And You Have All Decided That Grim HAZ THE POWER


The votes have been all collated and counted on and the surprising winner is GRIM by M.K Eidem who was by far the most popular choice. I have to say THANK YOU all for choosing this book, because I was kind of afraid of the others and GRIM who looks like a Goth He-Man looks really fun!


The review will be scheduled next month on November the 8th – so if you’re interested in the book and would like to take part in the discussion, we would love to take part!


Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “And You Have All Decided That Grim HAZ THE POWER”

  1. Oh dear. I’ve read it too. It kept popping up under my Amazon recommendations. I vaguely recall a fairly engaging story buried under some of the worst editing I’ve ever seen in a self published book. The author used some weird verb tenses and I think one of the characters even inexplicably changed names for a while. I can’t wait to see your review. Good luck!

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