Close Liasions (The Krinar Chronicles #1) by Anna Zaires

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A dark and edgy romance that will appeal to fans of erotic and turbulent relationships . . .


In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us – and we are completely at their mercy.


Shy and innocent, Mia Stalis is a college student in New York City who has led a very normal life. Like most people, she’s never had any interactions with the invaders – until one fateful day in the park changes everything. Having caught Korum’s eye, she must now contend with a powerful, dangerously seductive Krinar who wants to possess her and will stop at nothing to make her his own.


How far would you go to regain your freedom? How much would you sacrifice to help your people? What choice will you make when you begin to fall for your enemy?


WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and explicit language and is not suitable for readers under 18.

*Blurb taken from Goodreads*


A few weeks ago I was lamenting online about wanting to read a dark and gritty alien invasion romance. The pickings were slim, and most books with this theme tend to have alpha males that snatch their brides/mates because their worlds have a dearth of females, and for them to survive they need to get going on with that baby-making. However, the other day I came across The Krinar Chronicles series while browsing Amazon. The premise leapt up at me which made me think this could be ‘The One’ with the alien invasion plot so I snapped it up! The setting did have an alien race invading earth with them proclaiming that they helped to engineer and shape human life. But they were unhappy with the direction the humans were heading in. So some of them have settled on Earth, although, they don’t take over the running of countries or Governments–other than stopping harmful and polluted environmental practices which was their concerns about the future fate of the planet.


Mia, who is a struggling psychology student, finds herself catching the attention of Korum at Central Park. She’s nervous because the Krinars, also known as K’s, are rumoured to be blood drinkers with stories of people disappearing if they are associated them. But despite her reticence, Korum is determined to get to know Mia better and she is soon swept off her feet and is seduced by him. She has misgivings about their relationship because of the gossip linked with the K’s. She’s sexually and emotionally drawn to Korum but is afraid of his true intentions.


While I really liked this set-up, the main story goes into this strange combination of V meets powerful hero who falls for the innocent heroine trope. And I have to say while I had a few issues with the plot and characters, mainly the heroine, Mia, it was crackilicious and I basically inhaled the book in one evening. Nonetheless, Mia’s reluctance and suspicions about the K’s were understandable, especially since they have changed the fate of Earth– albeit benevolently. But I did find her character a bit TSTL and she was a ninny at times because Korum never depicted himself to be abusive or having nefarious motives towards her. I also felt her mistrust was forced and she could have done more to ease her fears by talking to Korum instead of being too passive which I disliked. I also found it interesting that the K’s, despite taking over the planet, weren’t violent or oppressive and actually had the humans and Earth’s interests at heart. There was still a reaction against them and that felt realistic.


But I wished Mia had used more common sense because later in the story she got caught up in the machinations of the resistant group which I felt was the weakest aspect of the plot. Mia was easily led, and she didn’t think things through. I also felt Korum was pretty much a typical alpha male hero, and I loved that he was sweet and protective towards Mia, although he got dominating at times. I also liked the vampiric aspect to his character which is something the K’s and their partners use to be addicted to. And although its not a new motif in the genre, it did add the crack factor for me and I liked it even though it was hokey.


It also really reminded me of elements which are popular right now with the trope of a powerful hero and an innocent and unworldly heroine in contemporary romance. I thought it was an interesting mix with the science-fiction setting. Although, I wished there was more on the alien invasion and intrigue linked to it, and the aftermath, because I really liked this aspect of the plot and it was an interesting take on the premise.


Although CLOSE LIAISONS didn’t offer anything new or a unique twist, and I had issues with the characters, and on the plot, the overall story and romance was pure and utter crack for me. And for that reason I really enjoyed the book. The combination of the elements really worked and the strength of the writing was engaging, and the tone was entertaining and good fun!


I give Close Liaisons a C+

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