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BP Note: We would like to welcome HelenKay Dimon back to spend some time with us today and sponsoring a giveaway. Details will be provided at the end of this post. Our late post today is MinnChica’s review of Everything You Need to Know so enjoy this post, comment on the prompt to enter, and come back to see what MinnChica thought.

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Thank you for having me here today! It is always great to stop by and I’m thrilled to talk a little bit about my newest release, Everything You Need to Know. This book is one of the launch books for the brand new Cosmo Red-Hot Reads by Harlequin line. The idea is to create sexy and smart books with compelling heroines. I think that’s a good plan for any romance.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the friendship between the heroine – Jordan – and her best friend, Elle. They live near each other. Thanks to Jordan’s new venture, they also work together part time. Jordan’s venture? A members-only website where women in Washington, DC can discuss and get information on the powerful men in town. The website, Need To Know, is a way for single women to maneuver through the city’s tough dating scene.

The site was Jordan’s idea and she handles most of the verification of the information posted on it. Elle is in charge of data input and all the files. Neither woman has done all that well in the DC dating pool. They are hoping the site can help future dating run a little smoother for them and others. For example:

“There will not be a fourth date with the professor.” Elle kept her head down and her focus on the stem of her wineglass.

No eye contact, cryptic—not good signs, so Jordan poked around a little. “Why?”

Elle smacked her lips together and made a strange sucking sound. “Shaved.”

Between the noise and the word Jordan decided she missed a sentence. Maybe more than one. “Excuse me?”

“He doesn’t have any body hair.”

“You’re saying—”

“None. I thought he didn’t have hair on his legs because he was a runner, like it was some athlete thing. But, nowhere.”

The visual image that flashed through Jordan made her a little dizzy in a forget-about-eating kind of way. Also made her wish for a temporary case of blindness. “Wait, you mean, not anywhere on his body? Like, really none.”


And—boom—there was the weirdness thing.

But for some reason Jordan couldn’t let it go. “Legs, arms and—”

Elle started nodding and didn’t stop. “He shaved or waxed his private parts. Head-to-toe smooth like a baby. Try to imagine that.”

Jordan doubted she’d be able to stop thinking about it. “So, he basically looked like a Ken doll?”

“I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”

Jordan understood that. She had a line of forgettable dates behind her, but at least they all had the normal amount of body hair. She never dreamed she’d have to worry about that. Now she would. “Well, congratulations. He tops the guy I dated who stole my underwear.”

“Since that guy took your bikini bottoms only and a pair at a time, then stored them in a baggie in his freezer, no you still win the Creepy Dude prize.”

Jordan had blocked the freezer part. Huh, it all came rushing back now. “He was one giant nut bag.”

The good news is the hero, Forest, is nothing like the Creepy Dude. He’s hot and strong, smart and sexy. Jordan figures that out fast and tries to block the attraction, but…

The closeness. His scent. It all combined to suck air out of her lungs. She had no idea what that was about. Sure, on the surface the guy looked good. Probably even had the normal amount of body hair.

Poor Jordan doesn’t stand a chance.

BP Note: Thank you again HelenKay! The prize is a digital copy of Everything You Need to Know and this contest is open wherever Barnes and Noble or Amazon can distribute it. To enter, leave a comment talking about what subject you wish you could find an “everything you need to know” type reference site. Winner will be announced on Monday the 21st. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with HelenKay Dimon”

  1. I wish I could find out how to handle mood swings of pre-teen girls! 🙂 Excited about the book!

  2. I love her books!! I wish there was one place to go to on the internet that could answer all my questions! Like a Siri, Internet why does my new puppy chew my slippers lol

  3. Love, love her books. Wish I could find a place that would tell me how to grow old gracefully. At any given time I hear hubby or children say, “OMG, grow up!! “. I seem to embarrass them daily. LOL

  4. Love HelenKay’s books. I wish there was a place on how to tell you how to have the perfect life in a non perfect world.

  5. Congrats to Helen Kay on the new release! I’d have to say I”d love a guide for life 🙂 Especially how to win the lottery 🙂 Thanks for the great review!

  6. I would to have a book in how to deal with life situations from handling parents as a teenagers to dealing with a destruction agreement that leave my sister and I estranged to managing medicare (which is very confusing) to winning the lotto. I need a book about everything and then some.

  7. It looks like a fun story. I would love a site that has specific instructions on how to get your children to do what you wish.

  8. Duh forgot to answer the question; Would love a section on how to make your children realize you know what you are talking about. LOL.

  9. Everything I would need to know….I would like to have a better grasp of how to deal with teenager mood swings, how to help the girls get over a broken heart, and winning lottery numbers. OK, the last is a little selfish, but one can dream 🙂

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