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Patricia Briggs
Credit: Hadnagy Photography, Butte Montana

We’re so happy to welcome the lovely and most kind Patty Briggs to The Book Pushers. Not only is Patty one of the most awesome authors EVA (and we really do mean that), but she’s one of the most talented authors in the Urban Fantasy genre of this day. With over nine high fantasy titles published, Patty has gained world wide readers and fans for her Urban Fantasy works starting with the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy Thompson is a mechanic who has a knack for getting into trouble. With a side series of the Alpha and Omega series, Patty has also managed to capture readers of the romance crowd with the relationship of Anna and Charles, which is tied into the Mercy universe. Patty’s third book in her Alpha and Omega series Fair Gamewas released this Tuesday. In honor of that release enjoy this interview with her and keep reading for a Book Pushers giveaway!

BookPushers: Welcome Patty. Thank you for joining us today. With the Mercy world developing at such a fast pace after each book, are you able to tell us when we will see a return to the vampires and Marsilia? (and hopefully Stefan gets to kick her arse *G*)

Patty: I’m currently working on the next Mercy book, Frost Burned (Ace, March 2013), and Mercy has to go to the vampires for help. Yes, Stefan, Marsilia and all will be back on stage. You know things are pretty bleak if Mercy has to go to Marsilia for help.

BookPushers: We know you are currently working on Mercy 7 right now, so could you give us a hint of what to expect with this installment?

Patty: (Laughs) See the answer above. Beyond that, I have to be a little careful, since I’m not quite halfway in and a lot of things may change. Frost Burned takes place directly after the events in Fair Game (Yay! My time lines are, at long last, straightened out!) and will tie up some story threads left in Moon Called and Bone Crossed.

BookPushers: Will we continue to find out about Warren and Kyle only in snapshots as secondary characters or will they have their own novel or novella?

Patty: Warren has his own short story in the Martin/Dozois anthology Down These Strange Streets (Ace, 2011) called “In Red with Pearls”. Kyle, as you might imagine, features prominently. I enjoyed writing it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more short stories or novellas popped up eventually.

BookPushers: What do you think of Mercy’s development with Adam from the first book to the person that she is right now? They’ve gone on such a long journey that it’s so wonderful to see them so loving, and not frightened to show each other their feelings.

Patty: Adam understands Mercy better than she understands herself—and so he is able to avoid (mostly) sending her off screaming for her independence. Once upon a time, she needed a family that she knew would never be taken from her or abandon her. She still needs that, but she also needs to keep her hard-won independence. Adam gives her himself and his pack to fulfill the first need—and because he loves her that much, he does it without taking away her independence. In return, Mercy accepts Adam as he is, and loves those parts that he has never felt were loveable. Adam, too, has trust issues. He is used to taking care of people, of being careful not to frighten them—but Mercy takes care of him and nothing about Adam scares her.

BookPushers: A few of us have discussed how Ben in your Mercy Thompson series went from being someone we all loved to hate to someone we wanted more of. Have there been any of your other characters that you have noticed drew such a polarized opinion?

Patty: (Grins) Well, there is Leah, Bran’s mate. I get hate-Leah emails all the time and my Native Guide in Paris (Patty waves at Xaviere) comes up with the neatest ways to get rid of her… There is also Marsilia, the Mistress of the vampire seethe in the Tri-Cities.

BookPushers: After Adam and Charles, Sam and Bran seem to be the most popular with readers. Are you able to tell us if their stories will continue and expand or will they be finished along with the Mercy, and the Omega books?

Patty: First, I have no real plans to end either the Mercy or the A&O books at this time. (BP: *happy dance*) After Fair Game, I have contracts for three more Mercy books and an undetermined book set in the same universe. That might be another A&O book, or it might be something starring other characters (ie Tom and Moira from “Seeing Eye” and Hunting Ground).
That said, I plan on writing Samuel and Arianna’s love story – probably in a novella or short story format. Samuel would also work as the lead in a novel, though I don’t have any plans for that at this time. Bran will almost certainly be lead in a short story or two. I am leery about using him in a novel because part of what makes Bran interesting is how much people don’t know about him.

BookPushers: It was revealed that Bran’s guilty pleasure is Japanese boybands. Do any of your other characters have guilty pleasures that they wouldn’t dare reveal — even under examination by Mercy’s mom?!

Patty: Of course they do :). Some of the secrets will come out, probably some of them will never come out. As a writer, I use their secrets to keep their actions consistent and it is part of what rounds a character out in my head. Bran has more secrets than most (grin).

BookPushers: Do you have any plans to continue the Alpha and Omega series after Fair Game?

Patty: Nothing under contract right now, I wanted to give myself a chance to expand the world a bit more. However Charles is very nearly my favorite character to write, so I’m pretty confident Fair Game won’t be the last A&O.

BookPushers: What does fantasy romance mean to you — would you like to revisit any old characters from your past fantasy series or have any ideas for a new series?

Patty: I chose to write fantasy because I knew I would never get bored. Of all the genres (I think), fantasy is most open to adding elements of other genres: mystery, spy, thriller, adventure – and, of course, romance. All of my books have romantic elements, partly because, I suspect, I have been very happily married for over a quarter of a century, and partly because romance – love—is a very powerful tool in a writer’s character motivation craftbox. Love and the need for love drives people to do extraordinary things – for good and for evil.

I am not finished with traditional fantasies. Unless some other idea bites me hard, the next traditional fantasy I want to write is a third book in the Dragon series. I have plans for stories in the Raven world and also a follow up to The Hob’s Bargain. Right now my muse is happy with Mercy and the urban fantasy stories, but some time I’ll start getting stale and do a few straight fantasies to recharge the creative batteries.

BookPushers: And for our fun question! We can totally see Bran imposing this as a form of torture, so what kind of corporate type team-building exercises would the werewolves have to do if they misbehave?

Patty: I am so blaming you for giving Bran ideas – you are truly evil.

I remember a play I was in for high school in which I was supposed to faint, fall backwards and another actor was supposed to catch me so I didn’t fall. We practiced that play for three months every day after school. I think she managed to catch me one time. You know that “trust” exercise that corporate masters like to pull out? Where you fall back and trust the person behind you to catch them? Yep, I can’t do it. The one where you blindfold someone and another person has to tell them how to negotiate a maze of chairs and stuff all over for them to trip on or run into is awesome, too. My niece had to have stitches and a front tooth repaired when her high school thought that was a good idea.

I’ll make sure that Bran’s pack knows who to blame for this one.

Bookpushers: Thank you again Patty for joining us today. We look forward to reading what comes next!

And because we want to bookpush our love for Patty’s books, we have a AWESOME giveaway that will rock your socks off. One lucky person will be in for a chance to win all three Alpha and Omega books (from wherever the Book Depository ships to), and also a T-shirt and Mug from the official Hurog store — big thanks to the lovely Elle who runs the store. So this is what you can win:

  • Cry Wolf
  • Hunting Ground
  • Fair Game (which was just released this week)
  • T-shirt
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To enter, all you have to do is tell us below in the comments: If you could be the leader of any supernatural pack, what would it be and why? The giveaway is open until next Monday, 19th March.

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I love the wolves because even natural wolves are fiercely protective of all little ones, even adopting some other abandonned or abused creatures. Also everything centers on family, i think my life is a lot like that.

I’m not sure I really want to be the leader of any pack since it seems to paint a target on your back and you have to deal with all those wonderful pack personalities. I would much rather be dealt with as a goofy, yet essential pack member. If I had to choose, I would be the leader of the wild dog pack from Laurenston’s books…never a dull moment.

I am anxiously awaiting my copy of Fair Game to appear at my house. I can’t wait to read it. Love Charles and Anna and am glad to hear there will likely be more.

If I could lead any supernatural pack – I’d lead werewolves (I don’t know if you want us to name a specific pack). I love werewolf pack dynamics: their earthiness, the drama, the control they must exert, and all the cuteness that comes with being doggies, essentially.

If I had to name a specific pack:
1. Lord Maccon’s London Pack (formerly Woolsey Pack)
– because I’d love to have Prof Lyall as my Beta!
– and I’d like to run around in 1800’s London 😀

2. My own pack on the Ghanaian Savannah.
– We’d be the most powerful African wolf pack, LOL!
– It would be unprecedented 😀

A werefolf pack… leader of the Montreal pack… Strongest and scariest Omega out there.

I really like the dynamics of a wolf pack, the way they are so devoted to each other and the pack as a whole. But if push comes to shove, I’d love to be a cat, so I can bask in the sun on a lay afternoon.

Love werewolf pack dynamics, but too chauvinistic for me. I’d be the leader of witches. Magic and spells! Thanks for the giveaway.

Werewolves are one of my favorite paranormals. Not sure it would be “paranormal” but I wouldn’t mind being a Celtic priestess 🙂 I love Anna and Charles. I reread the original short story again and again.

i think i prefer the wolves too becauise they are loyals and protectives^^

i hope the giveaway is international ^^ thanks you so so much

Wonderful interview! So glad to hear there is so much left to explore for both series.

I think I’d have to pick Clan Nimble from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, because I love the idea of small, lithe creatures being deadly. And I love the clan name.

I’m not sure I’d want all that responsibility, but if I were to be a leader, I would be an alpha werewolf pack leader – probably in the wilds of Alaska so we’d have more freedom to roam. Of course being the leader of a shape shifter clan would be cool too – then I could be any animal I wanted.

I’m fairly certain I’d rather be an omega than an alpha, but if I had to lead, I’d want to try leading a wilddog pack (a la Shelly Laurenston’s shifter series’). They sound like they know how to have fun!

If I was a supernatural creature I would want to be able to fly so…pegasus..I could totally lead a bunch of flying horses 🙂

I love wolves but I think I would choose some kind of big cat, like lions or panthers.

I’d be (if there were such a thing) the female Alpha of the werewolf pack next closest to the Olde Towne Pack in “Fair Game” so I could maybe rescue Isaac from his current unfortunate romance,

Fun question! I would pick this werewolf pack found in a certain city, a troublesome pack that seems to run into the fae and vampires resulting in tense situations. And don’t forget the hot alpha male that is in charge, tough and rough but how can you not love his heart! So could I please be the Eve for this wolf pack? Course then I would have to get rid of a certain mechanic….hmm more trouble I see…might be worth it =) hehehe

Dragons. What an open door that gives me! I can go all Medieval European and just seek out the end of all evil-doers by igniting my chemical-laced saliva. But, I could also easily head in the ancient Asian direction and be an adorable force for good, and a bringer of luck. So many choices! Plus, either way, I get to fly.

My socks are on the floor! I love Particia Briggs so I’m definitly going to be jumping at this chance. Hmm… well I will say Werewolves since they are my most favourite paranormal creature (I feel boring sticking with the norm but I just love werewolves) why? (apart from them being a fav) Because werewolves (the guys) are in my mind sexy hunks of many meat and if I’m running that pack then its all the better for me.

I do love the werewolves but I’m kind of a loner sometimes so I would be a lioness. Queen of the jungle.

I would totally love to lead a pride of lions or maybe panthers… I love the big cats:) The purring and the sleek sexiness of the big cats is what I love best about them. Awesome giveaway!!! I have yet to read anything by this author, but maybe that will change sooner.

I love cats, so it would have to be a pride of lions or something along those lines (if tigers were not solitary animals it would definitely be tigers!)

Awesome interview!

I don’t know if I could be a leader but maybe 2nd in command of werewolves.

I would want to be a witch or vampire. They are closer to humans and therefore easiest for me to understand and be able to lead my pack successfully.

As much as I adore reading about werewolves, the physical violence needed to be an alpha just isn’t my thing. I think I’d be Queen of the Fae or something, and be all frail and fragile but secretly super badass lol

Thanks for the giveaway! I’m DYING to read Fair Game!

I would love to be in a pack the werewolves always intrigue me! I love your prize thank you for the opportunity to win!

Hmmmm….I think being a shapeshifter would be awesome, but the wolf pack structure’s a little rigid for me – a group of were-felines of some kind (wereleopards….that should be a thing).

In the Mercy-verse, though, I think I’d go for being the Mistress of a seethe for a couple of reasons (1) nobody’s really giving them any love here, how sad (2) their leaders are “selected” via cleverness and talent, rather than gender or birthright (3) it’s about time somebody put Marsilia in their place.

High-five to Book Pushers and Patty for the awesome interview 🙂

i dont know that many animals that have packs.. lions have prides but ruled by a male.. it would be awesome to be queen bee of one of those!
i would love to see some other shifters come into this world!!

I’ve read all the mercy books, but just started the A&O series, so right now I’m all about wolves, so I’ll have to say leader of a wolf pack!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Love these books!!

Artesia at comcast dot net

Can you have a pack of Angels. The mind boggles. Maybe a Grace of Angels? Either way I could totally rock the leader roll.


I’d like to lead the werewolves! Actually I wouldn’t mind being Bran! He’s such a great character.
Thanks for the giveaway.

a shapeshifting dragon clan. Cause they could fly and if I could have one like Sherrilyn kenyon i want to be one that can do magic and time travel. Would be a heck of a ride. Love Ms. Briggs books. Everyone I’ve read has been fantastic and here to many more.
scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

I’d be the leader of the disenchanted reapers pact, the death-bringer-quitters. Our slacker/jaded little family would include a foul mouthed grannie who just wanted to be on her way to heaven when she got tagged to play the scythe wielding geriatric chic. There’s the twelve year old bubble gum popping daddy’s girl so annoying she was fired but pretends she quit for ethical reasons. The rest are just as colorful. I’d be the closet type A bossy girl who barely made it through high school, slept through two semesters of community college, then poof, got tagged before her time, literally. Sadness.

I would be the leader of walkers like Mercy. I know they don’t really form a pack, but I would like to be the supposed leader of this unique group of supernatural creatures that aren’t quite like all the others.

I’d found a pack of walkers, like Mercy is one, they are just as cool as werewolves and their change doesn’t hurt.

Thanks for the great interview and contest!

Mhm, dragon, werewolf or werecat? Dragons are cool, as they have that whole flying and flaming thing going on. Gotta love that. A la G.A. Aiken, the characters are funny and smexy, but the Queen frightens me. So not going there.
Werewolves are interesting. I would love the strength and slow aging, not to mention the smexy, but the whole wolf pack dynamic bothers me.
So, strength, slow-aging and smexy- Werecat of some kind, a la Andrews. Kind of dig Aunt B’s set up but have no desire to be a hyena, hate them far too much in RL. Lion would not be optional. Funny thing, never come across a cougar there. Though I can’t say as I would want to go up against Jim or his (soon-to-be) mate who curses. Ack, maybe I can be a cougar and go off into the Rockies and make my own pack.

Probably a pack of werewolves because they seem so tight knit yet powerful. Thanks for the giveaway!

I could be the leader of a wereorca pod so I could swim the ocean free of human constraints. I think it would be neat if each pack member had a black pattern tattoo around one eye in human form. A wereorca pod could give some whalers a big surprise.

I’d be more likely to be an unofficial leader than an alpha in a pack. Sort of a loaner folks come to for impartial advice and good judgement.

If I could lead any “pack” of supernaturals, the one I would choose would vary based on whether we’re talking strictly the Mercy universe or Fantasy in general.

If we’re looking at the Mercy universe, I would prefer to lead the Fae. The Grey Lords don’t appear to be messed with all that often (with the exception of a nosy Coyote shifter). The Fae seem to follow a good deal of rules, and while they’ll bend the rules into all sorts of interesting shapes, they VERY rarely break them outright – consequences are too extreme.

If we’re looking at all Fantasy, I would like to lead a Glory of unicorns. They’ve always been a fascination of mine.

Leader of any supernatural pack. That’s a hard one, lots of variables. I’d like to a walker like mercy, doesn’t seem like they form pack though. I’m sure I could find a way to make it work.

If I had to be a leader of a pack or clan. I would like to be the leader of a vampire clan. I would want to be just like Carlisle and the Cullens. Carlisle is amazing. I want to be just like him. To be a doctor and a vampire and to help humans it is truly amazing that he can do that without the blood bothering him. Also, to not take a human life unless that person has no other choice and treat the ones in his clan as family. They look after one another and care for each other just like a family. Please enter me in contest.

I didn’t think that I could possibly be more excited about the Mercy and A&O world, but this interview just proved me wrong!

I think it would be fun to be an big cat shifter, so Clan Cat in the Kate Daniels world would do. Of course, I love wolves as well and nobody does that better than Ms. Briggs!

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