Review – She’s All In by Cathryn Cade

She;s All InPublisher: Samhain
Publish Date: October 1st
How I got this book: eARC from Publisher

When Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness, it’s to get fit and more comfortable in her skin. But what really makes her sweat is gym owner Dack Humboldt. Watching him pump iron sets off an endorphin rush that has nothing to do with exercise.

Dack isn’t looking for love, and doesn’t usually waste time on vanilla even when it’s packaged in a bombshell blonde. Until he hears Daisy’s been asking questions about the goings-on at his private sex club. He’ll be happy to show her the ropes on his terms.

Daisy gathers the moxie to ask Dack out on a date, and gets an offer she can’t refuse. The chance to explore some of her most private fantasies and move beyond her fears about her body.

As Dack leads Daisy by the thong into the Dom/sub world, she feels as if she’s finally in her element until Dack issues a command that brings her up hard against her last emotional barrier. And Dack must decide how far he’ll go to bring his bombshell back into his arms.

Warning: Body builders showing off their physiques, blondes looking to have more fun, and members of a private club sharing more than conversation.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I decided to take a chance on this new-to-me BDSM author, in hopes that I would find another Cherise Sinclair like author to glom onto. While I liked the book, the overall tone was a lot lighter than I was expecting.

Daisy joined a gym with her two besties in hopes of getting her health back on track. The last thing she expected was to salivate over one of the gym’s owners, Dack. Daisy isn’t exactly ready to date, but there is something about Dack that makes her want to show past her insecurities and take a chance, especially when she overhears about his kinky sexual tendencies.

Dack enjoys the single lifestyle, especially since he can get his pick of subs at his BDSM club, with no strings attached. When the sexy Daisy approaches him about his private sex club, Dack jumps at the chance to take her into his world. But Dack doesn’t know much about Daisy’s past, and one of his kinks will cause Daisy to run hard and fast. But these two have such a strong connection, that Daisy’s past and Dack’s inability to commit might finally no longer matter.

One thing I really liked about this book was Daisy’s struggle with her health. As the reader, we are aware of Daisy’s breast cancer and her insecurity about having a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. So, not only does she struggle with the thought of being intimate with someone, but when Dack issues an order for her to take off her top in the middle of the club, Daisy freaks. The fallout of her running and having to deal with all her insecurities was so well done, it was probably the best part of the book.

I felt like the BDSM aspects were a little toned down compared to some of the other club type books I’ve read in the past. Club 3 seemed a little more like your average run-of-the-mill sex clubs, catering to all types of kinks, instead of a more BDSM lifestyle club. While it was still sexy and fun to watch the BDSM aspects play out, it also felt a little more restrained that what I’m used to reading.

I am anxious to see what comes of the other books in this series, because Cade does a good job of introducing at least two other couples into this series. While it did feel a little too convenient; three best friends happen to all have the same kink they’ve never talked about, and lust after three best friends who all run a kinky sexy club? I do like the idea of getting to see Daisy’s BFFs and Dack’s partners get their happily ever afters.

All in all this wasn’t what I was expecting, but I found myself really enjoying this book. Daisy’s struggles with her cancer, along with Dack’s struggles to help her finally accept it once and for all were the strongest aspects of the book, for me. I hope that Cade can keep up the emotion aspect with the other books in this series.
I give She’s All In a B-

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