Post-Apocalyptic Romance Suggestions & a Giveaway

Yesterday on Twitter I turned to all my followers for help in finding books that I absolutely love, but seem to have a hard time find: Adult post-apocalyptic romance. There are tons of YA books out there, but I need a little smut with my end of the world. There is just something about the influx of magic, nuclear war, or mother nature coming in to wreak havoc on the world. I love reading about two characters who find each other and love at the end of days.

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Since there were some really great suggestions put out there, I wanted to combine them all in one place so that you can find them easily. And for those who have never read a post-apocalyptic romance, I want to give you the chance to get as addicted as I am!

Here are the few suggestions I got. Some have magic, paranormal elements, zombies or crazy technology. But they all have at least two things in common: a romance at the core of the story, and the threat of the end of the world!

Love With a Chance of Zombies by Delphine Dryden (Kindle | Goodreads)

The Envy Chronicles by Joss Ware (Goodreads)
– Beyond The Night (Kindle | Amazon)
– Embrace The Night Eternal (Kindle | Amazon)
– Abandon The Night (Kindle | Amazon)
– Night Betrayed (Kindle | Amazon)
– Night Forbidden (Kindle | Kindle)

Driven by Eve Kenin (Kindle | Goodreads)

Rewakening Eden by Vivi Andrews (Kindle | Goodreads)

The Dark Age Dawning Series by Ellen Connor (Goodreads)
– Nightfall (Kindle | Amazon)
– Midnight (Kindle | Amazon)
– Daybreak (Kindle | Amazon)

Sundered by Shannon Mayer (Kindle | Goodreads)

The Wasteland Series  (Amazon | Goodreads) *warning: these books are RED HOT! in the romance department*
– The Priestess by RG Alexander (Kindle)
– The Breeder by Eden Bradley (Kindle)
– The Whore by Lilli Feisty (Kindle)
– The Wanderer by Crystal Jordan (Kindle)

Zero Hour by Jordan Castillo Price (m/m) (Kindle | Goodreads)

Dark Mission Series by Karina Cooper (Goodreads)
– Before the Witches (Kindle | Amazon)
– Blood of the Wicked (Kindle | Amazon)
– Lure of the Wicked (Kindle | Amazon)
– No Rest for the Witches (Kindle | Amazon)
– All Things Wicked (Kindle | Amazon)

The Last Night by Nico Rosso (Kindle | Goodreads)

Children of the Undying Series by Moira Rogers (Goodreads)
– Demon Bait (Kindle)
– Hammer Down (Kindle | Amazon)

The End of Days Series (Goodreads and Goodreads)
– Neon Chaos by Karen Erickson (Kindle)
– Reaper by Mina Carter (Kindle)
– Brighid’s Cross by Cate Morgan (Kindle )

To watch for:
Jessica Scott has one in the proposal stage – we can only hope it keeps moving forward!!
Alisha Rai has a post apocalyptic romance – NIGHT WHISPERS – out in November from Samhain

Not Quite post-apocalyptic, but Jill Sorenson told me her next romantic suspense, AFTERSHOCK, is going to be a “disaster romance” taking place after a HUGE earthquake. Not quite end of the world, but it probably seems like it in the moment!! Either way, I can’t wait!

So what about you? Do you have a favorite ADULT post-apocalyptic romance that didn’t make the list? Are you new to the genre and looking to find some suggestions? E and I are hosting a giveaway to get everyone else excited about post-apocalyptic romance as well. So, leave a comment with either a suggestion to add to the list or what about the post-apocalyptic genre interests you for a chance to be entered to win an ecopy of either Hammer Down by Moira Rogers or Beyond the Night  by Joss Ware. Giveaway is open internationally and ends June 25th. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Post-Apocalyptic Romance Suggestions & a Giveaway”

  1. The only post-apocalyptic books I have read are the Wastelands Series and I agree they are hot. I did read (along time ago) Swan Song Robert McCammon, Stephen King’s The Stand neither one real big on the romance. I really like the idea behind post-apocalyptic books, I like to imagine what the world would be like after the event.

  2. Hi

    I have not read these but Christine Cody has a post apocalyptic series called Bloodlands. They are on my large TBR list to read but have not had the time. I also read one called Angelfall by Susan Ee – kind of YA but still good.


  3. I don’t really like dystopian or after the apocalypse novels. There are ofcourse plenty of paranormals / uf books where the heroine is fighting to prevent the apocalypse that I do love.

  4. I know that Charlotte Stein has two: Raw Heat (werewolf virus breaks loose & humans are hiding out in bunkers) & Reawakening (Forever Dead series; zombie apocalypse). I liked Raw Heat. I’m only about halfway done with Reawakening, but it’s really good so far.

  5. I’ve gotten a few more Twitter suggestions:
    Moira Rogers (Bree) ‏@moirarogersbree: Oh yay! Damn, I should have kept going. I forgot to rec @Lori_Ella’s post-apoc, Desert Blade:

    Moira Rogers (Bree) ‏@moirarogersbree: Or just given y’all the link to this: LOL I keep remembering more. @DaniWorthWrites has one coming out next month.

    Jill Sorenson ‏@JillSorenson: One more rec! Surviving Passion by Maia Underwood. Writing is not perfect but I really liked the story.

  6. Victoria Zumbrum

    I love reading romance novels and end of the world books but I haven’t really got to read the combination together. I would love some suggestions and would love to be entered into the contest for these 2 books. They sound good.

  7. Lori Handeland’s Phoenix Chronicles is a awesome read. I just can’t get enough of this series.

  8. Like you said, post-apocalyptic settings are hot in YA, so I’ve read a bunch of those novels. I haven’t read an adult post-apocalyptic romance, though, and I’m curious how the adult novels compare to YA.

  9. *reads through the list* Ohh goodie 😀 Ware is on my wishlist.
    I like ti cos it’s bleak and hopeless and for some reason that is good to me 😉

  10. I had heard of Karina’s and Moira’s books, but I haven’t had a chance to read any of these yet, so thank you for all the suggestions! Summer reading material!

  11. My suggestions probably fall more under the umbrella of U/F… but they have a romance-y element to them. Dana Fredsti has a novel out called “Plague Town”. I picked it up and it looks promising. Rachel Caine also has her new zombie series out .. The first one is called Working Stiff.. with the 2nd book in the series Two Weeks Notice due out in August I believe? Nancy Holzner writes good zombie books 😀 Deadtown is name of her first book. And if you want to go back to an oldie but goodie – Kelley Armstrong’s Broken deals with Elena & Jamie on the run from Jack the Ripper and some zombie thugs.

    Maybe not as smut-tastic as some.. but still entertaining as hell and worth looking at if you like the zombies.

  12. I’m rather new to the post-apocalyptic genre so I’m here looking at all suggestions! It’s not that I’m not interested in it but just haven’t had a chance and didn’t know where to start. So this is a great post! Now there are so many suggestions to look up 😉

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  14. Lisa Marie Rice has the “I Dream of Danger,” “Heart of Danger” and “Breaking Danger” novels that are all about a virus that has been unleashed turning people into crazed zombies. However, she keeps the focus squarely on the romantic angle with super alpha men and heroic women (just a touch of the paranormal) working to stop the madness and rebuild the world! *sigh* Was really hot and romantic, leaving the reader feeling upbeat instead of depressed. Highly recommended.

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