Joint Review – The Last Night by Nico Rosso

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: Out Now!
How we got this book: NetGalley

After a chain of earthquakes ravaged the globe, long-dormant viruses were released into the air, turning many humans into creatures with an appetite for human ashes. Erica and a group of survivors are barricaded in a half-destroyed hotel, and every day brings them closer to being devoured by the seemingly unstoppable ashers. Even though Erica is a fighter, she’s tired of just surviving…

When a mysterious stranger rides into town, everything changes. Jake knows how to kill the ashers, and he’s the only man brave enough to leave the safety of the hotel in search of a better life. Erica and Jake make a deadly fighting team, with even hotter sparks flying between them. But Jake has survived this long because he rides alone. He doesn’t trust easily, especially in this harsh new reality. Can Erica convince Jake that living is more than just surviving to the next day?
*Blurb taken from Goodreads*

Has: I am a sucker for the post apocalyptic setting in a romance and I loved the look of The Last Night and within that opening scene it certainly lived up to that promise! The world has undergone a series of earthquakes which has destroyed civilisation and either killed or transformed people into fire and ash eating mutants, called Ashers, who are set on consuming the earth. Only a few survivors remain and one of them, Erica along with a group of 40 or so are sheltering within the ruins of a hotel, barely surviving the on-going attacks by Ashers. But when Jake appears on a motorcycle who has a secret to defeating the indestructible Ashers, there is hope for Erica and her group of survivors.

The opening scene was full of tense action, and it reminded me a lot of a Mad Max movie, on how Jake appeared and helped out Erica’s group and I think it was one of the best introductions of a hero I’ve read in a long while. I also felt the premise of the Ashers or Fire Eaters were imaginative and scary especially in the stark and desolate setting.

MinnChica: I’ve only read a few post-apocalyptic romance books, but the few I’ve read so far have all been wonderful and keep me looking for more. When I saw Rosso’s book available through NetGalley, I knew I would be in for a treat. I enjoyed his sci-fi romance books, and had high expectations for this one. Needless to say, it absolutely lived up to those expectations. Rosso created a world torn to shreds by earthquakes, volcanoes, drought and some of the creepiest zombie-like creatures I’ve ever encountered.  Yet at the same time, a beautiful budding relationship was formed and nurtured in a new and crazy world. Erica and Jake quickly fell for each other, knowing that their new lives wouldn’t allow for them to think in the old ways. I absolutely adored that!!

Has: I know! The first meeting between Erica and Jake also sparkled, and I liked how they initially engaged with each other and the connection they formed, which had a ‘live each day as it comes’ and gave the romance an intense feel. It also emphasise the dangerous world they are living in with all the old rules out of the window. Although I do think their relationship was based more on physical attraction  initially, but there was a definite promise of a more a concrete emotional connection towards the end of the story and it felt real. I also liked how they would talk about their past and they weren’t perfect people and acknowledged that. Erica and Jake were two loners and outsiders and it was good to see how they could bond with each other and adapt to this new world. I really felt that Nico Rosso captured that feel of how different people could live in a world torn upside down, and it wont always be the obvious strong types.

MinnChica: Things definitely started physically for them, but you are right that things felt so real towards the end. I loved that they were both loners, both set in their ways, both determined to live in this new and scary world. Erica wanted nothing more than the chance to fight back at a world that changed daily, and when Jake came riding up and gave her that chance, I wanted to go out and kick a little ass myself, with my sexy man by my side! *wink*  I also agree with you in thinking that Rosso created such a wonderful and amazing world. I could see his apocalypse happening and the world changing in the ways he described. It’s equally inspiring and horrifying in one!

Has: I also felt satisfied on how the plot progressed and the ending, sometimes a novella or a short book never really has a good ending because of the short length but this ended perfectly. I think some people wont be satisfied though because it is pretty much open-ended but I thought it was very fitting and close to the characters and even the romance. Erica and Jake thrived in this world. You really get a sense they were just drifting in their old lives but in this one, the world felt like it was just recovering and becoming reborn especially where the survivors ended up and that there is hope. The Last Night, is a tense, atmospheric and filled with action and a sexy romance and it was a very satisfying read.
I give The Last Night a B-

MinnChica: I loved the fast paced action, and while I was a little surprised with the ending, I was happy with the way it ended. The hopeless romantic in my hoped that Erica and Jake would stay in their paradise and live happily ever after, but I also loved the message of hope and determination the book ended on. All in all I really enjoyed this novella. I thought that everything played out so well: the romance, the action, the character development. I hope that Rosso continues to write fun post-apocalyptic romances!
I give The Last Night a B+


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