Review – Wars of the Heart by Inari Gray

Publisher: Freya’s Bower
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: eARC from author

Someone has been tampering with Earth’s Ozone Shield, and judging from the malfunction locations, Intergalactic Diplomat Katherine Morgan is convinced it’s more than a mere technical glitch. Worried for the health and safety of her people, she petitions the Peace Keeping Intergalactic Council to conduct a full investigation and offer any kind of assistance Earth might need in the event of an ambush. Unfortunately, the only assistance they can offer is in the mercy of the impetuous King of Salatiel, a man whose heart Katherine stomped on more than ten years ago.

The terms of the arrangement? Force an alliance, get Ja-el Lamar to yield at the threat of losing his kingdom. She didn’t take into account how treacherous it would be, faced with everything she thought she no longer cared about, everything she left behind.

Meanwhile, Ja-el has an agenda of his own. He hates the Peace Keeping Intergalactic Council and everything it stands for. He’s never trusted those in power there and he certainly won’t start now. Especially not when they’re sending Katherine Morgan in his direction. A woman he vowed to never see again. Whom they all know has the power to destroy him.
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When I got the request to read this book, it sounded like the kind of sci-fi romance books that are right up my alley, and after a somewhat slow start, I found myself really enjoying this book.

Katherine has wanted to be an ambassador her entire life, she studied for it, lived for it and breathes it every day. When threats against earth become more and more dangerous, Katherine pleads for the council for assistance. Unfortunately for her, the only person in place to help her is Ja-el, her one true love from her school days, and the man she left behind so many years ago.

Ja-el never got over Katherine leaving. He blames the Council for taking her away, getting his father killed and countless other crimes. The last thing he wants to do is be at their beck and call, spread his own planet’s resources thin by helping earth. but when Katherine shows up on his world, begging for his help, Ja-el might find it difficult to say no to her, with his heart and his power.

Once this book got over the initial slow start, it really hooked me in and kept me interested. I loved all the different politics that came into play, especially within the Council and outside of the council. There always seemed to be at least one or two players looking to stab someone in the back to get to their end game. I’ve always loved when my sci-fi romance books are filled to the brink with spies and lies and intrigue.

I was a little worried that Ja-el wouldn’t be able to come to terms with his feelings, especially since it seemed as if he was trying so hard to deny his past with Katherine. At the same time, I was glad to see that Ja-el didn’t roll over and beg Katherine to come back to him. They both danced around each other and their history, especially given how painful it was for them. I thought that the slow build up they went through to get back together was really well done. It didn’t feel rushed, and yet it didn’t feel like it was dragged out either. They both had a chance to deal with the issues of their shared history and come to a point where they chose to be together. I liked it!

I was hoping that this book would have a little more action than it did. While the end was packed with adrenaline pumping moments, the entire first half of the book is a lot of background and world-building and tension between Ja-el and Katherine. While that is all good, I was expecting to come into a story that pulled me in instantly, and instead I had to wait awhile for it.

All in all I thought that Gray had a good debut novel in this story. The world building was fun and interesting, the overall story line was wonderfully done as well – with all the twists and turns within the Council. I think a little more action in the beginning would have helped moved the story along faster, but I ended up really enjoying the story overall.
I give Wars of the Heart a C+


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