Fantasy Appreciation: Guest Post with Elizabeth Vaughan

We would like to give a warm welcome to Elizabeth Vaughan, the author of the Chronicles of the Warlands and Epic of the Plains series. We have reviewed Warprize, the first book in the Chronicle of the Warlands series earlier last week along with a giveaway, as part of our Fantasy Appreciation Celebration. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Elizabeth who will also be giving away a copy of Warcry!



When Warprize was released in 2005, it got the following review:

Vaughan’s brawny barbarian romance re-creates the delicious feeling of adventure and the thrill of exploring mysterious cultures created by Robert E. Howard in his Conan books and makes for a satisfying escapist read with its enjoyable romance between a plucky, near-naked heroine and a truly heroic hero. Diana Tixier Herald Copyright © American Library Association.

I squealed like a little girl, and then burst into tears. Tears of utter happiness.

See, when I was younger . . . .we don’t need to discuss how young . . . I loved Conan. Who wouldn’t after all? A brawny, bronzed skinned barbarian who fights, drinks, and romances his way to a throne. It wasn’t so much the novels, mind you.

It was the comic books.

Oh yeah – my brothers were hot for superheros, debating Batman vs. Superman, marveling over the Avengers. Me, I was reaching for the Conan novels and comic books, and loving every ‘sword and sorcery’ moment. Sure, I watched the movies, and the TV versions, but nothing and no one ever quite lived up to the image in my imagination. And the vivid color drawings of a half-naked man in a leather loincloth, battling his enemies.

I don’t have the comic books anymore. Part of me wants to go back, re-read them. But part of me also knows that those memories are fuel for my creativity, causing me to create new stories, new heros, with a sword, a horse and a loincloth . . . . and we wouldn’t want that to stop, now would we?




To enter to win a copy of Warcry, the 4th book in the Chronicle of the Warlands series, just comment about who is your favourite fantasy hero or you can ask a question to Elizabeth who will be popping in later to answer any questions!


The giveaway is open to international readers.

Good Luck!

12 thoughts on “Fantasy Appreciation: Guest Post with Elizabeth Vaughan”

  1. My fav hero is Rand al´Thor 😀 from the Wheel of Time series. Why? Well he is the farmboy who becomes king, he moves mountains, who goes a bit mad *coughs* and I just love him to pieces.

    And I so must read more Vaughan books too 😉 In the war series I have just read book 1 so far

  2. I love the Warlands books. LOVE them! Hmmm, my favorite fantasy hero has to be Ward from the Patricia Briggs’ Hurog books. I enjoy how everyone underestimates him and he’s so tough. Great character and his books are a fabulous read. Makes me want another Hurog book!

  3. My favorite hero is Caz from “The Curse of Chalion” by Lois McMaster Bujold. He finds strength through weakness in a real way (and not just by suddenly discovering his hidden gifts, or for that matter having them from the start), and it is awesome to read about.

  4. I read fantasy mostly in my younger days with Piers Anthony and similar. I have somewhat used urban fantasy and paranormal romance as a gateway back to fantasy. I love Curran in Ilona Andrews’ novels and many of the Briggs men.

    Recently read and loved A Brother’s Price by Wen Spencer and the first three War novels in a weekend…I need Warcry to finish up. I am looking forward to revisiting the world. I have the Star books sitting next to my reading chair. Several more fantasy series await me now and I will have see about a favorite.

  5. Lucian Negru from Miserere: An Autumn Tale is a favorite of mine. He is tortured, has given up on himself, yet has a good soul.

  6. My favorite fantasy hero is Caz from Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Curse of Chalion.

  7. My favourite fantasy hero is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (urban fantasy counts I hope)

    If not then Tavi from the Codex Alera series

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  9. Aliit Vodeson

    My favourite fantasy hero would have to be Nawat, from the Daughter of the Lioness series.

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