through on his motorcycle.

    Thanks so much for picking up the book, Heller. I’m glad you liked the world of the Burning Earth. Because you and MinnChica asked so nicely, I can tell you there’s another story set in this world in the works, but I don’t know when I’ll finish it because of other projects on my desk right now.

  13. Nico, that’s great news! I feel I must warn you that I am now going to stalk you on Twitter to get the updated release info. I just went to your site and noticed all the Sci-Fi! Lots to keep me busy until the next Burning Earth comes out.

  14. @Heller:

    Stalk away. Though release info is going to be quite a ways down the road. Meanwhile you have the Sci-fi. And later this year I’ll have a superhero romance out in an anthology as well as a steampunk western romance set in a world I created with my wife, Zoë Archer. So I think we’ll all be plenty busy.

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