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Alex Aaro has spent most of his life on the run from his Ukrainian mafia family. But when he learns that crazy Aunt Tonya, the only relative who ever gave a damn about him, is dying, he risks returning home to say goodbye. He’s prepared for anything except the call from his friend, Bruno Ranieri, that sends him on a wild and dangerous ride with a mysterious woman who holds a deadly secret and a white hot passion that binds them together.

Social worker Nina Christie has no idea how much trouble she’s in when her Aunt Helga shows up unexpectedly, emaciated and bleeding, and injects Nina with an unknown drug. Now a ruthless crime syndicate will stop at nothing to make Nina disappear, and only Alex Aaro, that inscrutable six-foot-four rock hard slab of lean muscle, stands between her and certain death. Now Nina and Alex are in a race against time, death, and their desire for one another…

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It has been a bit of awhile since I read a Shannon McKenna book, but I have always been a big fan of her books which feature alpha heroes, with a capital A, and very very steamy love scenes. So I have been slowly been catching up on the books I’ve missed. One Wrong Move interlinks with her McCloud brothers series, and adds some paranormal elements into the mix.

Nina Christie isn’t having a good day; a woman who used to babysit her injects her with a mysterious formula that helps to ignite dormant psychic powers which she had no idea she had. Nina is then thrust into a wild adventure of intrigue and danger along with a grouchy and anti-social bodyguard called Aaro, who is reluctant with his role.

One Wrong Move was definitely an installment that brings this series back to form for me – one which was getting a bit tired. I really enjoyed the romance between Aaro and Nina, and it had the same trademarked elements of a Shannon McKenna book with an uber alpha male, a heroine who finds herself in the midst of trouble, and hot sex scenes. It was also different from McKenna’s earlier books as it touches on paranormal psychic abilities with the mystery and suspense element of the plot. Although, I felt there was nothing unique with the mystery involving this aspect about a group who have researched into developing psychic abilities via a serum to gain power and influence. However, I did enjoy the main mystery as it was well woven seamlessly, and it never overpowered the romance  which was the real highlight of the book.

I loved the snarky and crabby relationship that emerges straight off with Aaro and Nina’s first encounter, although, there is an underlying simmering tension between them which builds up really well throughout the book. I found this refreshing for a Shannon McKenna romance, even though her heroes can have the alphahole gene. Some of her heroines have been a bit misshish for me in the past. But Nina never crumbles or let Aaro’s rude and cantankerous attitude intimidate her and just ignores him when he is rude which was great because she manages to crack his own emotional shield. It was also fun to watch him to go from cranky and hot tempered to full on protective sexy alpha mode.  And let me just say, the love scenes were hot and smokin’!  I love romances when there is a lot of snark and surly heroes who fall hard and deep, and Aaro definitely does when he gets to know Nina. And even though they literally know each other over a matter of days, they get married – and it works.

Nonetheless, I was disappointed in how the plot threads tie up at the end of the book. It felt like there was going to be more, and the motives of some of the bad guys touched on TSTL territory. I also felt the ending was rushed, although there were hints of future plot threads for the sequel. But I wished there were more explanation on the characters who did have natural psychic abilities because I felt it never really gelled well with the previous series, and it did feel a bit jarring. However, I did enjoy the wider plot-line and I will definitely pick up the next book in the series.

Overall, One Wrong Move was a fun and entertaining read which was filled with sexy and steamy moments – and a very hot and intense romance. Even though Aaro was a bit of a cranky arse, he really redeems himself over the course of the book, and I love romances that are full of sparks and snark which kept me absorbed into the story!

I give One Wrong Move a C+

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2 thoughts on “Review: One Wrong Move by Shannon McKenna”

  1. Nice review, thank you. I have tried her first two McCloud books, and totally hate her a$$hole heroes and stupid almost virgin heroines. DNF’ed them, and made my best friend very happy when I gave them to her. She does enjoy them. I’ll tell her about this one 🙂

  2. Aaro is a bit of an arse as well but I loved the fact she never let him get to her and she held her own as well. But I enjoy her books because although the action is over the top at times, the romances are very hot and I love that combo!

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