Joint Review – Night Forbidden by Joss Ware

Publisher: Avon
Publish Date: Out Now!
How we got this book: Edelweiss

The world is ash, destroyed, and now controlled by Strangers. Survivors live in constant peril. But in the heart of Envy, resistance grows . . .

Somehow Bruno “Fence” Washington survived the apocalypse—emerging from a Sedona cave into a strange and terrible new world . . . fifty years later. Now, scouring the ruined earth for answers about the malevolent Strangers, the former extreme sportsman encounters an Amazonian beauty who calls to his every desire, but whose secret could mean his end.

Ana grew up in the ocean, diving far beneath the waves to the remnants of a world she never knew. Try as she might she can’t resist the man who tempts her in ways she never knew possible . . . whose touch elicits truths she swore never to reveal. But the passion between them won’t be denied even though it means facing a new evil rising up from the roiling waters to blanket the world in unending night.



MinnChica: The Envy Chronicles has got to be my all-time favorite post-apocalyptic romance series. From the first time I cracked open Beyond the Night I’ve been hooked on the world that Ware created, and the characters that are living through it. I have to admit that I was a little bummed this story wasn’t about Wyatt and Remy, but Fence and Ana were such great characters, they more than made up for it!


Has: I think this series for me gets better and better and I totally agree with the sentiment that is my favourite post-apocalyptic romance series. Although the main plot didn’t bring forward the ongoing mystery threads that much from the previous books, I really enjoyed this instalment, especially with the romance with Fence and Ana, which was very tender and sweet. Although it wasn’t as angsty as the previous books, it did explore issues like disability both mental and physical.

Ana has a permanently  injured leg after escaping the Atlantean city nearly a decade ago, although this doesn’t hold her back, and I liked how that played against with Fence’s fear of the water. Especially since Ana who has Atlantean abilities that allows her to survive to breath in the water due to her crystals. They both had fears and secrets but it didn’t make the romance overangsty or forced which I really liked. But I really loved their interactions with each especially, Fence’s sweet-talking ways which was very cute and fun. I wished more heroes in romance shared his type of humour, because for me this made their story refreshing.


MinnChica: I really loved the romance between these two. I felt as if it might be the best romance book in the series. Ana has her own doubts and insecurities about her injured leg, and because of it, I think she doesn’t always give people the chance to see the real her. But with Fence, she really let him in and gave him the chance to know her – all of her – despite her injuries. And Fence was such a great hero. Although he had many secrets of his own, his humor and southern charm made him one of those romance heroes that can melt any heroine and reader within moments of stepping onto the page. All their interactions together were wonderful. From the playful teasing to the dirty sexy talk to the more intimate moments of just being next to each other. Ware definitely outdid herself in the romance department with this one.


Has: Oh that love scene *fans self* the dialogue really really made it sizzle!  I also loved the glimpses we saw of Quent and Zoe which the long awaited secret comes out which was another favourite scene.

And the introduction of the Atlanteans  was really interesting because they looked like they were a different faction  and how that tied in with the Elites and the cult, which will definitely a play a larger role in future books. And I wont spoil who also appeared in the book as a surprising twist but that made me a very happy bunny and has whetted my appetite for the next book as how this pans out.


MinnChica: I too loved the introduction to the Atlantis people. For me, if the first four books in this series Ware has been answering questions about the world and how it came to be left and right. It helped make the series seem like it was pacing quickly with questions being answered one after another. Although this book doesn’t do that, I felt that it was just as quick with the overall world pacing as the others. Only this time, Ware seems to create more questions than she answers. With the introduction and explanation of the different kinds of crystals, Ware has given us a further insight into the possible futures. We get to see how deeply Remy will impact the future of the world, and how the guys and their lady loves are all going to play an integral role in the fight against the Atlanteans and Elite humans. I, for one, am so so so excited to see where the series goes next, what happens, and whether Ware will answer more questions, or create more!


Has: I totally agree! And I think this book really cements the world-building and the mythology and ties it with action and great romance. I loved that there is characters who are shades of grey and leave you wondering about their motives as well as what is the final endgame of the Elites. And with the introduction of the Atlanteans whose own motives look as dangerous as the Elites – the next couple of books are going to be very promising.

Night Forbidden, for me was a fun and sexy romance with a charming and humorous hero and likeable and determined heroine who is so well fleshed out. Their romance was definitely enjoyable, and memorable, and I am eagerly awaiting for the follow-up!

I give Night Forbidden a B.


MinnChica: All in all, this series continues to be one of my favorite post-apocalyptic romance series out there. Ware does so many things well with each and every book that it is hard not to get sucked into the world and carried along with the characters. I love that as she focuses on a new couple in each book, constantly moving the plot and overall story arc forward, she also takes the time to revisit the characters of previous books. I loved being able to see more of Zoe and Quent, Elliott and Wyatt and Remy.

Like I said earlier, this book posed more questions than it answered, and although that usually frustrates me, Ware found a way to keep me so engaged in the romance and the overall plot that the lack of questions being answered didn’t bother me. Instead, it drew me further and further into the world, the story, and the overall story arc. I absolutely can not wait for the next book in the series, and can only hope that Ware will get the next one out quickly!

I give Night Forbidden a B+

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