Review: Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Where did you get the book: e-ARC from publisher
Release date: 27th March

Kate Winters has won immortality.

But if she wants a life in the Underworld with Henry, she’ll have to fight for it.

Becoming immortal wasn’t supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she’s as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he’s becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then, in the midst of Kate’s coronation, Henry is abducted by the only being powerful enough to kill him: the King of the Titans.

As the other gods prepare for a war that could end them all, it is up to Kate to save Henry from the depths of Tartarus. But in order to navigate the endless caverns of the Underworld, Kate must enlist the help of the one person who is the greatest threat to her future.

Henry’s first wife, Persephone.

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Warning: There will be spoilers from the first book in the series.

Kate is back in the second installment of the Goddess series, and she’s not having a easy time of it. You can read my review of the first book HERE. Kate has spent the summer in Greece with her friend James, who also happens to be Hermes, the Greek God. Kate is anxious to get back to Henry (Hades), but she’s unsure of how her reception will be. She hasn’t seen him for some time, and not once has Henry visited her since she left. When Kate arrives back to The Underworld, it’s not a happy reunion as Calliope has escaped her punishment, and Cronus — who is The King of the Titans — has woken from his slumber and he’s not a very happy camper. With Calliope helping Cronus, and vowing to destroy Kate and the other Gods, Kate must do what she can to save them. Things become very sticky when the only person that can help them when Henry is kidnapped is Persephone, Henry’s first wife and Kate’s older sister.

I admit that I love this series. It’s so easy to read and despite some of the issues I have overall, I’m addicted to it. Goddess Interrupted has oodles of angst and unrequited feelings, and I’m a sucker for those. Kate is very angsty in this book, and I do think that some readers may find it annoying. I didn’t find it annoying because it would be strange for Kate to easily accept and adapt to everything within such a short space of time since becoming a goddess, and marrying Henry. And with Henry acting like an ass in this book, and Kate only now realising that her mother, who also happens to be a Goddess, created her just to be Henry’s wife, I would be angsting the shit out also.

Goddess Interrupted is about Kate coming to terms with what she has agreed to take on which is becoming Queen of the Underworld, and fighting for Henry’s love. There’s a lot of crying in this book for Kate, and with Henry acting like an ass, I couldn’t blame her. Henry is not in this book a lot, and when he is, I wanted to smack him so badly. He was so emotionally stunted towards Kate, and I didn’t understand why Kate loved him. He doesn’t express his emotions or feelings and Kate is left so unsure of herself. With Persephone entering Henry’s life again, all of his feelings for her come rushing back, and it almost felt like cheating on Henry’s part. I kept reminding myself that Henry is a Greek God who has loved Persephone for 1000’s of years, and he’s only known Kate for a year. Despite that, I hated how Henry has wallowed for Persephone for so long. I don’t want to go into spoilers, but there is a scene that happens which I hated, and I wanted Kate to leave Henry there and then. But Kate can’t do that because she knows how dangerous Cronus is, and despite how much Henry was hurting her, she still wants Henry to love her. I felt at time as if Kate was a pushover. Kate gave so much to Henry, and he gave her so little. And that’s my main problem with the love story. Henry is not very likeable towards Kate.

So whilst dealing with Henry, Kate also has to get used to the idea of being immortal, and understanding her new powers. And with Ava, her best friend to guide her, and James, Kate is not alone when she needs to save Henry. I did think for a while that James was going to pop up and become part of a love triangle, but thankfully that is dealt with in Goddess Interrupted and I was left satisfied with the outcome. Kate’s relationship with Persephone is also dealt with, and there is tension between the two for obvious reasons. Kate is felt feeling as if she is second best all the time, and at times I could not blame her. Things with Henry are resolved, but for me it didn’t ring true. I had a hard time believing was Henry was saying to Kate because it was such a contradiction to his actions previously in the book.

I also think that the external plot was a little weak, and I wanted to know more of the Titans and less about Calliope who was hellbent on destroying them all because of her personal issues. The ending was left on such a cliff hanger that I almost screamed because this was a doozy of a cliff hanger, and I had to check when the third book will be out — which is not till next year *sobs*.

All in all, I read this in one sitting and this series is now like crack for me. Goddess Interrupted is full of angst and I loved it. But because Henry’s character was so wooden, I felt the romance was below par and at times I wanted Kate to leave them all and return to the normal world.

I give Goddess Interrupted a B-.


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