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Afflicted by a centuries-old curse, a warlord slowly surrenders his humanity and descends toward madness. Ballard of Ketach Tor holds no hope of escaping his fate until his son returns home one day, accompanied by a woman of incomparable beauty. His family believes her arrival may herald Ballard’s salvation.


…until they confront her elder sister.


Determined to rescue her sibling from ruin, Louvaen Duenda pursues her to a decrepit castle and discovers a household imprisoned in time. Dark magic, threatening sorcerers, and a malevolent climbing rose with a thirst for blood won’t deter her, but a proud man disfigured by an undying hatred might. Louvaen must decide if loving him will ultimately save him or destroy him.


A tale of vengeance and devotion.

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1. Thoughts on the Hero


E: I love Beauty and the Beast tales and usually find the Beast my favorite character.  I enjoyed Draven’s interpretation of the Beast. Ballard, the original beast cursed by his dead wife with her dying breath for daring to hold her to her word and for killing her lover.  His son and heir, Gavin, was a victim of the same curse.  Over the centuries both men have suffered as the curse grew ever stronger and hope of ending it withered but Ballard’s torture was much greater.  Ballard wasn’t a very loveable man in his younger days.  Everything he did was for property and security.  He married to gain both and an heir but the woman he chose preferred another.  As a result of her actions, Ballard could have killed or allowed Gavin’s death without anyone blinking an eye but instead he accepted additional torture through the years to give Gavin a chance grow and enjoy life.  By the time he encountered Louvaen, the curse had grown in such ferocity he was more beast than man at times.  He wasn’t perfect, he had a temper, and could certainly sulk but he cared about the people around him.  As a result I loved his interactions with Louvaen.  They were never boring and spoke to the type of man he could have been in better circumstances.

Lou: I’m a fan of Beauty and Beast tales but I can also be awfuly picky. However, when Grace informed us of her upcoming release, I was so excited. Master of Crows remains one of my favourite reads and I was itching to see more work by the talented Grace Draven. The hero truly was a beast in looks but not by nature. A curse wrought upon his wife (she truly was hateful) before she died left Ballard and his son cursed with little hope. Ballard wasn’t made out to be this perfect hero. Before the King, he was mercenary in wanting his wife’s lands but he shows true heart when his son is born and does something for him that shows how deep this Beast can love.


Has: I am also a huge fan of Grace Draven’s Master of Crows which has become one of my all time favourite fantasy romances. So, when I heard she was going to be writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I was on tenterhooks, because like E and Lou, I adore this fairy-tale, and there is something compelling and magical with this story.

I found Ballard’s character intriguing, and I loved the little flashback chapters which slowly explained the curse that unfolded his son and surrounding his lands. I really enjoyed how this contrasted with his current cursed state, and I liked that he still retained his sense of honour despite the trials he had to endure. I also agree, that Grace Draven, really fleshed out the beast mythos and I really liked that he was vulnerable, as well as being fierce and grumpy. I think the humour which helps to balance the darkness in the story and this element is what was so appealing.

2. Thoughts on the Heroine


E: Louvaen was very strong willed and did not fit the traditional image of being a society beauty.  She was also a widow who fiercely supported and defended her half-sister and father.  She kept an eye on any suitors who came to call on Cinnia and was willing to use whatever weapon came to hand to guard her reputation.  Unfortunately, their father, a very weak-willed man, kept entering into business investments with an unscrupulous wealthy man who had his eye on Cinnia.  As a result, the once profitable lands and business Louvaen inherited on her husband’s death had been sold to satisfy her father’s debts and to protect Cinnia.  When Cinnia ran off with Gavin, she followed determined to keep her sister safe.  At Ketach Tor I loved watching Louvaen deal with the Gavin and Cinnia’s mutual attraction while she tried to figure out the household secrets and her own somewhat unwilling attraction to Ballard.  The dichotomy between her love and her temper; her soft heart and willingness to inflict bodily harm in defense of others; her disdain for all things magic and the subtle manifestation of her own skill all held me captivated.  Each time she got in an argument with Ambrose, the Ketach Tor wizard, I would find myself giggling in enjoyment.

Lou: I loved Louvaen with her sharp tongue and razor wit. At times her sister and father were wounded by her words but considering she was trying with all her might to keep them from the dastardly villain, I wanted her to throw some more sharp words at her family.  Her father was very weak-willed and he made poor choices that affected now only the prosperity of their family but also their lives. Considering what was at stake, I thought Louvaen was pretty mild in speaking her mind because she always did it with love. Her sister’s safety came first to her, and she loved her family with all her loyalty and heart. I agree with E; the dichotomy between her temper and love was superb and once again Grace Draven shows in Entreat Me how a wonderful and talented author she is.


Has: I also adored Louvaen! She was the total opposite of what Beauty was traditionally described like in the fairy-tale, and I liked how Grace Draven added that twist with making her sister the one in the story. I also felt that Louvaen was a better fit as the heroine with this fairy-tale because her sharp tongue and wit created another dimension to the story which made it refreshing. Especially with her exchanges with Ambrose and the other characters which cracked me up. I definitely agree about the dichotomy between her sharp edges and the deep loyalty and love she had for the people she cared for. And that for me just made the romance between Louvaen and Ballard delicious. It was sweet and tender as well as full of sharp humour and passion.

3. Favorite Scene


E: I enjoyed several scenes in this story but I think my favorite is the one when Louvaen first displayed her softness towards Ballard.  She noticed he had a habit of joining them for the evening meal but never appeared to eat.  Late one night, she discovered he ate separately after everyone else and due to the structure of his hands was unable to use normal utensils.  So the next night she interrupted him before he ate and spent a significant amount of time fixing the problem.  I loved this particular scene because it was really the opening to something more than a casual truce over the winter.  It demonstrated Louvaen was able to see beyond her first traumatic introduction and wanted to include Ballard in their everyday activities.  It also demonstrated that Ballard trusted Louvaen and wanted her presence around.

Lou: So many scenes I loved in this book because of the beautiful writing and prose. Some of favourite scenes was early in the beginning when Louvaen shows no fear or hesitation in wanting to meet Ballard despite his appearance. She’s brave and so matter of fact about him that I fell in love with her character. I also enjoyed the sparring between her and Ambrose, a sorcerer. The barbs and wit they exchanged was funny, and their dislike for each other was hilarious. I also loved how Louvaen tried to keep Cinnia and Gavin from each other anytime they made googly eyes at one another. She truly was a cockblocker for poor Gavin and Cinnia *grins*


Has: I agree! I have a really hard time just thinking of a good scene and you both highlighted my favourite scenes. This book was full of fun moments which just sparkled with humour as well as darker scenes with emotions and pathos. I think Grace Draven has a wonderful grasp of characterization and humour, and her prose is beautiful and lush. I was immersed and engrossed into this story and even though I know this story inside and out, she made this tale feel fresh and new.


4. Dislike about book


E: The main thing I disliked about this story was Louvaen and Cinnia’s father. Mercer.  Traditionally in Beauty and the Beast tales, the father is a rather weak character but I thought Mercer wasn’t just weak he was also lacking in common sense.  He repeatedly joined in ventures with zero chance of success and depended on Louvaen to bail him out.  Even the threat to Cinnia wasn’t enough to stop his habit.  He did step up once at a crucial point but that seemed out of character given his behavior throughout the story to that particular point.  I would have preferred to see some sort of progression to his transformation in order for me to believe he had really changed.


Lou: This is going to sound weird considering this is a romance book but I did find that there was a lot of time in the middle of the book that featured too much on sex. I wanted to see more action and I felt there was a lag in the middle until it picked up towards the end. Like E, I also disliked their father because he never truly said sorry for getting them into that mess to begin with. He deserved a lot more wrath aimed towards him.


Has: I have to agree with Lou, I did feel the pace in the middle did slow the flow of the story, although I did love the smexy action. Ballard and Louvaen both had hot chemistry between them and that really added to the romance. There was humour and healing in their scenes when they sneaked off together and I didn’t mind so much the quieter pace in the middle, because it reflected the tone of the love story and I think it needed that time to develop.


5. Any other misc. thoughts along with grade.


E: Overall I enjoyed Draven’s rendition of the Beauty and the Beast tale.  I thought the twists regarding the origin of the curse, who the curse affected, the double romance, and hints at other fairytales very entertaining.  With the exception of Mercer’s characterization, I loved the characters and their very vivid personalities.  I think Draven has a gift for creating lush worlds and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


I give Entreat Me a B+


Lou: I really enjoyed Entreat Me and though I had a few issues with the middle and ending parts of the book, I inhaled this book in one setting. The writing, the scenes and the characters enthralled me. There’s something about Draven’s writing that brings you inside of the story so vividly. I loved one surprise of what Ballard did for his son and I loved that though Louveael fell in love with Ballard, she never forgot about her sister and keeping her safe.


I give Entreat Me a B.


Has: For me,  Grace Draven has cemented her position to be one of the best fantasy romance authors around. I love the way she combines well fleshed out characters, passionate romance and humour. Her characters truly come alive on the page, and her prose is poetic and descriptive that you almost feel that you’re in the world she has created. I think Entreat Me is one of the best re-tellings of the Beauty and the Beast story because the romance between Louvaen and Ballard for me became the epitome of those characters.


I give Entreat Me a B+

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Huge thanks to Grace Draven – she is offering a chance to win a copy of Entreat Me. To enter just comment who is your favourite fairy-tale hero? The giveaway ends Tuesday the 4th of February Midnight – Good Luck!

12 thoughts on “Joint Review and Giveaway of Entreat Me by Grace Draven”

  1. I am really on the fence ladies, I do like your review, the cover is pretty dark. But one of you complains about too much sex in the middle … not sure …

  2. “Entreat Me” is a definite read for me ever since i read Grace Draven’s “Master of Crows”. Her books are beautifully written and leave deep impression even long after i’ve read them. Also, I love the covers of both books. It really bring out the story well.

    Meanwhile, I’m patiently waiting for the sequel to “Master of Crows”.

    My favourite fairy tale hero in “Entreat Me” is Ballard!
    (I bought the ebook via Smashwords, will b great if i get to keep a copy of the dead tree version as well) 😉

  3. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite story. There hasn’t been too many stories remake for The Ugly Duckling. I would love to see if The Ugly Duckling could be retold in a different way.

  4. My fav fairy tale hero is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He gave her a library! He gets my vote for that 🙂

  5. I do adore a the Beast because in most any retellings he so loves his Beauty. If not the Beast I think I would pick Hugh (Red) from Juliet Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest, its a a retelling of a swan fairytale.

  6. My favorite fairy tale hero has to be Westley from The Princess Bride. I realize it isn’t an old fairy tale, but he still gets my vote. 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  7. I’m a big, big Beauty and the Beast fan primarily b/c I grew up with the Disney movie 🙂 This sounds fantastic! and I’m definitely adding it to my want list! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Back in the old days, the fairy tale hero was pretty much a cipher and it was all about the heroine, but I liked Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty (Disney version) because he at least had some personality and a sense of humor.

  9. While I am a big B&TB fan and would love to read this book, I have to admit I have a soft spot for the soldiers of The Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Tinder Box. Both are plain and yet noble-in-spirit men who work to obtain the princesses they admire. Thinking about it, while we do have Robin McKinley’s excellent version of the TTDP, I think a story like TTB is ripe for a retelling. In particular, both fairy tales cry out for versions where the heroines become characters rather than cyphers. McKinley does that for TTDP. I’d love to see that for TTB.

  10. I’m torn. I have always loved the soldiers in the Twelve Dancing Princesses — kindness, intelligence, and perseverance are all highly attractive. But I love the warmth and kindness, the gentleness of the Beast. The gruffness that hides such acute vulnerability and sweetness. Soldiers, the Beast — and my favorite of all time, Westley from the Princess Bride — hmmm, quite a bit in common there…

  11. I can’t wait to read this. I absolutely loved Master of Crows and have been looking forward to more from Grace Draven. It’s just an added bonus that the story is a Beauty/Beast retelling as that is my favorite fairy tale and my favorite hero.

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